First glorious year of King Trump’s reign

The Teddy Roosevelt of our times.

KING TRUMP was crowned one year ago today, and a glorious year it has been. In no particular order, read and rejoice at this partial list of accomplishments:

  1. No planes crashed. Last year there were no fatalities in commercial air travel. Worldwide! That was the first year ever. It was, of course, also the first year of King Trump’s reign. Coincidence? I think not.
  2. Unlike Obama, Trump does not kowtow to foreign bigwigs, especially the really nasty ones, and there are lots of really nasty ones. Trump is no throne-sniffer. Weepy Barry Obama was a world-class throne-sniffer.
  3. The economy took heart at the election of The Donald sending the stock market into record territory. The Dow soared 31 percent. Money is good, as is capitalism. Socialism baaaad. The Democrats’ economic God, the sleazy Paul Krugman, said the global economy would collapse if Trump became president. Whoops-a-daisy! Back to the drawing board wid ya, Paul, ya nincompoop!
  4. The overall unemployment rate has fallen, but did you know that the jobless rate for blacks has dipped to the lowest level since 1972? Yes, those very same people who voted against the Donald in droves like clueless, black sheep have had their job opportunities rise in Trump’s first year in the Oval Office.
  5. Put Neil Gorsuch, an upstanding man, on the Supreme Court.
  6. “Climate Change” is removed from the national threat list, whatever that is. Anyway, it’s good to make it official that climate changes sometimes, and there’s not much of anything you can do aside from sending Al Gore a financial contribution. But there are other, even better, changes to the national security strategy. Just take a look.
  7. Israel, Christianity and Judaism back on top with Trump! It’s important to remember that Israel, unlike the Mohammedan states, does not oppress women who are included in the military. Mohammedan women are never in their military because they can hardly step outdoors without a male chaperone.
  8. Trumpian tax cuts are boosting economic confidence! Last year was the best for U.S. manufacturing since 2004.
  9. The Mohammedan murderers in ISIS have taken it on the chin since Trump entered the Oval Office. ISIS made lots of progress during the eight years of Weepy Barry, but dem days are over!
  10. Trump cuts $255 million in military aid to Pakistan for 2018 due to Pakistan’s lame efforts against terrorism. It was Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was hiding in plain sight near a Pakistani military base. In response, Afghan elders awarded King Trump with a genuine gold Medal of Bravery.
  11. In a similar vein, Trump’s United Nations ambassador, the staunch Nikki Haley, announced in late December a fat reduction in U.S. funding to the United Nations to the tune of $285 million smackeroos. My hope is that the United States will come to its complete senses and toss the anti-American United Nations into the Atlantic Ocean. Be gone ye knaves and nincompoops!
  12. The swamp level is falling, just like he promised. Hundreds of federal positions have been eliminated in the first year of Trump’s glorious reign.
  13. During the presidential campaign, Trump vowed to kill two regulations for every new regulation issued. In fact, far more than two have been zapped for each new regulation. Regulations generally hamper the economy and citizens.
  14. Trump pushes for voter-identification laws. Sensible nations require voter ID. Mexico does. I have mine. The Democrats don’t want voter ID because so many of their voters are not legal voters.
  15. The recent citizen protests in Iran were loudly supported by Trump. When something similar happened in 2009, Weepy Barry kept his mouth shut. Sad.
  16. And just this week, King Trump announced the Fake News Awards. Not surprisingly, CNN scored big-time.
  17. And one more time: No airliners crashed. Anywhere!

You likely saw few or none of these stories in publications like the failing New York Times and the leftist Washington Post.* And, as we head into the second year of King Trump’s glorious reign, clueless, dreamy-eyed leftists across the nation continue to wail, pout and kick their heels on the floor because they lost the election, fair and square.

What’s not to love?

* * * *

* A recent nonpartisan study showed that about 90 percent of mainstream media stories about Trump over the past year were negative. Yuge bias! Sad.

27 thoughts on “First glorious year of King Trump’s reign

    1. Peggy: I am not a fan of name-calling. It’s low-brow, lacking in style. I leave it to leftists because they excel at it, sadly. And I cringe when conservatives name-call. I mean, really, libtard, libturd? Tsk, tsk. It’s always preferable to maintain the high road.

