Bill & Barry said the same stuff

THIS VIDEO is a real hoot. Quite clever.

If you suffer from that thankfully noncontagious affliction widely known as TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), you’ll likely toss yourself on the floor, start screaming and thrashing your legs and arms like toddlers.

You may mindlessly holler, Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! You might intersperse that with Nazi! Fascist! Racist! Resist! Dictatorship!

Severe cases, and they are numerous, will threaten violence.

But the sane among us will just laugh at the video … and at you too.


14 thoughts on “Bill & Barry said the same stuff

  1. Video lasts forever. If it gets on the ‘net, it lasts even longer.

    Yea, technology!

    Some of us have really short memories, señor.


  2. How many comments did you get when you thought of buying a motorcycle or buying a car?

    Yes, people are really afraid. Some of us have nothing to lose, but others have jobs and family to protect. The really scary thing is what if these angry, insane people do actually get into power? What is the eventual end goal of these people? They see racism, homophobia, sexism and white power everywhere. God help us if they ever get into power. Truth and reality mean nothing to these nuts.


    1. Señor Gill: The recent car post has 50 comments. Of course, since I customarily reply to each one because it’s the polite thing to do, that means, 25 responses. To answer your question about what if “these people” get into power? They were in power during the eight years of Weepy Barry when the United States was in its apologetic mode and sliding very slowly into insignificance on the global stage. Trump reversed that almost overnight. They currently are in power in education, high tech and other vital segments of society. Over the past few decades they’ve become accustomed to calling the shots, which is why they are so hysterical now about Trump, a president who not only pays them no mind whatsoever, but who sticks his finger in their eyes on a daily basis and chuckles about it. But the war is hardly over, not by a long shot.


  3. I’ll admit to being very hesitant to respond to political posts. As a cultural thing, we’re often discouraged from arguing about religion or politics, and there are reasons why. Religion and politics are (mostly) not based on rationality, so rationality isn’t likely to change anyone’s mind. Also, there is a large propensity for people to take offense at having their non-rational opinions challenged. Some opinions, obviously, should be challenged. Others should just be ignored.

    I also didn’t respond to the car question, ironically for similar reasons. I worked in the used-car business in my youth, and I can tell you that rationality rarely plays a big part in those decisions either.


    1. Creigh: The old saw about not arguing over religion or politics is based in reality. It rarely leads anywhere good, and it never changes anyone’s mind. No matter. I enjoy it. Politics, that is. Since I do not embrace any organized religion, I just leave it to other people.


  4. Thanks for posting the video. Illegal immigration is one of the issues where there should be little disagreement. And this video shows why. Most Americans do care about people playing by the rules. If we could stop talking about personalities and start talking about issues, I am convinced a lot of good could still be done. But I am probably living in a pipe dream.

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  5. Yes, that video is a beauty. And it underscore how ridiculous the Democrats have become on illegal invasion. At one point, not too long ago, Trump’s view on controlling immigration was the absolute mainstream view with likely 80%+ support.

    Now, as you point out, TDS sufferers seem to think it’s racist, totalitarian, etc.

    Frankly, what I think is totalitarian is California doing everything it can to keep criminal illegals here in the state while things like red light cameras operate on the citizenry with impunity. If that isn’t a totally backward set of priorities, I don’t know what is.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we almost (but didn’t) get nailed by a red light camera for a sloppy right hand turn on red.


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