Stockholm Syndrome, internet-style

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This is Stockholm, and you likely live there. It’s cold.

THE INTERNET is a vital element of our lives, and it affects the way we think in a major way.

As most everyone knows, mega-businesses like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube (owned by Google), LinkedIn and many more embrace the ideology of the radical left. And they use their stunningly wide reach to indoctrinate nonsense and censor while simultaneously enriching themselves.

They are smart people. The left is far smarter than the right, which is often boneheadedly stupid and walks straight into the clutches of the left.

Since leftists control academia, much of business, all of entertainment and, of course, the internet,* they directly or indirectly influence the thought processes of everyone, even conservatives who should know better.

I think we’re looking at a sort of Stockholm Syndrome. I’ll assume you know what this is. If not, click on the link.

How else to explain the conservatives’ blind spots on vital issues.

  1. Conservatives, with some exceptions (me being one), persist in referring to leftists as “liberals” and “progressives,” which is arrant nonsense. I am fond of Dennis Prager’s quote: The usurpation of the word “liberal” by the left has been a catastrophe. Even conservative firebrands like Ann Coulter often refer to leftists as liberals and progressives. Shame on her.
  2. Conservative news websites such as Breitbart, The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire, well, pretty much everyone, place links on their sites to “share” on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc. Even though there are numerous, new, conservative alternatives to those public-relations mouthpieces for the Democrat Party, the conservative sites snooze in the leftists’ beds and plug them daily. Shameful.

I’m guessing that you too suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, internet-style. I would wager my wages that you have a Facebook account, probably Twitter too. You know they are evil, but you cannot pull yourself away because your friends are there, your “friends” too. And all those cute videos of puppies.

Oh, the flowers and recipes!

You know that if you switch to up-and-coming alternatives, especially those devoted to free speech and that don’t sell your data, and you invite your friends to follow you there that they will not. They cannot. They’re caught in Stockholm.

The Masters of the Universe, as the leftist social media are accurately labeled, maintain that position due to the massive number of accounts they possess and profit from. If one of those accounts is yours, you reside in snowy Stockholm.

Like it or not, know it or not, there is a war under way. The violence level currently is low, but it will escalate. When the war is done, and we are victorious as we will be, there will be consequences.

At best, you will be paraded through the streets with your head shaved. At worst, you will be shot. Avoid this. Free yourself. Choose a side.

Don’t be a collaborator.

* * * *

* But not the White House, much to their endless horror.

31 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome, internet-style

  1. Sir, you would lose your wages if I were a betting person. I have none of the aforementioned items or Pinterest for that matter. My vices are Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, and the internet as a whole. I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine and haven’t gotten disgusted enough with Microsoft to learn Linux, yet. But it is coming.


    1. Judy: A tip of the sombrero to you. You, like myself, are in the growing numbers with no Facebook or Twitter accounts. I do not know your motivation, but you get the sombrero tip anyway. You make me happy.


    2. Judy, PS: I too use DuckDuckGo. While I imagine Microsoft is as flagrantly leftist as most of the internet giants, it keeps its politics to itself for the most part, which is wise. All businesses should be so smart. I am addicted, sadly, to YouTube of late, and do not intend to dump it even though there are a good number of “free speech” video alternatives out there now, none even come close to YouTube’s incredible mountain of files. Although I have long since ceased using my gmail account, it still exists and anything sent there (little is) is forwarded to my main email (Fastmail). And while I have tried heartily to dodge Google’s Chrome, after using other browsers for quite a spell, I have returned to it because it is simply far superior to the competition in all aspects. Sad.


  2. I agree. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million people died in Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s China in the 20th century.

    What we are witnessing today is not “progressive” or “classic liberalism.” It is pure socialism, which inevitably leads to a strong-man communist dictator. Socialists will argue that “this time it will be different.” But it won’t, because human nature doesn’t change.

