Democrats stew in loathing


(President Trump gave an excellent State of the Union address last night. No matter. Democrats loathe everything about him and, apparently, everything about America too. Guest poster Joseph Curl describes the situation beautifully.)

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If you were an alien being who swooped down to earth and landed inside the House chamber just in time to catch President Trump’s first State of the Union address to a joint gathering of Congress, you would think that one side of the room loved America, and the other sides literally hated its guts.

Praise to the U.S. flag? One side stood and cheered, the other side sat silent. Applauding America’s gritty veterans? A no brainer, right? Wrong. Republicans stood and clapped, Democrats didn’t budge. Freedom and democracy? Yawn, said the Democrats, as Republicans whooped and hollered.

When Trump touted the fact that black unemployment has hit a record low, you’d think the Democrats — the party of black America, seeking always to divide the races — would have at least fallen into a polite golf clap. Think again.

That’s right, black Democrats hate Trump so much that they refused to cheer the rise of the black community — or even acknowledge that whatever fears they may have had about Trump, he’s done, so far, anyway, all right.

Throughout the 80-minute speech, Democrats were downright glum. None apparently wanted to be captured by cameras applauding anything Trump said, but it all just got weirder and weirder as the night went on.

“That is why, tonight, I am asking the Congress to pass legislation to help ensure American foreign-assistance dollars always serve American interests, and only go to friends of America, not enemies of America,” Trump said. Applause from the right side of the room, crickets from the left. So, Democrats object to that pledge — that America only aid friends, not foes? That’s a tough sell in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, or Abilene, Texas.

When Trump told a heart wrenching story about two young girls killed by MS-13 gang members — their parents were in Trump’s box and sobbed softly — he said: “Tonight, I am calling on the Congress to finally close the deadly loopholes that have allowed MS-13, and other criminals, to break into our country. We have proposed new legislation that will fix our immigration laws, and support our ICE and Border Patrol Agents … so that this cannot ever happen again.”

The camera panned the room: One side clapping, the other side, nothing. In fact, boos and groans were heard when Trump began his story. Again, so Democrats are on the side of MS-13 and they DO want that to happen again?

It all got more silly. At one point, dissing the NFL, Trump said “we proudly stand for the national anthem.” Republicans stood. Democrats sat. So petty.

“Since we passed tax cuts, roughly 3 million workers have already gotten tax cut bonuses – many of them thousands of dollars per worker.” Democrats didn’t applaud that, either. They seemed sad — angry, even — that Americans are getting some of their money back. The Middle Class they’re always saying they fight for? No joy for them. But then again, Rep. Nancy Pelosi has called those “thousands of dollars” mere “crumbs,” so that makes sense.

At another point, Trump expressed solidarity with the people of Iran. “When the people of Iran rose up against the crimes of their corrupt dictatorship, I did not stay silent. America stands with the people of Iran in their courageous struggle for freedom.” Republicans cheered, Democrats sat stonefaced.


A shot on Fox News at one point caught Democrats looking at their phones and chatting with each other during the speech. They had decided, en masse, that they wouldn’t listen to Trump — and they certainly wouldn’t agree with anything he said. But they missed a helluva speech.

In a section on North Korea, Trump told an amazing story that led to the picture of the night. He told the tale of Seong-ho, who in 1996 as a small boy tried to steal a lump of coal to trade for food. Exhausted and starving, he passed out on some train tracks and was run over and gravely injured. He underwent multiple amputations, but still had no food — his family sometimes ate dirt.

But he made it out. “Today, he has a new leg. But, Seong-ho, I understand you still keep those old crutches as a reminder of how far you’ve come. Your great sacrifice is an inspiration to us all. … Seong-ho’s story is a testament to the yearning of every human soul to live in freedom,” Trump said.

Seong-ho stood and, with tears streaming down his cheeks, held aloft those old crutches, worn and beaten. The room erupted in applause.

But only a smattering of Democrats stood. They couldn’t give Trump even this small moment — they couldn’t cheer one man’s escape from tyrannical rule merely because it was Trump telling the tale!

In his famous orations, former president Barack Obama was all about himself. In his first State of the Union, he said “I” nearly 100 times. In another speech, he praised himself a whopping 156 times.

But Trump was different last night. He said “we” 129 times, and offered his hand repeatedly to the Democrats.

Too bad they hate Trump so much they now hate America.

At the end of the speech, Trump launched in to some soaring rhetoric about America. The audience, moved, began chanting “USA! USA!” Rep. Luis Gutierrez — an advocate for letting illegal aliens stay in America — was clearly triggered. So distraught was he at the chants that he rose quickly and fled the House chamber.

That’s how much Democrats hate America.

22 thoughts on “Democrats stew in loathing

  1. What was perhaps most amusing about the whole SOTU address was the fact that Trump advocated a long laundry list of Democrat priorities — jobs training, path to citizenship for DACA “kids,” infrastructure improvement, and more — and yet by watching them you’d think he was proposing a land invasion of Iran.

    I’m (still, unfortunately for reasons too long to go into) a registered Democrat who considers himself a moderate and who voted for Trump. But this Democratic party has become a joke that can’t take yes for an answer. And the constant calling of everything racist is literally wearing out the word.

    I’d also add that my parents lived in Nazi-occupied Denmark during WWII (and then emigrated legally in the late ’50s, already knowing English), and they assure me repeatedly that Trump is no Nazi, and that calling him one is an offense to all who actually suffered under them.

    So, Mrs. Pelosi, you will find that if you keep pissing off your solid, centrist base, you are simply ensuring greater Republican majorities in the future. Is this what you really want???

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the Democrat rudeness last night really surprised me.

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    1. Kim: “… a joke that can’t take yes for an answer.” Good one.

