Immigration versus illegal aliens

LEFTISTS ARE skilled at messing with your mind, so being alert is crucial.

I have touched on this matter before, but it’s important enough to revisit. A yuge issue in the United States, the issue that fuels the border wall debate, is that of illegal aliens, people who sneak into the United States, i.e. law-breakers.

Another issue, related but very separate, is that of immigration, the legal process by which foreigners apply for permission to relocate to the United States.

Sensible citizens support immigration of talented people who improve society, and they oppose immigration of people who will be a drain on society. To make this distinction, the nation has an approval process. The legal system of immigration must discriminate in favor of the good.

Often it is wise to discriminate.

Leftists, who are very sly with words, do all they can to blur the distinction between the criminality of illegal aliens and the legal immigration process run by the U.S. State Department.

The most common trick is never to utter illegal immigration at all. They simply say immigration like it’s all one and the same.

Their purpose is paint people who oppose illegal immigration as people who oppose immigration in general. This smears all people who sensibly oppose illegal immigration with the label of xenophobe.

Crafty,  huh? And it works.

They love saying the United States is a nation of immigrants. Well, sure, it started as a nation of immigrants — centuries ago. There was no State Department or an immigration process. It was a completely different world which bears no relationship to 2018 whatsoever.

People toted muskets and wore bear skins.

Moving on to the Ellis Island days, those who arrived via ship and were approved entered the United States as legal immigrants. Legal.

Whenever you hear someone say, in the defense of illegal aliens, that the nation was built by immigrants, know that you are listening to mumbo-jumbo mouthed by either leftists and/or people who lack cognitive abilities.

What prompted today’s polemic? A recent piece in The Washington Post pointing out that after President Reagan was shot in 1981, the medical team that saved his life included immigrant doctors.

Notice the craftiness here. 1. President Reagan was a fascist, of course. 2. In spite of his nastiness, noble immigrants saved his life. 3. Ergo, immigrants and immigration are good things.

That was the deliberate message of The Washington Post piece.

This, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with the problem of illegal immigration because those doctors were undoubtedly legal immigrants, but the left loves mixing everything together.


One must be alert to their word games. They could have taught Joseph Goebbels a thing or two. Don’t think I am overstating this.

So the next time someone points out that the nation was built by immigrants or that Ronald Reagan was saved by immigrants, look him straight in the eye and ask: What’s your point?

* * * *

(Note 1: Another of their word games is calling themselves “liberals.” Perhaps we’ll revisit that falsehood in the near future.)

(Note 2: Today is Cinco de Mayo, the date on which we gave an army of French illegal aliens without visas in Puebla a good ass-whupping as they richly deserved.)

12 thoughts on “Immigration versus illegal aliens

  1. This is very interesting that there are no comments here. I have often wondered what would happen in the States if they had immigration laws such as those in Mexico. There is not much I can do without showing my IMN card or Curp.


    1. Peggy: That you are the first commenter after I posted this eight hours ago is not all that shocking. It’s par for the proverbial course. There are two reasons: Numero Uno is that I posted it in mid-morning, and people were out and about. I’ll get some other feedback later, I imagine. Numero Dos is that people are afraid. Harboring un-modish opinions of this sort can get you ostracized, fired from your job and, increasingly, especially in Europe, literally arrested, charged and jailed. Just for opening your mouth. These are sad times, thanks to political correctness and the heavy hands that enforce it.


      1. Really sick of political correctness and pussyfooting around truths. I’m not very good at keeping my mouth shut or my thoughts quiet.


        1. Peggy: I had kinda intuited that about you. As for political correctness, that rather cutesy sounding movement is bringing down Western Civilization, literally.


  2. I have been following the news from Canada as they show the “plight” of the immigrants who have sacrificed everything they have and marched on foot (actually in nice air-conditioned buses ) to the U.S. border in Tijuana seeking asylum. If they were that persecuted then why not stay in Mexico? Well, because the U.S. will house them, feed them, birth their babies and provide anything they need.

    Meanwhile, our veterans are homeless and begging on the streets. Something seems a little wrong here. I especially notice this every April 15 when the government takes a huge chunk out of my money to do this stupidity. The twist the media puts on this is horrible. Too bad they don’t show the other side of how tragic it actually is in the U.S. If the media showed this, the homelessness and poverty, perhaps they wouldn’t think the U.S. was that great. It’s a crime that politicians hand out to foreigners instead of their own citizens. Just another example of how they pay for votes, and people think Central and South American governments are corrupt.

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  3. Well, I read the post just after you put it up. I, like everyone else have my own opinions, but voicing them will get one into a lot of trouble. I thought I would wait and see what happens.

    John 8:32: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Not so much anymore. Just keep one’s mouth shut and wait till you’re in the voting booth. Then, let’s see how many others agree with me.


  4. I see Gonzaga University, a Jesuit school, banned the wearing of sombreros. They thought that sombreros would some how offend some people. Well, some people need to be offended.

    Some girl in Utah was criticized for wearing a Chinese-style dress to her prom. It was considered to be “cultural appropriation.” Well, those Levi’s that guy was wearing were the creation of a Jewish-American, and so were those BVDs he was wearing. If she has to give up her dress, he should give up his pants and undies. This is getting insane. Some people need to be told, “Shut up and mind your own business.”

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    1. Señor Gill: The PC Terror that goes on in universities in your country has become so commonplace that I go no further than the headlines as I scan the Gringo news every morning from my mountaintop perch.


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