Candace’s Three Verticals

CANDACE OWENS rose to internet fame fairly recently. A number of factors caused this: She is smart. She speaks well. She’s black. She’s conservative.

It’s those last two traits that rattle the brains (such as they are) of leftists. A black conservative does not fit into their world view.

If you’ve never heard of her, I suggest you pull your nose out of The New York Times and Mother Jones, just for a few moments.

I subscribe to her YouTube channel and have seen most of her astute videos. This one, however, stands out. Her “three verticals” state clearly the primary problems facing young people, especially blacks, in today’s America.

8 thoughts on “Candace’s Three Verticals

  1. Whoa, she just pissed off a whole bunch of people or maybe not since most are too busy with nonsense and/or don’t have the smarts to stop and think about important things that actually do matter. They are too wrapped up with the latest media BS, or some stupid reality TV program.

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  2. Well, this post has been up for over fifteen hours and only one person dared to comment on it. That speaks a lot about what is happening in our country. Control the narrative and attack anyone that questions the party line. How dare someone think for themselves. This young lady has a lot of moxie to voice her opinions. People of color are supposed to stay on the Democratic Party’s plantation. She will no doubt be attacked by nitwits like Maxine Waters.


    1. Señor Gill: As with all posts here that touch on PC, people tend to run for their lives in the other direction. No matter. I put the truth here anyway.

      Maxine Waters aspires to nitwittery. Plus, she is a nincompoop. That she gets reelected over and over is a glowing testament to the flaws of democracy.


  3. Interesting stuff. Apparently you are correct, sir. Not a lot of activity in response to political stances which do not fit the curve for the liberal guy. She makes a lot of sense.


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