In praise of window locks and border walls

The Criminal Special: Central Americans ride the rails through Mexico.

NATIONS NEED border walls because a nation is a family, and families are good things, so nations are good things too, the concept.

Nations, like regular family units, are groups of people connected by race, religion, history, language and culture. Some families are dysfunctional, and some nations are dysfunctional. Those latter are the ones President Trump allegedly labeled “shitholes.”

A bit harsh but correct in some cases.

The dysfunctional families and nations are dysfunctional not so much due to race but to a troubled culture, religion and history. Some cultures are superior to others, sometimes far superior. How do you grade a culture, giving it an A-plus, a C or an F?

Its grade depends on the lifestyle it provides its people. Thus, Haiti gets an F, Bolivia gets a D and Canada, Australia and New Zealand get an A. Due to the problem the United States created for itself centuries ago with the slavery thing and now its blowback, it gets a B on average though some states get an A (Texas), and others get a C-minus (California).

If you’ve got a well-functioning nation (or family), which depends, as we have already established, on race, religion, language, history and culture, you must exercise caution when people from other nations (or families) want to move into the house with you.

Sweden had an A-plus culture for a long time. They were a homogeneous people with a common culture, language, etc. Sweden then decided it would be a swell idea to open its borders to hordes of people from the Middle East, no questions asked.

Sweden is now known as the “Rape Capital of Europe.” This should come as no surprise when you consider they invited into their midst a staggeringly different culture, one that suppresses women and embraces an extremist, macho religion.

Sweden shot itself in the head with an AR-15. In the name of multiculturalism.

If you’ve got a successful nation (or family), caution is in order before unlocking the door to your neighbors. That’s why border walls — and locks on your home windows — are very wise things. When Trump said he would build a wall, he also said it would have a “big beautiful door” for the deserving to enter. That latter part is seldom mentioned.

Mexico is very insulted by Trump’s border wall idea. How dare he? And yet millions of Mexicans have entered the United States illegally, so many that the culture in some parts of the United States seems more like Mexico than the United States.

And to add the proverbial insult to injury, Mexico lets Central Americans enter through its southern border, hoists them atop that famous train where they jump off near the Rio Bravo to swim, hike, tunnel and fence-climb into the United States.

How dare Trump suggest a wall? The man has such gall.

The United States already has many miles of border wall, but it needs lots more and even higher. Maybe a moat with gators. But Mexico needs a wall down south too. Sweden needed one, but it seems too late now. Sweden is a goner. R.I.P.

All nations need border walls if they want to maintain their integrity, and if the nation is a very successful one (great culture), the need for a wall grows exponentially.

* * * *

(Note: It is common knowledge that Jews and Asians are smarter than the rest of us. Do the Asian nations or Israel leave their doors wide open in the name of multiculturalism and diversity? Not on your life, Bub, proving their high IQ.)

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  1. Well using your rating system, Canada is not Grade A. The public schools happily celebrate every religious holiday except Christmas or any Christian holiday. Over 50 percent of the population in Toronto are visible minorities. Also Quebec has been trying to separate from Canada for years which would be devasting to the east coast There are also “home grown terrorists”.


    1. Cathie: You are right, of course. I should have given more thought before putting Canada on the A-list. I think what happened is that I’m old enough to remember when Canada was actually a far better and saner place than it is these days. Finding A-graders now has gotten more difficult because most of them were in Western Europe and North America, precisely those areas that have embraced the multicultural lunacy most fiercely, shooting themselves in the foot, or head like Sweden has done.

      Fact is that true A-graders have mostly gone the way of the dodo bird because they’ve lost the will to protect their borders. At the same time, due to their history of success, they are the primary targets of immigrants from dysfunctional nations pawing at their half-latched doors.


  2. I concur.

    But the Feds need to start enforcing existing laws, including jailing elected officials who refuse to acknowledge or enforce them.

    When the mayor of Oakland warns illegals of imminent I.C.E. raids, she should be immediately be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice.

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    1. Ray: Ain’t that the truth. Boggles the mind. The National Guard in places like California and Oregon should be mobilized, martial law should be declared, and things should be put right. And then those zones can be returned to sane civilians, assuming some still live in those states and haven’t already fled to Texas.

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  3. Hear, Hear! That about covers it, Señor Felipe.

    Where are the immigrants to the USA who want to be Americans? As I understand it, our Pres is ready to meet them on the shores with open arms. I know I am.


    1. Ricardo: Immigration can be a very good thing, but a nation has to use discrimination. Yes, discriminate! That used to be a good word and still should be.


  4. Most of the countries of western Europe have been invaded by Muslims seeking social welfare benefits. Those countries cannot absorb those who will not be absorbed. It is only a matter of time until someone says, “Light the ovens.” The next question is just who will go into those ovens? Swedes, Germans, Frenchmen or the Muslim parasites.


