Hacienda embraces child care


SINCE FRIDAY, we’ve had a child here, a one-year-old, a perpetually smiley kid who’s not bad, as rug rats go. She came with her mother, a niece who’s 23. They leave this afternoon, and peace will descend yet again onto the Hacienda.

I’ve never been a kid person, but this one is so good-natured, I kinda like having her around for short spells. My child bride, on the other hand, goes berserk. She loves babies of any sort. It’s an obsession.

Above is a photo of my child bride when she actually was a child, over half a century ago. It’s a great photo that I’ve posted here before, but long ago. It deserves another appearance. It was taken on the roof of a home downtown.

She hasn’t changed much. She is taller.

6 thoughts on “Hacienda embraces child care

  1. Speaking as a grandfather (or “Pops” as I’m known), a one-year-old that you can enjoy and send back is a beautiful thing. “Good-natured” and “short spells” go hand-in-hand at that age.


    1. Ray: We just got home from dropping mother and child at the bus station for their return to the state capital. The last 48 hours can accurately be described as nonstop EXCITEMENT, aside from when we were asleep at night, on the part of my wife who is bonkers for babies. But now … peace and quiet have returned.

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  2. Hard as I may try, little kids and I are impossible together. If no one else is around I can just look at them and say hush, and all is well, but not when parents or others are around. I am amazed at those who are able to spend time with the little ones. Picture is wonderful.


    1. Peggy: You and I are of one mind. I think this attitude is more common with men, but who knows? Maybe not.

      Yes, it is a great photo. I love it. We have it framed here at home.


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