    I’ve been off social media for two months. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


    1. Ray PS: By “off social media,” I’m guessing you mean you just are not looking at it. I’ll bet, however, you still have your FB account open, which means you remain sadly on the wrong side of history and face a shaved head or a bullet down the road somewhere though it’s usually just the womenfolk who get the shaved head. You cease participating, helping them, only when you delete your account, and they have various levels of “deleting,” sneaky devils that they are. One is just putting it on the shelf where it can be easily resurrected, intact as before. I imagine that still counts for them. The other level is actually deleting it, something they would not allow you to do at all for years, but it appears now that you can actually delete your account.

      Do the right thing! Encourage the Redhead too. And your kids.


      1. You would be wrong sir. I deleted my accounts. As far as I know, they are gone forever. One can never be sure these days.

        The Redhead doesn’t listen to me on these matters. She’s pretty sure it’s already too late.


  3. Sr. Felipe, it’s just a fact of life that a social network’s value depends on the number of its nodes. Particularly, the nodes you want to connect with. As it happens, I’ve never run into any free speech issues, and I haven’t found a reason to worry about my data, if it turns out I even have any data worth mentioning. My big beef with Facebook is wasted time, I guess. I don’t do Twitter or YouTube, although I have found YouTube invaluable on a couple of occasions when I had to do unfamiliar repairs around the house or to a vehicle. Mostly, though, lots of what you can find on YouTube can also be found in text form, which I prefer because I can absorb it far more quickly.

    If I was going to complain about technology, it would be television. I believe TV actively makes people stupid.


    1. Creigh: You are quite correct in that a social network’s value depends on the number of its nodes. I was not familiar with that word in this context, but I know what you’re talking about. And if one possesses one of those “nodes,” i.e. has a FB page, for instance, one is contributing to that network’s value. And the reason that FB and Twitter are such monster enterprises is due to the gadzillions of people who have accounts with them.

      I have had FB accounts on a couple of occasions, but I never used them much. I also had a Twitter account that I used even less. The latter was fun to listen to the Blond Bomber and the actor James Woods, but I closed the Twitter account on principle as I did the last FB account, which I will not reopen. Like you, I never faced censorship on them because I never said anything controversial. But if you say anything non-PC, you will face a very serious possibility of having your account temporarily or permanently blocked. Meanwhile Antifa and ISIS have FB accounts. Twitter pages too, I’m guessing. If you’re a violent outfit with the correct opinions, you’re home safe. If not, well, that’s another matter. Given the reach of these enterprises, this is a very bad thing, one that a conservative should not participate in, not be an “enabler.”

      As for TV, I find the endless commercials mind-numbing, so I do not watch commercial TV, ever. My wife and I are Netflix fans, however. Some of the programs there, primarily dramas, are very interesting and entertaining. A couple of years ago, I read an article in some highbrow magazine that made the argument that TV writing, in some instances, had improved significantly over the old days and that some dramas were on the level of high art. I agree with that. Some TV can make you stupid. Other TV not. Depends on what you watch, just as it depends on what books you read. Some are silly wastes of time. Some are War & Peace. A television is just an apparatus. Many things can appear on that screen.


      1. Seems like these platforms are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t think they want to censor, but they are rightfully being criticized for certain things that appear on their platforms — not just because they are “incorrect opinions” but because they are fraudulent; that is, people pretending to be other than what they are, etc. Woods is an interesting case, in that he correctly identified the material he was reposting as “likely” one of those fraudulent things. Companies like Twitter just don’t seem to have a handle on how to deal with this kind of thing. But at the end of the day, I tend to believe the decisions they make depend at least as much on what’s good for Twitter’s business than it does on their ideology. I’m cynical that way.


        1. Creigh, you just gave me the best howling laugh I’ve had in a month. You don’t think they want to censor? I actually fell off my chair and onto the floor, and it’s a hard, ceramic floor, which was a tad painful. I’m not young, you know.

          We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that, as they say.

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          1. Let’s look at this from a business perspective: First, she won the popular vote handily, and the other side is not exactly coveted by advertisers, from a demographic perspective. (Facebook’s business — its only business — is connecting advertisers with eyeballs.) Second, if FB doesn’t do something the Government will do it for them. And even you can understand why they don’t want that.


