Limitless lunacy of the left

Nincompoopery, another word that fits.

IF THERE IS one word that wraps up the mindset of today’s left, that segment so many — both left and right — incorrectly label “liberal,” it is cluelessness.

Above the Rio Bravo this exhibits itself in calls for open borders (try that for a spell, and see where it gets you) and plenty of “free stuff.”

Down here lefty nuttiness exhibits itself mostly in other ways. We are fond of free stuff, of course, but nobody calls for open borders aside from the border to the United States. We want it open for departing but not for entering.

This morning, during our exercise walk around the neighborhood plaza, we passed the scene in the photo above. There is a tech school on the plaza, which means there are teachers, that segment of Mexican society far more dedicated to trouble-making than teaching.

This color combo of red and black is often used by lefty rabble-rousers, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a lovelier example of cluelessness. Red is the color of communism, the philosophy that the state should control all. Black is the color of anarchy, the philosophy of no state whatsoever.

They are polar opposites. Pick one. You can’t have both.

And these are teachers, mind you, not farm hands or donkeys.

* * * *


While on our exercise walk, I took two more shots to share with you.

A corner we passed a few blocks away. It rained last night. I like the mountains.
Giant aloe vera in our yard tosses out flowers this sunny morning.

9 thoughts on “Limitless lunacy of the left

  1. I always thought that the red and black flag meant that there was some sort of labor dispute. Maybe I was wrong.


  2. Well, sir, once again you’re scaring folks with all this bogey man talk about the beautiful lefties.

    I mean liberals.

    Nevermind, you know what I mean.

    And those pics are great too.


    1. Ricardo: That today’s increasingly radical Democrat Party continues to embrace that “liberal” label makes sense. That conservatives usually play along with it drives me up the wall. Just proves they’re slicker than we are. We are doofuses.


  3. Two points: Who is calling for open borders? Who is telling you that the Democratic Party is? Not the Democratic Party platform. And free stuff? Sure, why not. Much of that free stuff turns out to be good for people.


    1. Creigh: It’s not on the official Democrat Party handbook, I imagine, but the significant number people calling for open borders are, with few exceptions, people on the left side of the political spectrum. Most vote Democrat. Actually, from what I’ve read recently, Democrat Party Central, wherever that is, is becoming quite concerned about the nuttiness of many of its people. I favor this nuttiness because it helps conservatives. Interestingly, there is a growing phenomenon on YouTube, the WalkAway Movement, people who are abandoning the Democrat Party. It’s only from the Democrats. Nobody is “WalkingAway” from the GOP. No need.


      1. Free education, free health care? A healthy and educated population is good for the economy. Free roads? Good for the economy. Money to spend? Good for the economy.

        The Number One problem with our economy today is that too much money is sitting idly in banks in the Cayman Islands. We used to solve that problem with 90% tax rates on the highest incomes. And we had a good economy then.

        As my starry-eyed brother-in-law used to say, you have to spend money to make money.


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