What the Devil?

Hordes of Hondurans trying to invade Mexico — and then to the United States.
Hordes of Mohammedans invading Europe.

WELL, IF THIS isn’t a fine how-do-you-do.

At top is a bridge this week at the Mexico-Guatemala border. Mobs of Hondurans hit the border on their mostly unobstructed journey to the United States.

Just below are mobs of Mohammedans invading Europe, mostly with the naive permission of the European Union, all in the name of fellowship and love, an abundance of which was left over from the stoned 1960s.

You can see from the second photo that the mob is mostly young men. I’m guessing most of the Honduran mob is young men too. Quite a few, no doubt, if history indicates anything, have youngsters in tow, related or not, to tug on the heartstrings of the clueless above the Rio Bravo.

Who is to blame in this hemisphere? That would be the U.S. government of both Republican and Democrat administrations going back decades, and their de facto open-border policies that have amounted to invitations to millions down south to just come on up. We’ll take you in.

Who is to blame in Europe? That would be the politically correct European Union that has embraced diversity and multiculturalism with a vengeance. The aftermath of the stoned 1960s also plays a large role in that situation.

Am I unsympathetic to these “migrants” as a whole? I am not. They come from parts of the world with defective, poorly functioning cultures going back centuries. They want a better life, sensibly, and they are hoofing it to better functioning, superior cultures, also going back centuries.

What is likely to be the end result? Will the invaded cultures be uplifted with these inundations of people with drastically different mindsets? Or will things go in the contrary direction? Put your money on the contrary direction, which is already blatantly obvious in much of Europe and the United States.

Some cultures function well. Others do precisely the opposite.

Well-functioning nations need to mind their borders effectively. The fact that well-functioning nations are the minority makes this even more essential.

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  1. My wife was talking to one of her sisters in Honduras yesterday on the subject of the Honduran invasion into Mexico. The hordes of invaders are mostly poor displaced farmers and other non-educated employables from small villages who are enticed with cash to attempt the trek to the land of gold and honey. Any educated individual remains put because they either have a job or a decent family situation. The current president is attempting to curtail some of that action by offering some kind of financial temporary aid, but the romance of the trip seems to push them north. The Gringo press does its best to portray the situation as political crisis when in reality not much has changed politically in years.

    Hopefully, Mexico will make it difficult for the masses and turn them back to their homeland. I am glad that our president has vowed to stop invaders at the border and has promised to abide by our laws, period!


    1. Tancho: Mexico does not have a good record of keeping Central Americans from passing through to the Rio Bravo, so I’m not optimistic. As for what will happen when the horde gets to the U.S. border is anyone’s guess. Trump kind of folded last time, even though he was doing the same thing that the Obama administration did. Of course, the media ignored it when Obama was doing it. Then they went ballistic when Trump did the same.

      Bottom line is that it’s a real mess.

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  2. I have read that this has been organized and financed by ?????? in the States. Don’t know if that is true or not, but the whole thing is appalling! Why, if they aren’t paid to do so, would such a large group even attempt to go where they are not wanted or needed? Hope that border is stronger than the one between Mexico and Guatemala.


    1. Margaret? What happened to the woman known as Peggy?

      As for what you’ve read, maybe the Democrats are behind this. I put nothing beyond them. Lots of new votes for them.

      Appalling? It certainly is.


  3. I heard that this migrant caravan has been encouraged by the UN and funded by George Soros. But I also heard that the tooth fairy leaves money under your pillow.

    I sure hope that Trump won’t let any of the migrants into the USA because some of them will undoubtedly make their way to Canada where the border is as porous as a sieve.


    1. Brent: One reads all manner of things online these days, and one is that George Soros has a hand in the Honduran mob. Who knows? I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is happening just prior to the midterm elections in the United States. I do think the mob is getting financial help from somewhere. How not? What are they eating?

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      1. True. The caravan seems to be getting all kinds of help from truckers. Who’s paying for that? Who knows but, Iike you say, it’s probably no coincidence that it’s happening right before the midterms.

        On our own little island we just had our election and, with a week to go, there was a charge of harassment/sexual indiscretion brought against one of the two candidates. No corroboration or any details of what occurred. Apparently, it is not for us to judge what may make a woman feel “unsafe.”

        Anyway, that allegation tipped the scales against the man, and the other candidate, a woman, won. Sounds like a familiar tactic copied from Trump in 2016 and Kavanaugh just recently. One commenter said that that’s the last female hitchhiker I pick up. Enjoy the rain and wind, ladies.

        I guess we’re getting our just deserts for being old white males. I’m really getting sick of it.

        Cheers. Hope your rain goes away soon.


          1. Brent: I fixed the typos. Fret not. I edit all comments for typos, which is why I have the prettiest comment section around. No, you cannot edit comments. Though the WordPress comment system looks a lot like Disqus, where you can edit your own comments, here you cannot. It’s a big WP defect.


        1. Brent: When a leftist candidate — and that’s all you have in Canada, right? — slips behind in the polls, it’s time to cry rape, sexism and racism. Sadly, it works because so many folks are not too bright.

          Hope our rain ends soon too. Time to come up for air, fer Crissakes.


  4. Scott Adams, who’s generally better at this kind of thing than I am, thinks that the army caravan of invaders migrants is better for the Republicans than the Democrats. Those same Democrats, incidentally, have told their followers to avoid the topic of illegal migration. Apparently plenty of people don’t trust them on “immigration” policy.

    Personally, I don’t think having a host of people banging on the border screen-door will be a scene that exactly comforts the mainstream. If anything that, and the failure of the Mexican military to stop them, seems to emphasize the need for a wall.

    Interestingly enough, I’m also reading stories that some these migrants are burning the American flag, posing for pictures giving it the finger, and marching under the Honduran flag.

    If so, how is this anything but a threatened invasion by force? And who exactly is going to score political points by supporting it? Oh, right. The mainstream “misleadia” will edit out all those uncomfortable images.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we think Mexican taxpayers should be asking why their military can’t stop 3,000 unarmed civilians from invading the country. Especially when they were well-notified in advance.

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    1. Kim: Just this morning, I was thinking this could be more advantageous to Republicans than to the leftists. As for why the Mexican military or cops, for that matter, failed in stopping this, Mexico is loathe — since that Mexico City nastiness back in 1968 — to confront large groups of people. If it can be sidestepped, it almost invariably will be.

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  5. It is my feeling the President Peña Nieto allowed these people to pass through Mexico as parting gift to AMLO. “Here, deal with this and the U.S. President Trump.” AMLO takes office December 1st. That is just about the time they will reach the border. That is a nasty trick that may have terrible


    1. Señor Gill: I kinda doubt this was done intentionally by Mexico, but you never know. As I mentioned elsewhere, Mexico’s normal response to mob action is to sidestep it. This attitude began after the massacre of students in 1968, and the international blowback it caused. Mexico then went too far in the other direction. To this day.


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