November at last


WE HAD TO shove the rainy season out of here this year. It was stubborn.

But now it’s gone, and the best month of each year is upon us, just a bit tardy in arriving. Though November is the best, December can be good too, depending on the mood of Mother Nature.

January and February are too cold (at night) and this can bleed over into March. Then April and May show up, the nastiest months of all. Dry, dusty and, at least upstairs at the Hacienda, way too warm for our druthers.

It seems the rainy season was evicted here Tuesday night by a cold front that, while it did bring some rain, also dropped the temps into the high 30s. It was nasty on Wednesday, got better on Thursday, and then it dawned quite lovely on Friday. which was a typical November day.

I was sprawled on the Jesus Patio yesterday, enjoying the sunny, cool afternoon, doing nothing of note, and watching the chicken walk around the yard.

I noticed a reflection in the living room window, a mirror of the property wall that was behind me, the aloe vera bush and part of the peach tree.

So I snapped the above shot.

Abel the Deadpan Yardman comes this morning to mow the lawn. I’ll ask him to catch the chicken, and maybe he can. I’ll tell him to bring his kids to help.

But yesterday was beautiful. With luck, today will be the same. I’m optimistic because, after all, it’s November, every year’s most delightful month.

19 thoughts on “November at last

  1. Perhaps that chicken is a spiritual reminder of some past sin you committed in your wayward youth, Senior. I think it’s the ghost of New Orleans past coming back to haunt you. 🐔👻👌


    1. Marco. I like that. Better than the usual Mark because there are two Marks who pass through here on occasion, and I tend toward confusion.

      But who you calling a senior? You need a Spanish keyboard, amigo, so you can type señor like me. I am a señor, not a senior. Two very different things. I am in the bloom of late middle age, as are you. I’m just a bit ahead of you.

      As for the chicken being a spiritual reminder of past sins, well, could be. Hope not. If so, I may never get rid of her.

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      1. Oops, sorry about that Senior comment, was unintentional. As I catch up to you chronologically, my mind seems to commit a few of my own Senior moments 😯


  2. I used to have a problem with neighbors’ cats frequenting my backyard. So I got a trap, and each time I caught one, I would tie a tag around its neck saying, “He says next time he will take me to the humane society.” It worked. One neighbor heard one cat owner say: “I’ll tell you later why we are taking the cat camping with us.”


    1. Phil: That was a novel and imaginative solution to your problem. Alas, it wouldn’t work in my case because I doubt the neighbors care one way or another about that chicken. Sad.


  3. Update on the chicken: Captured rapidly by the yardman who took the wayward fowl home for God knows what purpose. Problem solved.

    And it’s another lovely November day but better due to not having a yardbird.


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