Fleeing to freedom

PEOPLE RUN AWAY from Cuba when possible, usually afloat. People flee Venezuela when they can, across the border to capitalist Colombia.

Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. And now sensible Americans are dumping the Democrat Party. All are fleeing dismal collectivism.

There’s a YouTube campaign, #WalkAway, that also has a website. It’s devoted to the ballooning quantity of people who are dumping the Democrat Party.

All of the above — Cuba, Venezuela, Brexit, the Democrat Party — involve people seeing the light and exiting collectivism stage left. No one is swimming from Key West to Cuba nor moving from Colombia to Venezuela nor chomping at the bit to become a part of the European Union nor shifting allegiance from the GOP, thinking Democrats have a better way.

It’s a one-way boulevard, 100 percent. The movement is toward capitalism and freedom, away from collectivism and oppression.

owensAnd this week, political phenomenon Candace Owens kicked off the Blexit Movement, blacks exiting the Democrat Party, leaving the plantation, as they accurately phrase it.

All of the above puts a smile on my face. It should put one on yours too.

6 thoughts on “Fleeing to freedom

  1. I like Candace. I found out about her through you. Now she’s teamed up with Kanye West who I think is a bit of a nut, but he’s got a huge following, and I think she’ll be a good influence on him. It seems they just took a trip to Africa together and are firing up blacks all over America to think for themselves. It’s all good. Trump will be gone one day, but I think Trumpism is just getting started.


    1. Brent: Oh, I loooove Candace. But you are right. Kanye is a bit of a nut, but he’s on our side, so I’ll cut him some slack. As for Trumpism just getting started, I pray so. I also love the Blond Bomber, defects and all.


  2. So many of the “fleers” are fleeing down here! They go back to their biases and grow in numbers and strength. Scary at Lakeside sometimes.


    1. Peggy,

      You are so right! Conservatives residing Lakeside are few and far between. I have to bite my tongue a lot. Trump bashers do not want to listen to facts or reason. They just want to spout off propaganda.



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