The hilarity of Hollywood

SHOWBIZ HAS become a caricature of itself.

Its prime function is to entertain us, and it’s now doing that more than ever, but not in a way it thinks or wants.

The Oscars have become a leftist, lip-flapping session. Movies hype political correctness so blatantly that it’s hard not to howl with derisive laughter.

Case in point:

Last night on Netflix we watched a new Natalie Portman flick named The Annihilation. It was pretty lame but not due to the rampant pushing of political correctness. It simply is not a very good movie.

But let’s look at the PC aspects. There was a team of four that entered a zone of no return, a place where other teams had entered and vanished. It’s a sci-fi movie.

In a realistic movie and in real life, the team would have been four tough, beefy guys with backpacks, camos and guns, men with Special Forces backgrounds. But what was the team in The Annihilation? Four women, and not just four women.

Our racially and sexually diverse lady team sported backpacks, camos and guns, just like guys, in spite of their being ladies of science, not soldiering.

Women can do anything!

Two white women, one Latino woman and one black woman. The black woman was a lesbian. Extra diversity point! Natalie Portman’s character, earlier in the sequence of events, had an affair with a married man. He was black, of course.

Multi-racial romances are the rage in Hollywood. Nobody hops into the sack anymore with anyone who even vaguely resembles themselves, which is how it works almost all of the time in real life.

The dialogue: There were occasional mentions of romances and marriages. The significant others were never referred to as men. They were invariably a “person” or a “partner.” The script sounded as if it had been written in a gender-studies class at Berkeley or the University of Wisconsin.

The only entertaining aspect to this silliness was watching almost all the gals gruesomely die. If they’d only brought Clint Eastwood along.

23 thoughts on “The hilarity of Hollywood

  1. Love your last sentence. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to the movies. Some I would like to see but can wait until they come out on Netflix. Maybe if the movies were labeled as some are, Biography, Political History, Westerns, Sci-Fi, etc., then they could add “Politically Correct,” “Gender Biased” or “Gender Correct.” Even if they are called a Romantic Comedy who’s in the romance. Nope, I’ll wait and save my money.


    1. Peggy: We saw this on Netflix. We rarely go to a real movie theater anymore due to having Netflix and its hundreds of choices. Love the service although the movies and shows Netflix now makes itself are without fail flagrantly left-wing. I just grin and bear it. I’m not cutting off my nose to spite my face.


  2. We had several favorite TV shows we just had to stop watching. Years ago when political correctness reared its head in entertainment, it was groundbreaking and dramatic. Righting social wrongs was somehow Inspirational. Slowly, it went from the exception to the rule.

    In these last several years it’s run rampant to the point it’s getting harder to choose what to watch. The news is totally unacceptable, saturated in politics, and the sitcoms try to teach social justice by disguising it with lame attempts at comedy. Finally, the military are now treated like Gods and supreme beings constantly “thanked” for their service. It makes you wonder at the motivation behind enlistment, since soldiers, LBGTQs, racially diverse, and handicapped are all equally courageous.

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    1. Ray: I think you’re being optimistic. While the NFL took a hit, which is great, I don’t think the reduction in movie theater ticket sales has much to do with PC. I could be wrong. I think it has far more to do with Netflix and other entertainment sources that can be enjoyed from the comfort of our own living rooms for less money.


  3. What I find hilarious and sad at the same time is the PC commercials. Sponsors are trying to ram down your gullet that their product is for every person, size and color. Most of the commercials now stick in a token white person or child, or more popular is to show a black man, woman, whatever, in bed with a white woman, man, whatever, in their commercials. In reality, mixed couples are a very small minority whether black, yellow or brown, but the commercials show that every family is of mixed togetherness. It’s like the producer at the last minute says, “Hey, wait, where is our diversity in the Italian family eating spaghetti at the dinner table? Stick in a black child. Otherwise, the PC crowd will get upset.”

    I see this more and more in all the commercials and if one were to gauge the mix via the commercials you would surmise that every family has at least one diverse token out of place on the screen.

    I was watching something the other day where the guest was being interviewed and asked about her other half. The guest first said her partner, then later in the conversation she said husband. Even they are confused most of the time.

    Oscars? What a waste of time. I think I watched them maybe 25 years ago. Drivel, plain and simple.

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    1. Tancho: Due to my only watching Netflix these days, I never see commercials anymore, but this is no surprise, of course. I imagine part of the time the commercial-makers do it that way out of conviction, and part of the time they do it out of fear.

      What strikes me most in movies and TV shows is that a huge percentage of the time — I’d say more than half or way more than half — romantic relationships are now biracial whereas, as you note, it’s rare in the real world.

      But this is the real world these Kumbaya-crooning crews want to develop.


  4. But the media never tell us the race of the offender. Only if the culprit is white will a picture be included.

    Villains in the entertainment industry must always be white. Remember back when there could be a Fu Man Chu or a Ming in the Flash Gordon series? Can’t do that now days. Now, John Wayne would have to shoot non-gender, non-racial unidentified non-persons, and then apologize for his whiteness. This is the age of the handicapped, multiracial, gay, one-legged dwarf, and he had better be Jewish.


      1. There will be few Jews in Iceland, though. There is a bill now before Parliament to ban male circumcision.


        1. Kris: I did not know this. It is fantastic news. I do so hope that goes into law. This is one of my favorite topics. That it’s even being considered in Iceland proves to me that Iceland is one of the world’s most intelligent nations. There is little difference between male circumcision, a barbaric, unnecessary, ridiculous custom, and the female circumcision that Mohammedans inflict on women.

          I would so love to have my foreskin back.

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          1. If you want it badly enough, you can regrow it. Just start googling. I have a friend who has successfully done so.

            Saludos y buena suerte.

            Kim G
            Redding, CA
            Where we probably don’t need progress reports.


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