Three cheers for old white men


A FRIEND SENT this, and I am sharing it with you. It is fun. And accurate.

The midterm elections above the Rio Bravo occur in less than two weeks. How will they turn out? It seems that a significant portion of the citizenry sides with the party in the bottom of the illustration, a fact that makes one’s eyes roll.

The whole lot of them should be sporting propeller beanies. And did you notice Michelle and Barry peeking in from the windows? A nice touch.

But let us pray that sufficient common sense will bubble to the surface, and the party in the top of the illustration will not only stay in the catbird seat but will increase its representation around the nation.

What stands out in the top illustration? It’s the prevalence of old white men. Let us pray that they continue to carry the day. They are your best bet.

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Yes, do what I do. Always a good idea.

12 thoughts on “Three cheers for old white men

  1. It seems as if the bottom picture has omitted Maxine Waters, the gift that keeps on giving, Cory Booker and his bathroom buddy, Eric kick-them-while-they-are-down Holder, and others.

    Not only have the Democrats embraced the weird and strange, they have become them. Whenever something bad happens, CNN and MSNBC always say it was a white guy. Trevon Martin was supposedly killed by a white guy. Turned out Zimmerman was a Latino. A Latino that had a black grandfather.

    This nutty bomber was announced by the fake news as “A white guy.” Now they are saying he is a Seminole Indian, or maybe a Filipino. They can’t keep their lies straight.

    The Democrat party has this “Hate White people” agenda. That is a mistake on their part. White people are still the majority in this country, and we vote. The blue wave will be a red tsunami.


    1. Señor Gill: Lordy, how right you are. Where is Maxine? She certainly deserves to be there. And Fauxcahontas isn’t as prominently displayed as I would have drawn it. Maybe Holder is one of those guys half hidden in the back sporting a pink pussy hat. As for Zimmerman, he is both white and Latino. Latino is not a race. They come in all colors. So Trevon was killed by a white guy, a white Latino. As for whites being a majority in the United States, if the nation continues on its current, crazy course, that’s gonna change, and then everything will change. Sad.


    1. Brent: Do you Canucks have a swamp? I thought all you did to one another is be nice and eat maple syrup.

      I don’t see Maxine Waters on that shirt either. I wonder why she’s being overlooked and dissed.


      1. Not as big as your swamp, but it still needs draining. It’s weird. In my entire life I’ve never witnessed Canadians so obsessed with American politics. Usually we know the names of the president, vice president and not much else. Now we can name senators, dept. of justice heads, Supreme Court members, speaker of the House and a lot more. If you wear a MAGA hat, you’ll likely get harassed.

        We even have Democrats abroad trying to sign up expat Americans to vote in the midterms. If only we’d get as worked up over our own leaders. Incidentally, I predicted that Justin Trudeau would be PM way back in the late ’90s, not because he was a politician then but just because I know how Canadians think. Name recognition and good looks win over every time.

        We’re now in Mahahual for a week. Strange place largely because cruise ships dock here. Cheers.


        1. Brent: “My swamp”? My swamp is in Mexico City, but it’s pretty swampy there too, I am sure. As for Canucks being obsessed with American politics, they darn well should be because American politics are in deep doo-doo, and what happens in the United States affects the entire world. I wish that were not the case and that I could just kick back down here in Mexico thinking it doesn’t have anything to do with me. Alas, it does. With you too.

          I had never heard of Mahahual. Had to look it up. Seems it’s the new “thing.” Have fun.


  2. This whole bombing in the mail debacle at first thought is the DNC finding some radical like his guy, befriending him and encouraging and empowering him to do this. It’s still my impression of the whole thing.

    However, Donald Trump, in my opinion, has done more to legitimize hate, prejudice, and polarization than anyone I can recall in modern history.


    1. David: I find the mail dust-up rather puzzling. Dunno what really happened. Haven’t really been keeping up with it. Guy’s obviously a nut, plus nobody got hurt. That it happened — just like the Honduran caravan — just before the midterms does not appear coincidental.

      As for the Blond Bomber legitimizing hate, etc., we’ll have to disagree. What I see him doing is giving daily raspberries to the PC fanatics, something no one in power has been willing to do for the past few decades since that ham-fisted mindset rose to power. How I see it is the PC Legions (Obama is actually one of them, was the first true-believer PC president) are the wellspring of hate, prejudice and polarization far more than Trump’s smacking them down — to their utter shock, ire and despair. It was a very new experience for them, shocking!

      For me, it’s much fun.

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  3. I have never heard President Trump say a hateful thing. He speaks the truth. And yes, sometimes the truth hurts. Maybe what was heard by others is what is alleged by CNN and MSNBC and other media outlets. Go to the rallies and hear him speak, don’t listen to the twisted lies of the fake media.

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    1. Señor Gill: I guess the old saw “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” applies here because the Blond Bomber does let ’em have it on occasion. So what some see as hateful, others see as speaking the truth. He does name-call, and it always amuses me. As for going to one of Trump’s rallies, I think that would be fun, but I don’t see him having one below the border any time soon.


  4. Hate speech is now just not agreeing with the Democrat party line. They cannot tolerate another opinion.


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