14 thoughts on “How NOT to torment children

  1. Very simple, isn’t it? I don’t understand the whole scenario, so I stay quiet in my ignorance.


    1. Ms. Shoes: I made this very point in one of the comments on the previous post that focused on this situation. A commenter said it was IMMORAL (his caps) to ever separate a child from a parent. Of course, it’s done regularly with criminals sent to the slammer in the U.S., and the fault is not that of the courts or police. It’s the fault of the law-breaker.


  2. I read in the paper this morning that a 6-year-old boy was abandoned in the desert just north of the line by his supposed “uncle.” That would be a death sentence for the child if the border patrol didn’t find him. Luckily, he was found, but what about all of the kids that weren’t found?
    Somewhere, there is someone that is the intellectual author of this movement. Someone organizes it and funds it. That desert is full of bones.


    1. Señor Gill: From what I’ve read, it’s next to impossible to determine if the adults are actually the parents of the kids with them. The Obama Administration got this kiddie thing going, essentially broadcasting that if you arrive with a child, it’s a free pass into America.


      1. I am surprised that they don’t do a DNA test, which would prove incisive to their claim. Again arguing against logic with people is a lesson in futility to the max.


  3. You excel at making a point of the obvious, señor.

    I just attempted to read the morning paper here in my pueblo in TX (no longer a local rag, now owned and operated by USA Today), and it is filled with hate Trump messaging in each paragraph. Most of that at the moment is, of course, this “separate the innocent children” nonsense.
    And these newspaper folks run ads in every issue pointing to themselves as the “real news.”

    All of this is hard on an old Gringo who has no problem seeing the truth around him.


    1. Ricardo: I cannot take credit in this instance. I just stuck the cartoon on there. It’s good due to its simplicity and accuracy.

      As for newspapers, I live daily with embarrassment for what my former occupation has become in most places. There are exceptions, which is good. Wish there were more.


  4. I have yet to see any of the mainstream “misledia” questioning the judgment of parents who take small children on long, dangerous journeys with plans to violate a law and then face high odds of capture and trial.

    Doesn’t that sound like a bad idea, prima facie?

    Nor do the media seem to consider that by not separating the children you are the incarcerating children for the sins of the fathers. Is that a good thing? The 9th circuit, a famously liberal court, didn’t seem to think so when it ruled that such incarceration was illegal.

    The simplest answer here is for folks to stop trying to cross the border illegally.

    And that’s the last one the “misledia” wants us to consider.



    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Which sensible people have now abandoned for cooler climes.


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