      As for the constant calling of everything racist wearing out the word, I submit they did that long, long ago. It’s become more than laughable. It’s hilarious, more than anything for its absolute lack of imagination. And the falseness of it, of course.

      I voted Democrat for most of my life, and I look at these anti-American, PC-obsessed clowns now and roll my eyes.

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      1. If the Democrats sell out the so-called “dreamers,” (and that’s current, official Dem policy having refused DT’s offer of 2 million amnesties) I suspect they will lose another chunk of their base.

        Also the polling numbers from last night showed that 65% of Hispanics approved of the President’s speech. Also polling shows that a low 60’s percentage of the country supports Trump’s immigration agenda, though the survey question kept Trump’s name out of it.

        Based on this and other similar polls, I’ve got to imagine that the Dems are at this point totally out of touch with what the country wants. Sad!

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  2. There were some great pictures of Nancy as she was sitting trying her best not to look interested in listening to the speech, especially when applause was given.


  3. The images of those Dem faces last evening are burned into my memory. It is such a sad state of affairs that we have come to this division. There really is no justification for it from either extreme political view. I am reminded of that old quote (paraphrased) from the first days of the U.S.: The question was, what kind of government have you handed us? The answer was, a Republic, if you can keep it. I am more than a little concerned that we have never been closer to losing it. And, the path to meaningful change is not clear to me.


    1. Ricardo: I am not optimistic. I would like to be able to say that since I live in another country it does not affect me. Of course, I cannot say that because what happens in the United States affects the world. Plus I’m right next door.


    1. Peggy: I read various interpretations of that. I think it was due to the lefty women in showbiz and politics in recent weeks sporting black, as did many if not all of the Democrat broads in the audience there, in protest of something or other. Sexual harassment, Weinstein, “unequal pay,” rape culture on campus, imperialism, the patriarchy, victimization, something or other. I think Melania wore white due to its being the opposite of black and the silliness that’s become connected to black of late.

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      1. I think Melanie is an alien from a far away solar system sent here to be impregnated by a earthling who, to her chagrin, is now the goofy president. Bollocks! And if that isn’t enough to deal with, throw in forcing her and said offspring to reluctantly vacate the golden tower. Now that makes about as much sense as you thinking her white dress choice had anything to do with the opposite of black and what that implies. She has no time for additional causes, we all know how busy she is eliminating cyber bullying.


        1. Now you go take a power, Penelope, and you’ll feel better in the morning.

          Meanwhile, take a deep breath and repeat over and over till it sinks in: Hillary lost, Hillary lost, Hillary lost.


          1. Hillary losing has nada to do with my comment on Melania’s imaginary white dress “statement.” It refers to your delusional explanation of the color and the purpose of that color. And, just for good measure, I am also a card carrying Mexican citizen, duel passports and all. However, my mixed blood is not the blood of Spanish and indigenous here on this continent that created the Mexican. Your wife is Mexican by birth. We are Mexican on paper.


  4. Just what is the eventual goal of the Democratic Party? Like my father used to say about the Irish, “They have no idea what they want, but they are willing to kill for it.” Nothing pleases them. Nothing is good enough for them.
    And Maxine Waters is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time she is on television, she makes more Republicans with her hatred.


  5. Americans are dreamers too ! I loved that line. The SOTU address was truly bizarre. Trump smartly came up with a whole bunch of statements that no one in their right mind could be against but the Democrats just sat on their hands and looked like they’d just eaten a bowl of worms. Apparently they hate the flag, hate veterans, hate the congressman who was almost killed by a Bernie supporter and hate the amputee who walked hundreds of miles on crutches to escape North Korea. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong.
    Just read the following on a message board:

    (1) Isn’t it weird that in America, our flag and our culture offend so many people, but our benefits don’t?

    (2) How can the federal government ask U.S. citizens to pay back student loans, when illegal aliens are receiving a free education?

    (3) Only in America are legal citizens labeled “racists” and “Nazis,” but illegal aliens are called “Dreamers”.

    (4) Liberals say, “If confiscating all guns saves just one life, it’s worth it”. Well then, if deporting all illegals saves just one life, wouldn’t that be worth it?

    (5) I can’t quite figure out how you can proudly wave the flag of another country, but consider it punishment to be sent back there.

    6) The Constitution: It doesn’t need to be rewritten, it needs to be reread.

    (7) William F. Buckley said: “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other points of view, and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view.”

    (8) Joseph Sobran said: “‘Need’ now means wanting someone else’s money. ‘Greed’ means wanting to keep your own. ‘Compassion’ is when a politician arranges the transfer.”

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  6. One thing is clear: at this juncture there is no bipartisan way forward for the nation. One side or the other must win, and the other side be repudiated decisively. If we’re lucky, the war will be fought at the voting booth, although with all the guns out there today, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few John Browns, or a few more Cliven Bundys.

    A model could be California. In the early 2000s, its politics was highly polarized, and state government largely paralyzed. Republicans refused to work with Democrats in good faith or compromise in any way. The Republicans were eventually tossed out, and the Democrats are the only remaining functioning party. California is thriving right now, the economy is booming, state government budgets are setting aside surpluses, and the public is happy with its political leaders. It’s taking a proactive stance towards future issues, like climate change, globalization, etc.


  7. Personally, I have a tendency to overdose on American politics. The State of the Union address is a perfect example. The State of the Union address is always a dog-and-pony show, regardless of which party controls the White House. The difference is that Trump is a master at this political game.

    The modus operandi of congressional Democrats is to trigger the Social Justice Warriors who make up a large portion of their base and to magnify victims of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.


    1. Andrés: The Democrats are acting like children, as they have been since Trump won the election totally counter to their expectations. With luck, the great majority of the voting public will send them into the corner to sit a spell come the next election. Let us pray so.


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