One of the lazy days


SOMETIMES YOU wake up to a day in which nothing of note is waiting. This is one of those days. They do not bore me. I like them.

Given that the eventless day stretched before me, I decided to do at least one thing that needed to be done, and that was to whack back three bougainvilleas, the smaller ones. The fourth, a monster, is beyond hope and goes its own way.

But due to the day’s relaxed atmosphere, I just whacked back two of the three. The third will have to wait. Maybe mañana. It was warm out there, and the sun was glaring, reason enough to come inside and drink cold, red tea.

Speaking of red, I photographed the above before calling it a day. Midday actually because it was scarcely beyond noon. That’s a bottle-brush tree, the red of which complements the red of the house. While the grass grows more yellow and crunchy by the day, some yard plants are blooming.

Though you cannot see it, buds are erupting on the uppermost reaches of the nopal tree there at the rear. That’s always fun until they fall to the ground, ground that was until recently grass, but now is concrete and rock.

In a couple of hours, we’ll be lunching downtown, location yet to be decided. That will happen around 2 p.m., breaking up the afternoon nicely. Then we’ll come home, relax a spell, then head back downtown for a nice cafecito on the plaza.

Lazy days are great days. I’ve never been ambitious.

10 thoughts on “One of the lazy days

  1. Grass is a pain in Mexico. Although I appreciate the ecological uses, as in slowing down runoff after rainfall, you go through a short time frame when it grows like stink, it then dies for 10 months and looks ugly. Bring on the cactus!


  2. I too have experienced a few of your lazy days in Patzcuaro. Typically they take place the day before departure Northwards. One last stroll around the Plaza Grande, a few more photographs, one last robust café Americano at our favorite coffee spot. Sit a spell and people watch. Life is good here from my view. Never … ever … pass up a lazy day.


    1. Leisa: I never pass them up. I just wish I could get my child bride to appreciate lazy days. But she does not. She is ever in motion. Different strokes, I guess.


  3. Don’t your cactus pears bloom before they drop? I like the snap of the bottlebrush and the colors on the house.


    1. Carole: Oh, sure. I guess I could have made that clearer. They turn pretty and red. But then they die and fall. And I have to pick them up. At the height of their flowering, there are LOTS of those little buggers. And they have tiny spines that you do not want to get in the skin of your hand … or anywhere else.


  4. I wanted to congratulate you on mastering the art of doing nothing, but by the end of your post it sounded like you had a very busy day.


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