      But that said, at times a little verbal spear is called for. My favorite is nincompoop because it’s not only accurate (when I use it) but fun. It has a light-hearted tone to it. My runner-up favorite is ignoramus, which means an ignorant person, of course. When I use it, I’m not using it so much as an insult but as a factual description. Ignorant is lacking in information. There are lots of ignorant people running about. They are ignoramuses. It’s important to remember always that 50 percent of the population is, by definition, below average in intelligence.

      Throughout the abysmal administration of Weepy Barry, the worst president in U.S. history, I never attached any derogatory adjective to him in any way aside from Weepy Barry, a nickname that became obvious after a speech of his in which he got all weepy, literally, about something or other. On second thought, maybe I did call him a nincompoop and/or ignoramus now and then, no matter his law degree. Both would be accurate in his case.


  1. I read all kinds of anti-King Trump comments on various blogs and expat sites from MX. Some of these are just too nasty and based on nothing but venom and spite. This blog is a welcome respite from such nincompoopery. Blessings on you, Sir Felipe the Legal Mexican.


    1. Ricardo: From my online and personal observations over the years, it’s pretty obvious that the overwhelming majority of Gringos who move to Mexico are leftists. Many are down here in large part due to their being aging hippies. I wish the situation were otherwise, but it is not.

      Blessings upon you too!


  2. Felipe, one quibble, the beloved Washington Post and New York Times are full of stories about airplanes not crashing! It’s like, every other day! And they frequently point out that King Trump prevented any commercial jet crash worldwide, not only domestically!

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    1. Creigh: Not being a reader of either of those publications, I was unaware of this. Good to know those two sources of mostly fake news occasionally get something correct. I am always open to enlightenment.


  3. Long live the Donald! There are conservatives living as expats and immigrants in Mexico, but they keep a low profile, mostly out of good breeding and manners that somehow went missing among so many of the gringos who were absent the day tolerance was taught.

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    1. Ms. Shoes: Are you saying then that I lack good breeding and manners due to not keeping a low profile? Oh, dear.

      Keeping one’s mouth shut is the absolute last thing we must do, but it can be done politely, thus the good breeding and manners that I always exhibit. Ahem.


      1. Oh, my. Outside of your blog, you do keep a low profile, one befitting your good breeding, manners, and style. You are not out there marching in parades, collecting signatures, wearing your politics on your shirtsleeve. You do not make those who aren’t of your political bent feel uncomfortable in your presence. You are a role model for others, a credit to your race and gender.


      1. Surely you caught wind of the post-election march of women in DC protesting Trump’s win. The march included a large majority of women wearing knitted cat ear hats taunting the infamous recording of Trump saying on a hot mic famous men could grab women by the crotch if they wanted. Today, again, those pouting women march again. I call them Puddy Tat (Sylvester and Tweety cartoon characters) Ladies.


        1. Carole: I believe what you’re talking about is the pink “pussy hats” and that’s not referring to actual cats. But let’s do call them Puddy Tat Ladies. I’ve read that those hats and the “ladies” who wear them are now persona non grata with some elements of the rabid feminist movement. Don’t ask me for details. I can’t keep up.


          1. The pink pussy hat people have been sued for discrimination, or at least threatened with lawsuit, because their selection of pink was offensive to those whose genitalia were not pink (presumably blacks) and to those who were lacking female genitalia. Personally, I’m mixed as to whether they should’ve been sued for a creating a blight on the human landscape for wearing butt-ugly hats or should’ve been pitied for looking like retards.


  4. With all the doom and gloom not occurring that so many people were declaring, too bad that no one is holding them accountable. Hopefully, more people will realize exactly how tainted are the media, and the so-called celebrities are misguided. I hope Trump doesn’t run out of energy or get sidetracked from the cleaning up of D.C. It took decades to ruin. It can’t be done overnight, so hopefully he will have enough time to make a decent change.

    I was reading that Obama is ready to get back into politics. God save us all.


