It’s movietime on the Moon

GRAB A BOX of popcorn and get a Diet Coke for your health.

Lean back and enjoy this eight minutes of great imagination.

Sometimes you just gotta have a little fun.

Rated R for language if you care about that sort of thing.

10 thoughts on “It’s movietime on the Moon

  1. I thought, well, just another Western. It packed a lot of action in 8 minutes, which made me think of a new TV rating: bullets per minute. I think this might be at the top of the list.


    1. Phil: Anyone who passes by here and doesn’t watch the video is missing a major treat. I like the way they worked in some of the major issues of the day: race, safe spaces, gays, etc.


    1. Don Cuevas: I liked this far better than Blazing Saddles, a movie I’ve never been a fan of, finding it a bit too much “in your face” and sophomoric to boot. And, I mean, really .. farts?

      This one is really clever.


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