Soggy Sunday in late Spring

Sheep’s tail relishes the aftermath of rainfall this morning.

IT RAINED yesterday, and it rained again this morning. It’s supposed to rain this afternoon. We embrace this even though we’re not sure of the cause.

It could be the start of the five-month rainy season, or it could be due to the hurricane out in the Pacific, or it could be both. No matter. We’ll take it.

Sunday is a good day around here. There’s a certain sameness to Monday through Friday, and Saturday is devoted to pastry sales downtown. Sunday is up for grabs.

There is some routine to Sunday. My child bride usually irons. We invariably go to a restaurant for lunch, and we usually watch a Netflix movie in the late afternoon.

But if we wish to change all that, we have the right.

Every morning of the week, after croissants or bagels at 8, we move from the dining room to the living room and plop down into the cushy sofa for a spell. Put our feet up. It’s one of the best times of the day, every day.

If the light is just so, a cobweb or two around the big living room becomes visible. We really should have a maid, but we don’t, mostly because we are solitary people who don’t want anyone underfoot. So my child bride does the best she can, ever bitching about why didn’t we build a smaller place.

I help a bit, but most of my work is in the yard. Plus, I’m ancient.

Even the Jesus Patio table welcomes the rain.

The rain has cooled things considerably. We didn’t have the cooler blowing upstairs last night, and we only turned on the ceiling fan in the bedroom. The tower fan stayed in the off position.

Not only is it fresher, but we’re feeling good, which is notable due to both of us having some health issues in the last few months, things that appear to be resolving themselves. Sunday is usually a great day.

Even better if you’re feeling fine.

From the downstairs veranda this morning, also enjoying the cool air.

7 thoughts on “Soggy Sunday in late Spring

  1. Zapata: I enjoy your weather reports so I’m curious to know, what do you consider to be hot weather, as you speak of often needing a fan to stir the air. Having been to your part of the world at different months, I don’t recall the weather feeling hot. More so often it was chilly.


    1. Leisa: Most of the year here it’s quite nice, cool generally to cold in early winter mornings. However, in Springtime, especially in May, it gets stuffy in our house. It’s worse upstairs due to lower ceilings, less so downstairs due to higher ceilings. But even in May, if we step outdoors in the evening it’s pretty cool. Our house traps heat in May for some reason. We enjoy 11 months here, but May gets pretty unpleasant, almost entirely in the early evenings. The days are manageable, however.

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  2. Mi Amigo: Does the rainy season impact Saturday pastry sales day? How does she prepare for it? How long does it take her to get ready? I bet the new kitchen helps a lot. Love rainy season!



    1. Dan: We soldier on with pastries during the rainy season. Once we get into position, we’re beneath a roof fronting the plaza. She works off and on much of the week, and then all morning Friday and Saturday. This has been going on now for about eight years. And yes, the new kitchen — not so new anymore — made a huge difference. Mostly, it got her out of MY kitchen. Better this way.


  3. So pleased that the rains are beginning here also, but not with any consistency yet. Hot and muggy, but cool in the mornings and evenings. Kinda nice that every day can be a Sunday or a Tuesday.


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