The great and the ugly

AMERICA HAS lots to be happy about due to wide-ranging improvements made by the Trump Administration. Economy up, unemployment down, wars down, regulations down. Things are looking fine. Here’s a four-minute video highlighting the pluses of the Trump presidency so far. Enjoy:

Meanwhile, Democrats still are flailing on the floor kicking their arms and legs, screaming like toddlers and advocating violence. It would be laughable were it not perilous. A pundit recently observed that this is the first time since 1861 that Democrats have refused to accept election results.

The Republican National Committee has released its first campaign video for the midterm elections. It focuses on the lunacy of the Democrat Party.

Again, enjoy:

10 thoughts on “The great and the ugly

  1. Scary times indeed, señor. But not the first this country has seen. And some of us old folks are not that easily scared. Some of us will fight to the death to maintain the USA we hold dear. That is not a threat, it is a statement of fact.

    Of course, we’re not that far from death anyway. Most of us in this group are almost out of birthdays.

    My personal belief, based on what I see in a large part of the USA, is that there exists a large group of young people (under age 40ish) who hold similar conservative attitudes.

    If so, the nation might just survive another 200 years.


    1. Ricardo: The leftist lunatics are far outnumbered by sensible people. The problem is that the leftist lunatics hold sway in important positions, especially the educational system where they daily twist the minds of the next generation. If this continues, it’s likely the sensible people will be far outnumbered by leftist lunatics in time. That, mi amiguito, is the primary problem.

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  2. I read yesterday that Mexico refused shipments of white potatoes from the U.S. because we were a terrible country. Actually called us something else. Also, imported apples went up 20% so Mexicans could not afford them. Tariffs will change a lot.


  3. This administration will have the pleasure of appointing a Supreme Court justice. Anthony Kennedy just announced his retirement. Score for us’ns. The hyperbole from the left in the press about immigration detainees is so outrageous. Trying to remove the emotional responses of people on both sides who believe in the reporting of maltreatment of those folks in detainment just isn’t going to happen. No one reads the wider scope any more. One almost wishes for another crisis of natural origin to deflect thoughts.


  4. The people who do the work and pay the taxes are more put upon by those who live off of the system. That would be the nonworking poor and the government employees who enjoy high wages and benefits.

    There is a feeling that by virtue of their existence they are entitled to a decent lifestyle and healthcare. If healthcare is a human right, just who is going to pay for it? Where will all the money come from to support this?

    The newspaper says that we are the verge of a civil war. I am afraid that is correct. People have become accustomed to living a lifestyle that their individual efforts do not earn. What will happen when the government cannot or will not fund those food stamp cards?

    The government debt is never paid off, but just rolled over. What will happen when no one will buy those bonds? The government steals from our savings by inflation. The government steals from the future income of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    Worse, the left is welcoming throngs of undocumented immigrants who will not be able to sustain themselves without relying upon the social welfare system. This will not end well.


    1. Señor Gill: It’s already not ending well. One of the many claims people make these days that amuse me is that healthcare is a “human right”! No, it is not. It’s a very desirable thing, but nobody has a right to it.


  5. Lots to comment on here. First, separate Trump’s accomplishments from those any Republican would have advocated (Gorsuch, tax cut).

    In the campaign, Trump distinguished himself from Republican rivals in two main ways: socially; bringing back jobs (partly through renegotiating trade deals), protecting Social Security and Medicare, and replacing Obamacare with something “fantastic” which would cover everyone. The other way was more extreme demonizing of Muslims and immigrants.

    So, job growth: We’ve had 92 consecutive months of job growth. Trump has been President for 18. Draw your own conclusion. I’ll be impressed when wages start rising.

    Would he veto cuts in SS and Medicare that Ryan would love to have? Probably not. Will he replace Obamacare with something “fantastic”? No. Will he bring back coal? No.

    His immigration policies are blowing up in his face. His North Korea negotiation was a farce, with no verification. Even that addled fool Reagan knew you had to have verification. Intelligence leaks now indicate NK still moving ahead on nukes.

    There’s indications he’s pulling back on Supreme Court nominees who will overturn Roe v Wade. Overturning Roe is the last thing Republicans want. It takes away their big club and energizes Democrats.

    The only interests he’s consistently advancing are Putin’s: undermining Western political and trade alliances and ignoring election meddling. It’s hard to imagine anything he could do there that he hasn’t done.

    On the plus side, he hasn’t started a war.


    1. Creigh: I don’t think Trump has demonized Mohammedans (my preferred term) or “immigrants.” He wisely wants to severely restrict visitors from known Mohammedan terrorist areas, and the court has backed him on that, wisely. As for “immigrants,” he wants to stop illegals from sneaking into the country, again, wisely.

      I pay no mind to Medicare because it does not affect me. As for SS, what the GOP wants to do, and has wanted to do for many years, is modernize it, make it more viable in the long run. The Democrats always claim the GOP wants to cut SS payments. Throw little ole ladies out into the street. SS needs cuts in some areas. SS needs means-testing, among other things. For Pete’s sake, Trump is eligible for SS payments, which is ridiculous. Plus, SS is full of fraud, as is Medicare from what I read.

      I don’t think Trump’s immigration policies are blowing up in his face at all, though one could easily conclude that from reading most of the media, who are dedicated to Trump Hate. Most Americans, and polls overwhelmingly indicate this, favor Trump’s immigration policies.

      Whether his meeting with Comrade Kim leads to anything worthwhile is yet to be known. Too early to say. I am not optimistic, and I hope to be proven wrong.

      I think overturning Roe v. Wade would be a bad idea but, as I understand it, that would not make abortions illegal, as many think. It would simply put the issue back into the hands of the individual states.

      I don’t think Putin’s interests interest Trump in the slightest. Again, ignore most of the news media.

      And no, Trump has not started a war. Unlike recent GOP presidents, he’s not interested in spreading the American way of life far abroad, and that’s a good thing.



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