            1. Creigh: Hillary did win more actual votes. If you deduct the number of illegals who were permitted to vote in California alone, I question that she would have won the popular vote. There is no way to actually know, but it does not matter. The Electoral College matters.

              As for your other points, I think the entire situation is far more complex than a cursory view indicates.


  4. Señor, this Gringo is among those with FB and Twitter accounts.

    I rarely post on FB, the exceptions being something musical I especially like or a response to some comment a FB Friend has made. With Twitter it’s even more limited: I have a guru of the stock market who communicates only with Twitter; to get his recommendations I look at the locked account. Here there is large economic benefit.

    Got on FB mostly because my two grandsons and step-kids were on it. They are now so old they rarely use it. It is still useful to learn which of my old buddies and ex-students are still alive. It also often verifies the character flaws I noted they possessed when much younger.

    I have programmed my brain to filter through the political posts on FB, the same behavior I exhibit with network news on TV. Both of these I watch only to gauge what the leftists are presently up to. This I find is useful to my health and safety. It’s also useful to maintain my sanity.

    At my advanced age I find myself not easily influenced by the mindless crap which surrounds us. I consider it a badge of honor that I can truthfully say that.


    1. Ricardo: I am saddened, but hardly surprised because almost everybody is one, to learn that you are a collaborator. All of your justifications and rationalizations for assisting FB and Twitter do not get you off the hook.

      When the time comes, you will be shot. May it be fast and painless. The head shaving is almost always reserved for the womenfolk.

      But you still can do the right thing. Delete.


      1. Felipe, I accept that I am a collaborator in the sense you describe. That is, in the same sense as the enabler who buys a six pack of Budweiser enables the alcohol purveying company to exist to the detriment of alcoholics everywhere.

        I am looking for a way to delete the FB account so that everyone among my FB friends knows exactly why I disappeared. If you know how to do that, please inform me.

        Twitter is more an issue since I never tweet and use it only in the manner I described. I have no alternative to replace that use.


        1. Ricardo: Budweiser is not intent on changing American culture in a very basic and negative way, so I don’t buy that analogy.

          If all clear-thinking conservatives deleted their FB accounts, FB would take a serious hit. That would be nice, and it might teach them a lesson … or not. If not, the serious financial drop would be sufficient.

          As for informing your FB friends that you’re departing and why, simply state your case on your timeline. If your timeline does not appear on some of your FB friends pages, they really aren’t paying you much mind anyway. Say you’re deleting the account in (fill in a number) days, then do it. The best FB alternative I have found, and I’ve investigated quite a few, is I have an account there.

          As for a Twitter alternative, the biggie is I also have an account there too. Both MeWe and Gab tout their dedication to free speech and non-censorship. The result of this is far more of a Wild West atmosphere, primarily on Gab, not so much on MeWe. But you can mute and block the objectionables.

          It’s the principle of the thing. See you on the other side!


  5. Well, after just coming back from a three-month break from TV, internet and phone I can say that social media is simply an addiction that can be broken. I’ve had a few fake Facebook accounts that I just used so I could read other people’s FB pages and comment on certain websites. Every one of them eventually got flagged and shutdown by FB for making conservative comments on leftist rags. Fair enough. I can’t believe what people have on their FB pages for all the world to see. Don’t they know about settings? I also don’t do Instagram and am not a Twit. I’ve heard that is a good alternative to Twitter, but I’ve really got better things to do.

    Unfortunately, even Disqus has joined the mob trying to silence conservative voices. And Google has tweaked its algorithms to put conservative search results closer to the bottom. I expect that some of these huge monopolistic companies will be broken up or taken to court for interfering in elections. One can only hope that sanity will return, but as long as Trump is POTUS it’s war.


    1. Brent: So you do not have a Facebook account now? Good for you. You’re no collaborator. As for Gab, I opened an account not long after Gab debuted. I never used it much because the design, alas, is significantly inferior to Twitter, but it’s improving. Lots of nuts there, but you can block and mute them. That’s the problem with free speech, unfortunately. Crackpots come out of the cracks. I’ve been visiting Gab much more after deleting my Twitter and FB accounts some weeks ago when the two baddies started to really rachet up the censorship.

