Behold the storm

HERE’S A GREAT documentary about Mexico in the early 20th century, particularly the Revolution and its aftermath down into the 1960s.

It’s almost two hours long. I watched it over a span of days, 15 minutes to half an hour at a time. It’s worth the effort.

I bring this to you as a public service. Free of charge.

6 thoughts on “Behold the storm

  1. Interesting! Thanks, Felipe! I’ve watched about 25 minutes so far. I will probably break it up like you did in blocks. Too long for one sitting!


  2. I have started watching and have it saved to watch later. I have noticed it before, but it really stood out to me as I saw Emiliano Zapata. There is a horse trainer here that has Zapata eyes. Very piercing and intense. I know I will enjoy and learn from this documentary. Thanks.


  3. Very interesting documentary, I learned a lot I did not know. Thank you for sharing it. I really enjoyed it. I found it so interesting that I watched it in two days.


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