Miles of counter space

Shot last night just before I hit the sack.

ONE OF THE MANY advantages of designing your own home is that you need not follow the dimensions of other people. And size does matter.

In the five-year period between when my last wife tossed me on the street in Houston in favor of her new boyfriend, an illegal-alien Mexican half her age,* and the day I boarded a Delta jet in Atlanta headed to Guadalajara I lived in three apartments in Houston.

Their kitchens were laughable in size. The strangest of all was the second place, a huge, two-bedroom, living room, dining room, office, spread that had a kitchen you could hardly turn around in. And the counter space? Virtually zero.

The other two abodes were not much better.

When I designed the Hacienda on graph paper (no architect in sight), an effort I shared with my child bride though I did most of it, I decided to go big.

The kitchen counter measures a bit over 23 feet, and yet my wife and I bump into one another if we’re both fixing something. And that 23 feet does not include the separate work table there at the right, added a few years later.

Then there’s the bathroom where again I decided to go long. The bathroom counter is almost 11 feet, but it has a major defect, a reflection of my stupidity. There is just one sink. It never occurred to me to install two sinks, which is all the rage.

Lord knows there is space. Again, we bump into one another.

I am tall, and all my life I’ve been bending over to get under showerheads which sprayed me nicely … on the back. The two showers here come straight down from high overhead. It’s really sweet, akin to bathing in a jungle waterfall.

Designing your own home is preferable, and if you do it in Mexico, cheap.

* * * *

* The relationship did not last long. Shocker!

(Note: Tomorrow marks the end of President Trump’s first year in office. I have an exciting roundup of his remarkable accomplishments. Stay tuned. You don’t want to miss it. Manaña on The Unseen Moon where the news is biased but never fake!)

24 thoughts on “Miles of counter space

  1. My dad’s last house was in a retirement community that required doors wide enough for a wheelchair, and bathrooms big enough to turn one around in. I was always amazed at how much nicer that bathroom was just because of the extra room.


  2. I’ve always been proud of the ample counter space in our kitchen. But I recently realized that I was using it inefficiently, an inefficiency centered around the toaster. I am about ready to make some radical changes of toaster position, if I can find a slot for all my ingredient bins and kitchen machinery.

    Don Cuevas


    1. I can’t understand why it took so long for a man of your intelligence and culinary skill to realize he had mistoastered. I remember fondly ROMEO breakfasts at your house.

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      1. Kris: Well, that’s an old term. While I never attended a ROMEO event, I sorta recall it stood for Real Old Men Eating Out, and if it doesn’t, it should.

        Do they still do that?


  3. Nice functional kitchen, Felipe. I designed two kitchens in two different houses. I built one and had the other built by professionals. Needless to say, the latter one is better. The first one was Ikea. The second, black granite with high-end appliances. It’s beautiful, but I feel like I shouldn’t spill anything on it. As for two sinks in the bathroom I don’t see why people need that but each to their own. I don’t find myself wanting to brush my teeth at the same time as my wife. Can’t wait for your take on The Donald’s first year. My globalist T-shirt finally made it in the mail. I’m thinking of going to the Trump Tower (yes, we have one) for a drink on the anniversary of his inauguration.


    1. Brent: Alas, we do want to brush our teeth at the same time at night. It’s a minor problem, but it would have been avoided altogether if I’d thought of the two-sink solution. It would have been a relative pittance more in cost. I also wish I’d installed a urinal in the downstairs bathroom just for the hell of it. Who does that? Right now, when I get up to take a leak in the middle of the night I have two options: Turn on the light or sit on the john like a girly-man. I always opt for the latter. Standing and shooting in the dark is a crap shoot. Standing and shooting at a urinal set at whizzer height, well, I could pretty much always hit the drain hole.

      Do something notable mañana for Trump’s anniversary. We all owe it to him, American or not. That’s what I think.


  4. My kitchen has a lot of space — thanks to the Mexican-Canadian architect who built the place. She had an eye for good kitchens. But, like The Don, the electrical plugs do not match up with the counter space. My toaster oven needs to snuggle up to the burners on the end of one counter. An extension cord would solve the problem. I just haven’t done it.


    1. Señor Cotton: Don Cuevas said nothing about his electrical plugs. Perhaps you interpreted his word “slot” as a plug. Ni modo. But you do have a nice kitchen. I’ve seen photos, and it opens out to a pool. How great is that?


    2. P.S.: Speaking of electrical outlets, I saw to it that my kitchen counter has plenty. Nothing as bad as a kitchen counter with a dearth of electrical outlets. Actually, I did the electrical plan for the entire house.


      1. How many circuit breakers do you have? I find that the average Mexican abode has far too few, two being the typical number. But the average Gringo house has gone overboard (mine too, due to regs; I have about 40 of them).


        1. Kim: We have four circuit breakers in the house, and a main box out by the gate that has one, maybe two. I don’t recall at the moment. Never had any problems. Everything works fine.

          40 is absurd.

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          1. Yes, 40 is absurd, especially the one that’s solely dedicated to my gas stove, which has two light bulbs and one small convection fan as the full complement of what it uses electricity for.


    3. P.S. again: You may recognize the big black box on the counter. It’s the microwave oven you left at the Downtown Casita, a place that stays vacant too often to let that big baby just sit there. Thanks again. And the orchid you left 11 months ago at that same Downtown Casita sits still on the Hacienda dining room table, still blooming. Incredible.


  5. Felipe’s kitchen is second only to mine, which is easily the best kitchen for kilometers around. Granite counters, no cabinets or shelves over the counter (too hard to reach), all cabinets are floor-to-ceiling. Two sinks, each with a garbage disposal.


  6. I designed my own kitchen in Boston. It too has MUCH counter space. More importantly, it’s about 2 1/2″ higher than standard so I don’t get back pains working in the kitchen. Also I have about 18 power outlets and under-cabinet lighting. It’s very nice to have a kitchen so designed for someone who likes to cook.

    Also in my bathroom, I have two separately controlled showerheads in the shower so that my (now ex) partner and I could shower together. That added about $100 to the cost of the remodel, a relative pittance. We also put in two sinks as we were brushing our teeth at the same time at night.

    Can you easily add another sink? Might be a good investment.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we live in a builder house that has a large, but ill-designed kitchen.


    1. Kim: During the Hacienda construction, I told the honcho to raise the kitchen counter above normal for the same reason, and while I was not paying attention, it did it the normal height. Sheesh. Yes, we could put another sink in the bathroom, but we’d have concrete dust covering the entire downstairs. That’s what happens with pure-concrete construction when you mess with it later. Best just to leave it in peace.

      I know other people have it, but the only two-shower tub I’ve ever seen personally was in the home of a gay friend. What is it with you guys and twin showers? Go figger.


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