      Had not heard that about Disqus. Not good. I’m not a fan of government usually, but some sort of crackdown is needed against the social media giants, something along the lines of opening an FCC for these things. We live in a very different world now.


  6. FB said my account would be closed unless I sent them a copy of my ID as in a drivers licence or passport. Like that is gonna happen!

    I really do think these companies have way too much power to influence what people think .. at least the stupider people, and they also vote. The other thing is that FB, Twitter, Google and YouTube are all run by extreme leftists. When people like Alex Jones (whatever you may think of him) are deplatformed by these three, plus Disqus, in less than a week it sounds like collusion. If they can do that to him they can do it to anyone, and they are. James Woods is just the latest example I’ve heard of. Different world is right.


    1. Sorry. I forgot to add PayPal to those at war with conservatism. The deplatforming is happening because some content is supposed to be hate speech but now they are defining conservatism as hate speech. I would’ve edited my post but don’t see a button for that. Paul Joseph Watson has an article about this on Cheers.


      1. Brent: Yep, PayPal too. PayPal should just do its work of moving money and keeping out of politics. It’s absurd. As for that “hate speech” nonsense, it’s simply applied to anything those companies disagree with. Odd they see no hate in Antifa.

        Nope, you cannot edit comments on WordPress. Wish it were possible. It’s a serious defect they should fix. On Disqus, you can. Not here though.


    2. Brent: They do have lots of power to influence what people think. Perhaps that’s not so bad as long as the power is wielded in an evenhanded, fair manner, which it is not by a long shot. Yes, the current hubbub around this issue was kicked into hyperspace when Alex Jones (who is a buffoon, but no matter) was “disappeared.”


  7. I am an island. I have neither Facebook nor Twitter. I do not have a mobile phone. I do have a phone on the wall, but we never answer it. No one calls but telemarketers. I do have a typewriter, a Smith Corona that was made back in the 1920s. I write letters. I do use e-mail, mostly to talk to relatives who I really don’t want to deal with, and to write cranky letters to the local newspaper.

    I signed up for a Tumblr account because a certain blogger said he was going to post there. There was a lot of great art and photography there, but then blam! All of of sudden it went from cute art to pornography! And, I mean weird stuff. I was shocked, I was appalled, and I am a guy that lives next to a dirty-book store. I thought I had seen it all.


    1. Señor Gill: No cell phone? I really like my cell phone, but I too was late coming to that game. It does all manner of neat stuff. You can check your bank balance and see if someone is making bogus charges on your credit cards. Mine also does measurement conversions. It has a camera, a mirror where I can admire myself. It has a calendar and a reminder to do things I might otherwise forget. I bet your forget stuff. I get no calls from telemarketers. I don’t know if that’s because I’m in Mexico, or that telemarketers don’t call cell phones. Well, wait. I do get telemarketing calls on occasion from my bank, only from my bank, trying to sell me insurance or get a pricier credit card. But I also have a call blocker to reduce that.

      I too have a typewriter from about the 1920s. Never use it anymore. It’s a decoration in the living room.

      As for Tumblr, it’s best to avoid, but you know that now. Strange people use Tumblr.

      Didn’t know you live next to a dirty-book store. I live next to a hot-springs motel, so we sort of have something in common.


  8. I live equidistant from the dirty -book store and a mini-mart. The mini-mart gets held up often, so far, the dirty-books store hasn’t been held up. They both produce a lot of trash that seems to end up in my yard. People buy stuff and then throw the wrappers in the yard.

    The people with the fish on their cars used to park in front of the house and sneak over to the porno shop. Not so much any more. I don’t know if it is because there are less of them nowadays, or maybe their faith has come to terms with the issue. Who knows?


    1. Señor Gill: Ah, now I get it. I remember those things. Problem is that we don’t do that down here, and it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been above the border. But I do remember the fish on cars now. I also recall telemarketing calls during supper. We don’t get that either. You really should move down here. It’s far nicer.


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