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Title: Omigod!

ONE OF MY numerous talents is an eye for photography. I have a separate website where I post black & white art, I like to call it.

These photos have been on Flickr for quite a spell, and there were a number of thumbnails here on the main page to entice you to go take a look. Those thumbnails are gone now because Flickr has been sold to SmugMug.

Flickr, an arm of the miserable Yahoo Empire, was free, but SmugMug is not, so I am not making that transition because I already have a photo website that I pay for, SlickPic, and I’ve put the art shots there.

In so doing, I trashed about a third of the photos and saved the best.

Title: A good laugh.

While the above SlickPic link takes you to the home page, this link will take you directly to the art shots. There is also a permanent link in the Bookmarks in the right column. Thanks for passing by.

As always, comments, there and here, improve your karma.

Title: Jack Daniels woman.

14 thoughts on “Felipe’s photography

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your b & w fotos. Makes me think, maybe I should get a bigger monitor. My 11.5″ Chrome Book doesn’t do them justice.


    1. Thanks, Phil. And, of course, the bigger the monitor/screen, the better any photo looks.

      By the way, the comment you left on the photo site was intended for the previous photo, not the one you left it on. No matter. I added an explanation.


  2. I have always loved your “Eye for art.” Lots of things online are changing. Our idea of the Internet being a big part of our total entertainment and FREE are becoming a thing of the past. Give it a while. We will really be upset.


    1. Beverly: Thanks for the kind words. As for the internet, yes, there will be less free stuff and more things you must pay for. I have no problem with that because I have no problem with capitalism. Makes perfect sense to charge for a service. I already pay for a number of things. If something costs more than I want to pay (my limit is generally about $40 U.S.), I go elsewhere, which is how capitalism works. Choices. Had I not already had a paid account at SlickPic, I would have followed Flickr to SmugMug in a nanosecond and coughed up the cash. SmugMug is a very good photo website, as is SlickPic.


  3. Your mountain hideaway is perhaps the most photographical location in Mexico.
    Lucky you! You keep getting better and better.

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