Definition of a nation

DONALD TRUMP is a nationalist. Weepy Barry was not. I am a nationalist too, but now I have two nations in my man bag. Can get a trifle confusing.

Leftists have made much progress, 100 percent among themselves, in making nationalist a bad word. Fact is, though, it’s a great word, a fine concept.

Ditto for patriotism.

What is a nation anyway? It’s a big family, a group of people with commonalities. Historically, a nation is a group of people of the same race, the same religion, the same language, the same beliefs. Due to modern transportation and communication, this has become unraveled to a degree.

This unraveling is mostly in rich, successful nations because that’s where people from poor, unsuccessful nations want to go. The latter are the ones President Trump inelegantly but accurately referred to as “shithole” nations.

In this category are Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, Venezuela, Yemen, Nigeria and Syria, to name just a few. There are others, sadly.

Slavery in the United States was a huge error and not just because it was a terrible thing for the Africans, but because it led to the racial strife that now exists in that troubled land. This will not end, by the way, which is just one example of the dire problems that come with diversity.

Moral: Do not encourage multiculturalism/diversity.

As families live in houses, nationalities live in nations. It’s a perfect analogy. When families go to bed at night, they lock their doors so culprits cannot sneak in and do dirty. During the day, the door is closed, perhaps still locked, and if someone wants to visit, they ring the doorbell and get welcomed … or not.

A family can welcome someone into their home if they wish. If they don’t wish, the visitor is told to take a hike. This is how it should be with a family, and with a nation too.

Leftists are now Globalists, people who, for the most part, do not believe in borders. In spite of this, you can bet they lock their homes at night.

They are naive but not stupid.

These Leftists/Globalists will tell you that all people are basically the same, a silly concept that has come down to us from the Kumbaya-swaying Stoned Sixties. It’s almost exclusively the Western World where you find this daffiness. You rarely encounter these ideas in Latin America, Africa or Asia where people tend to be overwhelmingly nationalist and patriotic.

You also will rarely find political correctness outside the white, Western World. PC is basically a White Man’s Concept, a pistol aimed at himself.

The Leftist/Globalist belief that people are all basically alike flies in the face of reality. People are alike physically, and that’s it. We all have two arms, two legs and a head perched atop our shoulders.

Our hearts and minds could not be more varied. Millions of people do not believe in majority rule or freedom of speech and religion or that men and women are equal or that you have a right to your own opinion. And if they move into your neighborhood, they will not change their minds about those things.

Their attitudes (yours too) are set in stone from centuries back.

We are spectacularly suspicious of one another. This is both an individual and a group (i.e. tribal) trait. The suspicion normally leads to dislike or hate. From there, it’s a short voyage to violence. This was true when Man lived in caves, and it’s not one whit less true today.

Believing that people are all basically the same, i.e. like you, is the attitude of a love-struck teenage girl, and it’s an attitude, when spread over a wide area, that often will get you killed. The hairy men and women on the far side of the mountain do not share that belief, and they have spears and axes.

We’re seeing this on a grand scale in much of Europe today where those governments that think like love-struck teenage girls have dissolved their borders in the spirit of multiculturalism and “helping the unfortunate.” Cultural and financial disaster have followed. And blood-letting.

Some Europeans are balking at this, especially in Eastern Europe where not-too-distant connection with the Soviet Union has formed a people who do not think like love-struck teenage girls.

Nationalism is smart. Recognize human nature for what it is, and always will be. Lock your doors at night, especially if you live in a questionable neighborhood. Likewise, control your borders because much of the world is a questionable neighborhood full of folks who do not share your values.

And never will.

President Trump grasps this.

11 thoughts on “Definition of a nation

  1. Felipe,

    A very well written post. While I cannot and do not refute your overall conclusion that nationality and nations are good, as a Christian, I have trouble saying that people are different. I am going to have to ponder that a while. Undoubtedly, people have different social norms that make it difficult for us to get along together. And yes, there is evil in the world and people who embrace that evil need to be kept out of our country. But, at the end of the day, I think most of the people in this world want the same things, peace, security, and prosperity. You’ve given me food for thought today as I attempt to run up and down Mt. Chupinaya (13.8 km race with 3000 ft of elevation gain).

    Best Regards,


    1. Troy: Reading your comment, I really cannot see where we differ. Sure, everyone — well, most everyone — wants peace, security and prosperity, but how these things are attained is the sticky point.

      Enjoy the exercise.


    2. Troy, P.S.: Look at it this way. Be assured that members of, for instance, ISIS and the Taliban want peace, security and prosperity for themselves and their families. But if you do not embrace their religion with a red-hot fervor, they care not an iota if peace, security and prosperity extend to you and your family. On the contrary, they will do all they can to insure that you do NOT live in peace, security and prosperity.

      That is why you don’t want them in your house or in your nation.

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  2. When we were kids, we were taught patriotism and love of our country. We used to pledge allegiance to our flag, but now that is not done. It would offend someone.

    Why are we so afraid to offend others? Some people need to be offended. Human society requires its members to follow certain norms. This differs from place to place. But basically, it requires one to behave oneself and respect the rights of others. Omitting the pledge of allegiance to save the feelings of one, impinges upon the rights of the others. Where do we stop? What is so wrong about saying we are one nation under God?


  3. Well said, Felipe, well said! I live in a fairly quiet corner of NC, and have locked doors at all times. When I go out, I leave the house in the furry paws and sharp teeth of a very efficient, and selective as to whom she likes, young lady. The only alarm system that bites if you bug it! LOL!


    1. Dan: Thanks. You are clearly a very perceptive fellow. Give my best wishes to the four-legged lady with the teeth. Maybe the Blond Bomber should send hordes of rottweilers to patrol your southern border.


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