Flames of burning books

Conservative websites are torched at a recent Democrat Party picnic in Silicon Valley.

THE LEFTISTS WHO control almost all of the internet are upping their game in the book-burning business.

It was racheted into high gear a few months ago when Alex Jones of InfoWars was virtually de-personed online. And just this week, the free-speech Twitter alternative Gab was erased — temporarily, they say, and one hopes — when its hosting provider dumped them with little warning.

The Christian news website LifeSite this week is also about to lose its hosting provider, and hundreds of conservative individuals and organizations were recently axed by Facebook. Twitter is no better.

Silicon Valley, a.k.a. the Masters of the Universe, is also going after pocketbooks. PayPal, credit card companies, online financing outfits like Patreon are ganging up to silence conservatives too, making it hard for them to earn a living.

If you fail to see the stark parallels between these activities and the physical book-burnings of 1930s Germany, then you live in La-La Land.

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(Note: If you maintain accounts at outfits like Facebook and Twitter, you are a collaborator. Sad. Freedom-loving alternatives exist and merit support.)

14 thoughts on “Flames of burning books

  1. I’ve never seen anything like this. I don’t do social media except for Disqus which recently jumped on the bandwagon to silence AJ. I’ve got a PayPal account which I shall promptly close upon returning to Canada. I’m on my sixth Fakebook account, not under my own name, of course. The other five all got shut down soon after posting comments that weren’t deemed “liberal” enough. I think people are nuts to use their real names on FB, but they do. I can find out who their family members are, where they live and where they work with a few simple clicks. As I said … nuts.

    This mass censorship of conservatives will eventually backfire, I think, but maybe not in time for the midterms. I’d like to think people aren’t that stupid to fall for cr*p like this, but they continually prove me wrong. One can only hope they’ve smartened up.

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    1. Brent: A day or two ago, I also read something about Disqus trying to squelch people, but then I read that they do not. It’s simply a comment system, but can be used to silence people indirectly by the websites that use Disqus for comments. I think that’s the case unless you know something I don’t, which is entirely possible.

      As for people using their real names on Facebook, I don’t see how you can get their home addresses solely by their names, but even so, people have their names on various parts of the internet. I’ve never been agitated by this “privacy” thing on FB. If you don’t put your credit card numbers, your ATM PINs, your Social Security numbers, etc., on FB where’s the peril? Facebook’s crime is left-wing censorship, not privacy invasion, and its power is based on the gadzillions of accounts it possesses and mines. Opening an account there, or maintaining one now, is a definite no-no. No one with scruples and self-respect should still have a FB account.

      As for the censorship backfiring, I think it’s already begun to do that in a big way. Let’s hope it snowballs.

      By the way, you can say “crap” here. No problem.


      1. Well, I’ve got a lot of recent sleuthing experience under my belt. I may have told you I was searching for my birth family as I was adopted at birth. I found my mother first through DNA matches and my half sisters FB page. After some back and forth communication we went back east to meet them all which was great. The only person who knew my birth father’s name was my mother. From that information I was able to track down him plus three other siblings. Once you get on one person’s FB the rest of the family is usually included in their FB friends. From that it’s pretty easy. People tend to have FB friends from their place of employment and then there’s google to search for addresses once you know what town they live in. Add to that obituaries, archives, high school records, and on and on and on. I wouldn’t say it’s easy but if you’ve got the time, most of these puzzles can be unravelled. Lately, it all led back to my great grandfather, John Robert Kirk, a pretty influential guy from Kirksville, Missouri! They even have a building named after him. What do you know. I’m half American!


  2. What is the eventual goal of the leftists of this world? What will life be like when all dissent is silenced? What happens when there are no more “rich” to be despoiled? Where will all the money for all of their wonderful programs come from? What will happen when all of those living well on the social welfare system can no longer be tolerated by society? These people will not be denied their living standard. What will happen when those food stamp accounts are no longer funded? It will not be pretty.

    I am too old to be concerned about my future, but I worry for the sake of my kids and grandkids.

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    1. Señor Gill: Their apparent goal is that everything is fair and nice and good. Logic and knowledge of history and human nature are not their strong points. They are ridiculous people.


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