The bedroom wall


RETURNING HOME late yesterday afternoon after sitting on the big plaza downtown, watching workmen erect metal scaffolds to support canvas roofs under which the yearly Semana Santa market will unfold next week, I walked into the bedroom and noticed this part of the wall in the light of early evening.

The camera asked for a flash, but I ignored it.

The lamp light did the trick, along with a little extra from the nearby window. Sometimes, you just gotta follow your gut instinct.

4 thoughts on “The bedroom wall

  1. The professional photographers’ dirty little secret: take LOTS of pictures, throw out the bad ones.


    1. Creigh: You are exactly correct, and that’s what I usually do, even though I’m no pro. Too many photographers either snap just one, or they snap 20 and use all 20, a laughable technique.

      But on this one, I just shot two. They were both about the same.


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