A valentine gift

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I SHOT THIS photo of my child bride in her Mexico City condo on Valentine’s Day 2002, two months before we were wed.

It is my favorite photo of her, and how not?

This is why single men should move to Mexico. Turn your backs on those Third Wave Feminists above the Rio Bravo. They will only lead you to grief.

Who would you prefer to marry? Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen Degeneres, or someone like the woman in the photo?

She was 41 then, and now she’s 57, but she hasn’t changed much due to being a gym fanatic. One of my goals on moving south was to marry again. Little did I know that I would win the lottery.

14 thoughts on “A valentine gift

  1. Muy caliente, Felipe! Good job! I consider Mexican women to be the best choice as well. They are (usually) loyal to a fault, hard workers and very loving! VIVE Amor!


    1. Mike: We have both chosen wisely in this regard. However, I fear that if you don’t get yours out of the United States as quickly as possible, she will become infested with Gringa attitudes. That could be very bad, mostly for you. I pray not.


  2. Sadly, the Gringas are only interested (most of them) in having relationships where there is no head of the house, unlike the sensual women we have married.

    That, for me, was a disaster.


  3. Yes, you did win the lottery. Since I’ve actually met her a few times, I can attest to that. And she didn’t do too badly either, which I can also attest to. And you’re a lovely couple.

    I’m hoping that someday I can do as well, but with a masculine version.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where there are lots of weird closet cases hanging out in public parks. Not husband material. Well, maybe once for their ex-wives.


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