My favorite lesbian

YOU WON’T FIND many lesbian atheists like Camille Paglia. Likely, she is the one and only. I’ve been a fan for decades.

Unlike most all lesbian atheists these days, she scorns political correctness. Most embrace it with a vengeance. Here she provides a great take-down of contemporary feminism. Not the original version of decades past — equal pay for equal work, etc. — but the new, man-hating, storm-trooper version.

I continue to cringe at what’s going on above the Rio Bravo, censorship has markedly escalated in recent months after the de-personing of the buffoon Alex Jones by most internet entities because they disagree with his opinions.

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No banking for you!

A relatively new censorship tactic by the American Bolsheviks (Democrat Party) that has received far less attention than it deserves comes from payment processors who are deleting conservative accounts. You can no longer contribute to Jones’ InfoWars via PayPal.

The Twitter alternative that is devoted to free speech,, has been threatened with the same action by its two payment processors, PayPal and Stripe.

This is akin to getting a letter from your bank that tells you it’s closing your checking account because your opinions differ from the bank’s.

Don’t think this is trivial. The Bolsheviks have moved their battle beyond social media. They’re coming after your wallets. You may be next.

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  1. Well sir, once again you have opened a door I did not know existed. I was unaware of this person until your blog post opened my eyes.

    We need more like her. Where do we find them? Some of the most accurate profound statements regarding feminism, education and PC I have heard.


    1. Ricardo: I’m a bit surprised you did not know of her. She’s a real prize and so brilliant that the words often jam up at her mouth trying to escape her brain. And more than that, when she was young, she was exceptionally hot!


    2. If you’re interested, it would be well worth your time to watch a few hours of her on YouTube. She’s an exceptionally well-read, articulate thinker about what’s going on in America today.

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  2. She is one brilliant lady. I didn’t know she was a lesbian but then a lot of feminists are. The insane screeching from women over Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court is not helping the women’s movement. Now it’s “guilty until proven innocent” much like the Salem witch trials or the lynchings of blacks.

    I know my country is rather a nitwit jungle at the moment but yours seems to be eating itself. I know you don’t like Alex Jones but if the big tech companies can silence him and cut off his income stream they can do this to anybody, and they are. He may be a “buffoon,” but most of what comes out of his mouth is relevant and topical. He does say outrageous things every once in a while, just like Donald Trump. The leftists are simply too easily triggered, and the temptation to do it is hard to resist.

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    1. Brent: Yes, your country (Canada) is a nitwit jungle (and your PM is a full-blown nitwit), and the same goes for the U.S. to a great degree. And no, I am not fond of Alex Jones, mostly due to his grating manner. I do know that much of what he says is correct, however. I’ve rarely really listened to him directly due to feeling like I’m listening to someone’s fingernails on a blackboard, plus he seems to have a pretty substantial rep for coming up with harebrained conspiracy theories.

      But no matter. Silicone Valley’s trying to make him vanish is just dead wrong.


  3. A lot of women confuse being strong with being mean and nasty. Then they wonder why no one likes them.


    1. Señor Gill: Contemporary feminism has caused many social and relationship problems in the U.S. in recent decades. The good news is that only a small fraction of American women now say they are feminist. The bad news is that I saw a photo online of my daughter in a pink pussy hat a few months ago. Sad.


  4. Maybe it is time to mend fences with your daughter. She probably doesn’t even know you as you are now. She may be totally unaware of the nature of your split with the ex wife. We are too old for grudges. Just my opinion.


    1. Señor Gill: That would be great. I have tried. I get nowhere. She was 5 when I parted company with her mother, my first wife. And no, she knows little about the relationship between her mother and me. Her mother’s still angry at me here about 47 years after I divorced her even though she is happily remarried and has been for decades. My daughter is really tight with her mother, and her mother’s attitude has influenced her immensely. The good part is that my daughter, who is 52, has a good life with a good guy, her second husband, a patent attorney. They live in Athens, Georgia. So I am happy about all that. She grew up poor with lots of challenges.

      My first wife is a therapist, which tells you a lot.


  5. The problem with modern, third-wave feminism is that it’s based on post-modernism, which holds that there is no genuine truth to be discovered. There’s only power relationships and points of view. This is in direct contrast to the enlightenment and post-enlightenment eras in which people believed that there was both a truth and that it was knowable via rational, reason-based inquiry. But the post-modernists have thrown all that under the bus with disastrous consequences.

    Take a look at these responses to the “grievance studies scandal/hoax” from some noted academics and you’ll understand the problem MUCH better.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Which, fortunately, is not a hotbed of such fanatic feminism.


  6. P.S. I’ll leave this comment here which I posted elsewhere this morning. Amazingly, all the replies to it have been positive, including those from folks whose screen names appear to be those of women.


    Let’s be honest. It’s simply ridiculous to imagine that women are somehow an oppressed class of people, at least in the United States. Sure, in Saudi Arabia and in much of the Muslim world, yes, they’re oppressed. But here? They are as free to follow their bliss as anyone. In fact, many have more opportunities than men. For example, how many men could successfully become a house husband if they wanted to? But for women, that’s an option, right along with becoming doctors, mechanics, engineers, dentists, or whatever they want.

    My great aunt came to the USA in the 1920s and was a practicing entodontist until she retired. No “patriarchy” ever attempted to stop her. No, she didn’t have a lot of female colleagues in the profession, but she herself did what she wanted, and lots of other women could have done the same.

    So let’s not even give this crap the time of day. No one is oppressing women in the USA.


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