The Easter dancers


WALKING AROUND the Easter market on our big plaza yesterday afternoon, I spotted these young ladies waiting their turn for a dance performance.

I pulled the camera from my man bag and took the shot.

8 thoughts on “The Easter dancers

  1. Dancing is always a good thing. Well maybe not on table tops at midnight on Easter.
    Your usual colorful shot. Well done once again, señor.


  2. One of our fondest trips to Patzcuaro is the Easter celebration from start to finish. Such passion and such color, all Holy Week. You are so fortunate to witness it each year.


    1. Leisa: We perhaps would view it more kindly if we lived downtown. Living on the outskirts, however, just means we have to fight terrible traffic every day. It is a mixed blessing, so to speak.


  3. It continues to amaze me that some of the Mexican children know how to dance the “Holiday Dances” and “Folk Dances.” Little kids doing the Hat Dance, teenagers dancing Folklorico, playing musical instruments and singing. The preteens singing in the cow pen across the road at the top of their lungs always brings a smile to my face.


    1. Phil: I had to take 8 to 10 shots before I got this one. It’s more than they are not looking at the camera — actually, I was far away, using a zoom — but their expressions all reflect different attitudes. They’re cute too.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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