Dawn on the Day of Rest


I HAVEN’T put a sunrise shot here in many a moon, unseen or otherwise.

The Gods of Rain blew and huffed last night as we turned out the lights in the bedroom, heading toward dreams, a sweet soundtrack.

And now, just after 7 a.m., it’s 58 degrees in late June, likely a bit better than wherever you are. Mountaintop living is good.

The church bell on the nearby plaza, as I write this, is clanging away for something or other, or maybe just for pleasure. It seems to do that. And there goes an explosion of fireworks. Don’t they sleep in on Sunday? And there’s music coming out of some distant loudspeaker. Get outa bed!

I’m already up and about.

Here’s how it looks in the other direction. Well, a few minutes ago.

Damp and cool on this Day of Rest.


15 thoughts on “Dawn on the Day of Rest

    1. Ricardo: After spending 99 percent of my life before age 55 sweating my butt off in the southeastern United States, it’s been pure pleasure, weatherwise and otherwises too, up here at altitude. I highly recommend it.


  1. Felipe,

    Beautiful sunrise coming over the mountain. Thanks for sharing! Brrrrr … 58F at the end of June, too chilly for me! I prefer the summer temperatures found at 5,000 ft. vs. yours at 8,500 ft.



  2. Eleven AM in Redding, and it’s already 88°F here, on its way to 110°, our own little slice of Hell. Oh, how I wish I were somewhere in Mexico over 7,000 feet. Sounds delightful, truly delightful.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the residents cower inside airconditioned ranch houses and pray for the end of summer.


  3. Mi amigo, unless the top photo is taken from your bed, it’s too flipping early to be flitting around on a Sunday morning! Sunsets are better for pure relaxation! “Turn the day around” per Gloria E!!


    1. Dan: I am an early riser, invariably up before daylight, depending on the Saving Time foolishness. Another issue is that the sunrise is just over thataway. The sunset happens at the rear of the house where we have no view.

      I have no idea what Gloria E means. Enlighten me.


  4. I do miss your mountain mornings — even though, our mornings have been quite pleasant with our drizzle. Yup. Drizzle. Usually, our rain comes delivered tropical wholesale. Somehow, we are not getting the retail version. It is probably meant for Portland.


  5. Felipe, you and Steve are both correct, and my verbiage fits better than hers did per the context of the reply! BTW, loved the cartoon in the previous post. Appropriate!


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