Strolling the yard

Señora Bones scares intruders from the Hacienda. Well, that’s the idea.
Renovated bathroom window. And the beams over both windows are newly varnished.

IT’S SUNDAY, our day of rest.

Saturday is our busiest day due to the weekly pastry sale my child bride offers out of her big basket that’s shaped like a sombrero. We do that downtown on the main plaza.

After the endless hubbub of Saturday, we kick back on Sunday. After watching a strange movie on Netflix this morning — Joe, starring Nicholas Cage — I took a stroll around the yard while my child bride began the lengthy, female process of bathing and dressing before we head out to a restaurant.

I photographed some stuff.

It was a nice morning, mild and sunny. There was la señora Bones, whom I’ve not shown here in a fair spell. She stands next to the Alamo Wall. Then there was a corner of the house, bath window on left, bedroom on right. We recently had work done on the bathroom window, new varnish, new screen.

The plant in the middle is the golden datura tree, which I whack back to a nub for winter. It’s starting to sprout again and will be full of big, gold blooms and a fine smell that drifts into the bedroom on summer nights.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a web chair, lazy style, watering with a garden hose when a goldfinch joined me for a bath. He sat himself on the sidewalk on the outer edge of my spraying and turned himself this way and that, fluffing up his feathers, giving himself a very nice shower. And it was fun for me too. He was only about three feet away.

Though we’re still in the dead of winter, calendar-wise, the pear tree thinks it’s springtime. That’s it below sprouting blooms. The weather has been so mild for a few weeks that the pear has lost touch with reality.

It’s good to live in agreeable surroundings.

She’s hollering up from downstairs now that she’s ready to go eat.

Pear tree thinks it’s springtime.

14 thoughts on “Strolling the yard

  1. We too are in the midst of an early Spring. I would say it’s a false Spring, but we have seen no signs of any cold weather to come.

    “Joe” is somewhat of a strange adaptation of a pretty good novel by the late Larry Brown. Too much detail left out of the movie to do the story justice.

    Larry was a Mississippi fireman who wrote every spare minute until he finally got something published in his 40s. He published a good collection of short stories and three or four novels until his untimely death at 50. If you’re interested I suggest “Dirty Work.” It’s a quick read but very well done.


    1. Ray: Warm-ish weather in February can turn on you. It’s best not to let your guard down.

      Never heard of Larry Brown. Thanks for the tip. We didn’t finish the movie this morning before we went out to eat, and we just returned, and will see the rest of it. I like it, but it’s very odd.

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  2. Señor, I like your segue from the last post on black folks.
    There was none. That’s what I like.
    And your sense of color is always present.

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    1. Ricardo: Posts like the last one rarely get much feedback because people are too skittish on the topic. I am not skittish, but my lack of same rarely rubs off on others.

      Thanks for the kind words, as always.


    1. Brent: Wandering off-topic can be fun at times. And yes, I have seen a couple of stories about those gals marrying trees. Sometimes, you just gotta wonder about people.


      1. Women marrying trees? Ah…millions of tasteless jokes about wood spring to mind. But I shan’t write them here.


        Kim G
        Redding, CA
        Where we are pining for more weird stories.

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        1. P.S. How long before innocent, defenseless trees start reporting harassment? And how long before an angry woman torches her betrothed for pollinating another???


    2. PS. But illegal logging is a serious problem here. And, like so many things, the government seems pretty much inept. They do work on it, however. There are special police forces dedicated specifically to that.


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