The spitting snake

WHEN WE MOVED into the Hacienda almost 15 years ago, watering anything in the yard was a challenge. The only way was with a bucket.

But times have changed. I’ve installed various storage tanks, pumps, faucets and, the important part, I’ve connected to the municipal water supply.

Now it’s pretty easy.

This morning, I turned on one of the pumps, grabbed a long hose, walked here, there, everywhere, watering. Then I sat in a web chair on the Jesus Patio and watered some more, and I taped it for you.

Until recently Vimeo was my favorite video site, but it has reduced the number of videos one can download with a free account. Actually, it reduced the number below what I had already downloaded, but Vimeo’s gonna leave me in peace about that.

So I’ve returned to YouTube where I’ve had a channel for years. YouTube is Google, of course, and I dodge Google when I can. But it’s free, and there’s no limit, so here I am again. Any future videos will be on YouTube.

My Vimeo channel is still alive, however. I will miss their freewheeling attitude toward copyrighted music. YouTube is far more strict about that.

Above is the World Debut of “The Spitting Snake.”

13 thoughts on “The spitting snake

    1. Peggy: I think those pointy things are called Mother-in-law Tongues. You’ll notice they’re a bit yellow. I don’t think they should be. They need more water, so I don’t think I do it often enough. At least for those, specifically.


    1. Angeline: Neither I nor Billy Joel are playing the piano here. It’s some tune that YouTube let me add. They have a library of free stuff you can add to videos. Kinda makes up for the heavy hand they wield if even a few seconds of copyrighted music is noticeable.

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  1. It seems that Youtube and Google are purging all conservative and Christian channels. Infowars is being booted. Let’s see if the Shea show gets it as well. He sometimes slips and uses the N word. It might be time for the government to break up the Google/Youtube monopololy.


    1. Señor Gill: I had never heard of the Shea Show, so I had to look it up. I saved a page, and I’ll check it out further tomorrow. Thanks.

      It’s common knowledge that Google — indeed most of Silicone Valley — is flagrantly, heavy-handedly left-wing.


  2. I think you mean “upload,” not “download.” Generally data are uploaded to larger computers and downloaded to smaller computers/devices. Putting videos onto either Vimeo or Google is uploading.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are running for chief of the city grammar police.


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