Felipe sits in the sun

I RARELY show myself here, so when I found this old video hidden in my desktop computer this morning, I decided to make an exception.

My child bride is the camera mistress, and I think the video was taken in 2008 or 2009. The lack of greenery on the right side is a clue. That entire area is now full of plants. You cannot see the dirt, but you can see tons of aloe vera.

Home movies. Just like the Olden Days. I found quite a pile in that computer corner, so expect a few more in upcoming days.


12 thoughts on “Felipe sits in the sun

    1. Ricardo: I manage to make myself understood. Actually, 18 years now, and I rarely speak English. I just write it online. I do still have problems more often than I would like in understanding others. When I cannot, it’s because they speak too rapidly, mumble or use colloquialisms. I don’t do colloquialisms very well.

      There is also the fact that I don’t socialize, so the Spanish I’m familiar with (alas) almost entirely is my wife’s. I understand her pretty much always. Others can be dicey. Switching languages totally when you’re 55 is a challenge.


        1. Kris: A sharp eye you have. Yep, if I’m at home, I’m sporting Crocs. And, due to the almost always cool weather, I always wear socks.

          This ain’t no beach environment, thank God.


    1. Connie: What’s up with the socks? What you folks do not realize is that I’m at altitude, and a pretty considerable on at that. Don’t let the Crocs (i.e. sandals) fool you. This is not beach weather here. And guess what? All my eternal socks are 70 percent wool. Keeps my tootsies nice and toasty.


  1. But, the socks are white. Why not go for a sock color closer to the color of the shoe for a more monochromatic look.


    1. Connie: Two important elements to this sock uproar. One is that I never wear the Crocs outside the Hacienda. Never. They are strictly house shoes. And the second thing is I have never worn white socks in my life that I recall, so that’s an illusion of some sort in the video. For years now, my socks have been one brand (Kirkland), one color (gray). And 70 percent wool.


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