The left’s incredible crassness

I BELIEVE IT started with Barry Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. At least that’s when I first noticed it. Stunning campaign crassness.

Of course, it’s a reflection of today’s culture, this endless crudity.

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner, a love fest of the leftist media, took place the other night and, yet again, President Trump declined to attend. But, astoundingly, some members of his administration did show up.

One was Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Some gal named Michelle Wolfe, a potty-mouthed comedienne, was the headliner. She unleashed unrestrained profanity against the president and others in the White House. The leftist media, one assumes, chuckled away.

Wolfe made fun of Sanders’ appearance while Sanders was sitting there right in front of her. What kind of person does that? No one with an iota of class.

Not her politics or job performance, but her appearance!

No one would have acted this way at a Republican dinner or any dinner where participants possess good breeding, that their mamas raised them right.

I couldn’t help thinking back to the months leading up to Barry Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. At least two online videos, professionally produced and starring showbiz stars Samuel L. Jackson and Sarah Silverman, hyped Barry’s re-election with a stunning, over-the-top, spewing of profanities.

You can see them here and here. Brace yourself.

These videos, one imagines, were not made by Barry’s campaign. I hope not. That would have been exponentially worse. But it reflects the character of leftists.

Every day provides new reasons to rejoice that Hillary went down in flames. And that Barry and Michelle are out of the White House.

And that I’m out of the newspaper business.

20 thoughts on “The left’s incredible crassness

  1. I need to check the bubble I’m living in. Once again you have provided information I had not seen; however, I cannot say I am surprised. You should have a tax-free status in NOB for your services. Carry on, sir.


    1. Ricardo: I’m here to serve. I especially like your notion of my having tax-free status. I would like to underwrite the bloated U.S. government as little as possible. I am, however, willing for all of my payments to go to the border-wall project.


  2. “Crassness” is a good word, but probably not strong enough. I can’t think of one better.

    Sit back and witness the end of something from your mountaintop view. It is incredibly sad.


  3. White House Correspondents Dinner. More like a pig wallow. Just shows the lack of journalists in journalism.

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    1. Carole: I often wonder how I would manage were I still in the business. Having recently reopened a Facebook account and reconnecting with a good number of my former coworkers, I have discovered them to be leftists with no exceptions that I’ve encountered so far. I just don’t mention politics on my FB page.


      1. My children are almost all leftists although they have not lived long enough to have the opinions they have about politicians they admire. But it’s what their peers think, too. We had a heated discussion at the last family gathering and I messaged them later on that we shall never speak about politics together again because of the discourse it causes.


  4. Why do people continue to vote for a political party that is dedicated to their personal political and financial destitution? Can they not see what the end result will be?

    Government cannot give someone something without first taking it away from someone else.

    They say Mr. Trump is not fit to be president, but they themselves cannot say a sentence or utter a thought without using the F word the MF word.

    These people hate and revile those that do the work and pay the taxes. Notice that they will not use the term “working class,” but instead they say “middle class.” The thought of work would offend their constituency.

    We are not middle class! We work for a living,

    Are these the kind of people that we want running our government, our schools and entertainment industries? Is there no decency left in our society?


  5. So much for “respecting women.” Frankly, I was aghast at that comedienne’s “performance.” And it wasn’t even funny. Also see how they are now rushing to carve out some kind of exception for Tom Brokaw’s harassment?

    Kind of like Hillary Clinton wanting all women to be heard, except for those that Bill molested.



    Kim G


    1. Kim: I am of the opinion that all this “molesting” is just how things have been in many quarters between men and women since the dawn of time. It’s just that militant feminists have redefined everything. It’s just another part of the “offended” mindset, the dreadful PC phenomenon.


      1. I’m not sure I agree with you on that. Rape is rape, and someone like Harvey Weinstein should pay the penalty if that’s what he’s done. However, if a woman essentially exchanges sex for career advancement, then that’s not rape. And to have made the exchange and then later complain loudly to me smacks of a bit of hypocrisy. That said, having never been a woman, I’m sure there’s a lot I don’t know about the subject. But some of this has gone way too far, Al Franken being a case in point.


          1. Already tried women; didn’t go back for more. As for Franken, while you obviously don’t like his politics, surely you don’t think the kind of railroading he suffered is good for the body politic?


  6. I thought Michelle Wolf was trying to be entertaining. Entertaining is the best way to get your message across.

    I didn’t think she was primarily trying to be vulgar or insulting. I believe she was trying to tell the truth. I didn’t listen to most of her talk (isn’t really my thing) but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. I won’t be surprised if you disagree on this.

    It’s above my pay grade to say if President Trump should attend events like this or not. But I will say this: it is absolutely the job of the President of the United States — and anyone else in positions of authority — to listen to things they might prefer not to, and to look for truth even if they fervently hope it doesn’t exist. It’s what you sign up for when you take those jobs.


    1. Creigh: Well, she was trying to be entertaining, and I’m sure the folks who agreed with her were mightily entertained. As for giving her the benefit of the doubt, I’ll not do so. As for Trump listening to things he prefers not to, or looking for truth where he hopes he does not exist, I bet he does so as much as any president has done.

      But were I him, I would be blowing off that annual dinner too. Who in his right mind wants to get dressed up, go out to a dinner, and sit there while people say repeatedly, in various ways, that you’re an ass-wipe. I sure would not.


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