Summer is a good time

The aloe vera that soon will be larger than the house.

SUMMER STARTED a week ago officially, but it actually started hereabouts some weeks back, the real summer. When it started to rain.

I was walking up the Romance Sidewalk this morning when I noticed a hummingbird sitting casually on one of the aloe vera spikes. He didn’t seem concerned about anything much, and why should he? There are blooms to be sucked. Plenty of them.

Hummingbirds are brave, not much put off by people nearby, and this guy was like that, but he didn’t stick around while I retrieved my camera.

Sweet alyssum barely holds on over the winter, but rain revives it quickly.

Cool, wet, sometimes sunny days are the norm till October or so.

I never walked up a Romance Sidewalk or any sidewalk in Houston all those years I lived there and spotted a hummingbird sitting on a huge aloe vera.

I never wore a flannel shirt in late June or long pants except to go to work. It was very different then, and it’s better now, especially not having to work at all.

But I’d prefer being younger, just a little bit.

Ivy sneaks through the bell hole from the other side where it mostly covers every inch.

8 thoughts on “Summer is a good time

  1. You have a bell! Tell me about your bell. Is it old, how did you get it up there, what supports it, do you ring the bell for dinner? I love bells and one of the quaint events that I loved about your part of the world are the ringing morning bells. But not the firecrackers in the early morning or the shooting of the brigades at 0500. But the early morning bells are a delight to awake to.


    1. Leisa: Yes, we have a bell installed in the Alamo Wall that intentionally blocks the view from the street to our house. How old is it? About as old as our house, which was built in 2002-03. We got it up there on a ladder. It is not huge. A rope and a piece of rebar support it. We do not ring it for dinner. It rarely gets rung. Mostly it gets rung when one of us is out there by the car waiting for the other who is dawdling in the house. Here are links to two photos.


  2. I guess that means you live in a bell-hole country. Or maybe that would just be a bell-hole neighborhood.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the only bells are doorbells, and even those are questionable.


  3. Mercy sakes, señor, a stack of green stuff. Cool and rain are things we are not enjoying here in the hot TX sun.

    Wish I was there.


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