  5. If the US government was really serious about illegal immigration, they’d go after employers. Building a wall is security theater.


    1. Creigh: There are numerous tactics that, combined, would help immensely. Going after employers is one. Stomping “Sanctuaries” deep into the ground is another. A longer, higher, better wall is another. Israel has proven very well that walls do work.


  6. Agree with the gist of your observations except that Canada is not an ‘A.’ We’re at best a B but are trending lower. Rampant immigration and political correctness are diluting our brand. Our current soy boy PM is helping in this regard having just returned from a virtue signalling cultural appropriation display in India. We’re just thanking our lucky stars the Trudeaus didn’t have a state visit in Papau New Guinea.


    1. Brent: Quite right. Cathie, in another comment above, already pointed out that error on my part, and both of you are correct. As I told her, I think that due to my being an old coot I still have it in my mind that Canada is a sane nation, as it certainly once was. But dem days are long gone. Pretty much all of the nations that once merited an A grade are now taking home embarrassing report cards.

      The nations with the best cultures are exactly the ones now embracing PC lunacy, and they’re paying the price for it too. Not so much as Sweden has stupidly done, but let’s just wait …


      1. I’m not sure what country would rate an A these days. New Zealand is not the same as it once was. We went there two years ago, and they were having the same problem of foreign money laundering in their real estate as we have in Vancouver. All this globalization and free trade is destroying the essence of what made countries distinct and special. Trump seems to be pushing back on this, and I hope he succeeds, but it’s going to be difficult with pushback at every step.


  7. My wife and I just returned from a visit to central Mexico. In an moderately upscale neighborhood in Mexico City, almost all the homes were surrounded by high block walls topped with razor wire and/or strands of electrified wire, with locked steel gates at the street. In Cuernavaca we attended a cookout in an upscale subdivision of vacation homes of wealthy Mexico City residents. Cooking steaks on the grill, under a palapa by the pool with plenty of food and drink and 40s Big Band music in the background. Just like Scottsdale or Sun City, Arizona. Except … the subdivision was a gated community with steel gates and a guard at the entrance, plus each street had its own gate and guard whom you had to show your credentials to; while the whole subdivision was surrounded by a stone wall, topped by a tall block wall, topped by a chain-link fence topped by coils of razor wire, which in turn, was topped by four strands of highly electrified wire! I guess the residents didn’t want to share their paradise with the common folks outside the wall. We also saw similar walls and wire around homes in both the old and new areas of Veracruz that we stayed in. Oh the irony of it all! But I think it proves that walls do work.

    However, walls to keep people out also work to keep people in. One reason I moved to southern Arizona was to be able to slip south if and when things went bad in the U.S. Those routes are being rapidly eliminated nowadays in the quest to keep our borders “safe.”

    While I didn’t hear any comments directly specific to the U.S. wall, there was plenty of anti-Trump rhetoric; blaming him for almost all the problems of the world. One encounter with a Trump-hating woman in Mexico City ended abruptly when she asked if I had voted for him. Stony silence from her as she turned her back on me when I replied in the affirmative!


    1. Pablo: The walls around homes, businesses, etc., here is nothing new and, more often than not, it’s a necessity. I attribute much of the Kumbaya attitude so prevalent above the border to the fact that the United States has gone so long without facing any real peril. This is especially true since the fall of the Soviet Union almost a quarter of a century ago. Americans are spoiled rotten and clueless to what’s reality for most of the world. Thus, the open-arms, love-everybody, nonsense. They’re just plain ignorant. Not all, but too many in positions of influence.

      Congrats on telling the woman you voted for Trump. I rarely have anybody here ask me that, but I say yes when asked.


      1. I really question the “necessity” for the walls and razor wire south of the border (or, as you said, in most places outside the U.S.) I think it’s the culture similar to that of the Mexican Indians we work with have : “If I want it, and my neighbor isn’t using it at the moment, there’s nothing wrong with me “borrowing” it,” usually permanently and without permission. However, I happen to think that what I’ve worked for and gotten over my life is mine, and mine alone, unless I want to share it with someone. If someone wants what I’ve got, let them work for it, like I had to. There should be severe penalties, both legal and otherwise, for those folks who want a free ride. I guess our previous president also thought that one never earns what he has. “It’s all due to either robbing the poor or being given what we have.” That’s probably why we need walls and razor wire. Those “poor” folks are just taking back what’s been taken from them due to their lack of doing anything worthwhile to get what they want.

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  8. Hello Felipe,

    I have been reading your blog for several years now, and have never been disappointed! Would it be all right with you if I share an occasional post on my Facebook page, giving credit to you of course?

    I hope you have a wonderful day!


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    1. Well, of course, Donna. Spreading my fame always puts a smile on my face, as does your peeking out of the shadows. Your comments will not be moderated in the future. Don’t be a stranger, as they say.


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