    1. Tancho: I do wish Trump were younger. He’s a little older than you, and a couple of years younger than me. However, if he flops out for some reason, I have faith in Pence who seems very sharp too. As for Trump cleaning up D.C., I remain pessimistic. He will slow things, the bad things, down somewhat, but the problems are too massive at this point. That’s what I think. In the meantime, it’s such fun watching him driving the leftists into fits of rage.


  5. I checked this morning, and the GSA auction site was down due to Chuck Schumer’s shutdown of the government. That was fast. Now, I wonder if the food stamp program will be shut down? That will make a lot of people realize upon which side their bread is buttered. This will be quite the show.


      1. Hmmm! I am still getting this:
        GSA Auctions is currently unavailable.

        GSA Auctions is shut down due to the government shutdown. Bid closing dates will be extended based on the duration of the shutdown.
        The auctions bring money into the government. Why would they shut that down?


  6. Well, I’m happy that Trump is president. And there are several things you left off the list, so I’ll add them for you here:

    1) The FBI has been exposed (and continues to be exposed) as a partisan threat to democracy. Hopefully the spooks’ wings will be severely clipped when this is all done.

    2) The NSA has been revealed to be not much more than a tool for domestic spying on political rivals. Right? They don’t seem to have Hillary’s deleted emails, even though everything we know about them suggests that they should. Nor do they seem to have the “missing” texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, even though they “should.” Nor do they seem to have anything to show whether the “Russians” “hacked” the DNC, even though they should. But they sure did tap Trump’s phone, and they sure did provide transcripts of Flynn’s conversations with Amb Kislyak.

    3) Trump has made it clear to all that the Wall is both necessary and beneficial, showing that psychological barriers are at least as important as physical barriers. Attempted border crossings are down massively since he took office, showing that half the battle is psychological. A new wall will be a BIG LEAGUE psychological barrier.

    4) We seem to be on the cusp of a rational immigration system. Chain migration is about to be thrown out, as is the entirely stupid visa lottery. This is quite good.

    5) Chuck Schumer says that negotiating with Trump is “like negotiating with Jell-O,” and then promptly loses the negotiation. Now we know that Jell-O trumps Schumer.

    6) We’ve learned just how lying and partisan the mainstream “misleadia” really is. While not everyone is yet ready to accept this, folks are beginning to realize just how badly led astray they’ve been by these icons of so-called “journalism.”

    However, there are also some things that you should be concerned about.

    The stock market’s continued rally is probably partly due to Trump. However, it really is a bubble pumped up by the world’s major central banks. It will eventually do a rerun of 2008/9 or possibly worse. Then it will become clear that Trump was quite foolish to take credit.

    While the corporate tax needed to be addressed, the bill that emerged was flawed. Yes, they should definitely have cut taxes on overseas earnings. But had they kept the rate on domestic earnings higher than that, they’d have incented corporations to put all the expenses (labor/jobs, buildings, capital) in America while focusing on selling abroad. This would have been MUCH better for the American worker, and less damaging to the Treasury.

    I also thought at one point that DT would be the one who might be able to attack the persistent deficits and the enormous debt. With the tax giveaway, it’s pretty clear that isn’t going to happen. While the debt is not a problem today, some day it’s going to be a GIANT problem.

    Also, I’m concerned that nuclear war with N Korea isn’t out of the question. In fact, I’m sufficiently concerned that I bought potassium iodide tablets that I can take to save my thyroid from destruction by radiation should I be in the fallout of a bomb. Maybe, just maybe, if we stopped the war games off the N Korean coast, we’d all be safer. No rational person (and that includes Kim Jong Un) thinks N Korea can take the first shot at the USA and survive. We can survive, but we could also be badly hurt. This is not a good thing. America may have to accept that we don’t rule the world.

    While I enjoy seeing Trump light the leftists’ hair on fire, it might be better if he could bring a bit more unity.

    But overall, I’m pretty happy with Trump, and I’m especially happy that Hillary Clinton, an unindicted felon, is not President.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are in a relatively Trump-supporting part of California.


    1. Kim: Another of your excellent takes on a multifaceted situation. Thanks. And, like you, I’m pretty happy with Trump too. Plus, there’s the fact that in November of 2016, there was only one viable alternative in the voting booth, the pathetic Hillary. America chose well between those two options.

      And thanks for teaching me a new word: incent. Who knew?

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