Immigration & social media

SOCIAL MEDIA can be fun and informative. I’m a fan.

Until recently,  about the only forms in which I participated were Facebook and Twitter, the most popular of them all, of course. I’ve had Facebook accounts under both my real name and my nom de internet, the one I use here.

I never participated much in either of them. I was mostly a lurker, especially with Twitter where I also have had accounts under both names, though not at the same time. Both Facebook and Twitter can be good news sources.

What The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Barefoot Bottom Gazette, The Bourbon News-Mirror (Indiana), etc., were to older people, Twitter and Facebook increasingly are to younger people (and increasingly to older people too).

That is why it matters that a cabal of social media organizations earlier this month collectively decided to bump off the buffoonish Alex Jones of Infowars. And they did. They rubbed him out. Why? “Hate speech.” In this case, it means they hated to hear what he was saying.

While everyone with an IQ over 85 has long known that social media are run by leftists, this month’s move against Jones goes way over the line.

The influence and reach of the dons of Silicon Valley are immense. That they are moving even further to silence contrary opinions is very serious.

Facebook and Twitter are evil, and one should not support evil. If you have an account with either, you are assisting them, not only with their Bolshevik politics but with their stupendous amassing of wealth.

Yes, I know you’ve had that Facebook account for years. I know you communicate daily with your friends and relatives there. I know you exchange gardening advice, post photos of your pooches, your children and grandchildren, and you chuckle at videos of fun things. The cats, the mice.

No matter. You’re in bed with the devil, and you should toss back the blankets, stand up and walk out the door. It won’t be easy, but you can do it.

Don’t be a Jew who dines at the Gestapo cafeteria.

There’s a very good Facebook alternative called MeWe.* It started in 2015 and bills itself as the Next-Gen Social Network. It’s quite similar to Facebook but easier to use. It does not track you. It does not censor you.

Dragging your gardening buds, your kids and grandkids over there will be a challenge. But you know I am right.

* * * *

Immigration is perhaps the biggest issue facing the United States these days. Leftists claim the U.S. system is unfair and cruel. Quite the contrary is true.

Watch the  above video by Michelle Malkin, an attractive and intelligent woman who, no matter how old she gets, always looks like she’s 19.

* * * *

* Another Facebook alternative that’s committed to free speech is Minds. I also opened an account there, but I don’t find it as appealing as MeWe.

Twitter should be dumped too. Its free-speech alternative, growing by leaps and bounds, is although Gab can be a bit like the Wild West, which is what free speech can lead to. No matter. Free speech matters.

10 thoughts on “Immigration & social media

    1. Ricardo: Maintaining accounts on those websites is helping them, pure and simple. Or, in the psychobabble of our age, one is an enabler. It’s easy to think it does not matter, but it does. Jews sipping lattes in the Gestapo coffee shop.


    1. Ray: That they cannot be trusted has been a foregone conclusion for years. My point, and it’s advice that I have followed and will stick to my decision, is that maintaining accounts with them is sleeping with the enemy. Helping them, actually, in a minuscule but a sure way. It’s the principle of the thing. Their global reach is based on their humongous client base, and people of all political persuasions have become so attached to them that disconnecting has become an almost impossible thing to do, emotionally more than anything, but business-wise too. It’s a sad commentary on our times.

      Enjoying a break still, eh? That reminds me of a friend who lives in the mountains of North Carolina. I went to high school with her, and she’s now a retired college professor of Chinese history, culture, something like that connected to China. She’s very smart. She and her hubby live in a snazzy golf community, and she loves it there. She’s a YUGE Trump fan. However, she thinks things are just hunky-dory in the U.S. I, of course, have voiced quite contrary opinions to her regarding this hunky-doriness. A few months ago, she asked where on earth I get my negative views of the current U.S. social situation when everything is clearly going so well with Trump in the Oval Office. I sent a list of news websites I regularly read. In turn, I asked her what news she reads that leads her to believe all is peaches and cream in the U.S. Guess what? She does not read the news or watch it on TV either. Her life is devoted to yoga, and she apparently has no clue of what’s whirling around her these days. A classic case of ignorance being bliss.

      So, don’t break too long, or they’ll be at your door with a warrant and cuffs before you know it. They’ll already have my friend cuffed in the back seat of the paddy wagon.


      1. I’m taking a break from social media. Anyone who has every thought that social media was a legitimate news source deserves to be cuffed and loaded in the wagon.


        1. Ray: It’s a great news source. It just depends on who/what you follow. Most — likely all — news organizations, both conservative and the radical lefties, have Facebook pages. FB is about far more than pet videos and grandchildren, etc., though it works great for that too, of course.


          1. News is news. Opinion is not. Facebook and Twitter feeds are based on who/what you follow. You see only what you have shown you want to see, whether that be politics, “news” (by your definition) or advertising. Algorithms largely determine what’s in your feed, and people tend to “follow” who or what supports their own opinions.

            Concerning the fact that these social media outlets are left-wing and support left wing causes is well-documented. On this we agree.


  1. Ray: Right on all counts. I have zapped my Twitter account even though it was always fun watching Trump lay it to them. It must drive Twitter HQ nuts that they can’t ban him. They can, but they dare not.


  2. I keep kind of hoping that Twitter will ban Trump, just so that the eyes of the denialists can be opened. Sadly, Twitter is not humoring me.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we seem to be doing fine without being on any of those ridiculous spying services.


    1. Kim: You know they sorely want to, but that would be too far over the line. Ain’t gonna happen.

      All social media are not spying services. The ones I mention in this post, for example. Can be quite entertaining.

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