Inundation of irony

Mexicans yelling at Central Americans to go back where they came from.

I HAVE LONG preached that promoting multiculturalism is a recipe for mayhem. Examples of this age-old truth are in plain view all over the world and have been since the dawn of mankind.

We ignore it at our peril.

People are tribal. There are many tribes. One of the main ones is the nation-state. Other tribes are that of religion, language and culture. These tribes often overlap. We prefer the company of people like ourselves.

Foggy-headed leftists fight this truth as they dream of one world, no borders, and sing Kumbaya. Oh, Lord, Kumbaya. Everyone will live in harmony.

Though they never, ever have.

Above you see Mexicans in Tijuana who are unhappy, to put it mildly, at the invasion of Central Americans. They want them to beat feet back where they came from. I pray you see the knee-deep irony.

* * * *

I just finished a fascinating book that relates to this topic. Its title is Enoch Was Right: “Rivers of Blood” 50 Years On. That would be the brilliant British parliamentarian Enoch Powell who famously delivered a speech on April 20, 1968, in which he eloquently warned of the danger of uncontrolled immigration from nations that are drastically different from Great Britain.

The Establishment reviled him. Today, dangerous, ethnic ghettos abound in Great Britain full of folks maintaining the ways of their tribes back in Syria, Kenya, Sudan, etc., and Brits are arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for complaining about it in public.

Let us pause now for another verse of Kumbaya.

Or perhaps not.

15 thoughts on “Inundation of irony

  1. Have you heard of The Proud Boys, my friend? A truly interesting group recently formed and quite conservative albeit revolutionary. I would consider joining. However, the United States government has just declared them to be a hate group. I don’t need the scrutiny.


    1. Marco: Yes, I know of the Proud Boys. To bone up a bit, I just did some internet sleuthing (notice that I do not say Googling). On Wikipedia, a questionable source in many areas, it does not say the government declared them a hate group. It says the FBI just this year classified them as an extremist group. I say extremism is in the eye of the beholder. NPR and the Southern Poverty Law Center says it’s a hate group, but they tend to label anyone with a different opinion a hate group, especially the latter outfit.

      I went to the Proud Boys website, to the page “Who We Are,” and found a list of their values. I agree with every one of them:

      Minimal Government
      Maximum Freedom
      Anti-Political Correctness
      Anti-Drug War
      Closed Borders
      Anti-Racial Guilt
      Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
      Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
      Glorifying the Entrepreneur
      Venerating the Housewife
      Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism.

      So I guess I’m a Proud Boy, or rather, a Proud Old Man. Where do I enlist?

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      1. You should see if you can find some of Gavin McInnes’ (PB founder) videos on YouTube. He’s an interesting character, and not a racist. But certainly a kind of curmudgeon, but in a good way. Funny, too.


      1. Truly Orwellian times up here, my friend. What’s up is down, and certainly what’s left is always “right!”


        1. Marco: I often blame myself. When I hoofed it out of the United States of America almost 19 years ago, things were moving along fairly well. Not perfect by any means, but the nation was stable.

          In my absence it all went downhill. I guess I could make things right again by returning, but nah, ain’t gonna risk it. Too dangerous up there. It’s likely beyond repair anyway.


  2. I know you are not a Believer, but you should read the instructions given to the “Children of Israel” before they entered the “Promised Land.” I think you’ll find it interesting. It supports your view, although God took it a little further…


    1. Ray: Having first-hand knowledge of the “other side,” I’m more of a knower than a believer, but that’s a story for another day. Suffice it to say, we’re on the same page, as the phrase goes.

      Now, let me go find a Bible. Thanks.

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  3. Yes, it’s truly ironic that the Mexicans in Tijuana are sounding like Trump supporters now. They are calling these migrants an “invasion,” which they are. Of course, you will never hear a peep about this from CNN, MSNBC or the NYT. Pretty soon they’ll be calling for a border wall along their southern border. It’s again ironic that Mexicans were supposed to be infuriated with Trump’s vow to build a wall when they’re a country of walls, mostly to keep out those “bad hombres.” I’ve been taking a few pictures of some of the more formidable walls here in the Yucatan. Many look impassable with rows of broken glass embedded in the top. I note that even you have a wall to block out whatever goes on at the sex hotel next door. “Good fences make good neighbours.”


    1. Brent: People are tribal, and that is not going to change. Mexicans, like most Americans (and all smart ones), go into tribal mode on being invaded. But if you’re the invader, well, that’s another matter entirely, which is why Mexicans think nothing whatsoever about sneaking into the United States. And we Mexicans do need a high border wall on our southern border to keep the Central Americans where they belong, in Central America, solving their own problems. All nations need border protection of one sort or another. The more desirable the nation is to live in the higher and more effective border wall it needs. Perhaps a gator-filled moat to boot.

      And yes, Mexican homes traditionally have property walls. Mine was here when we purchased the land, so that was easy for us. Our wall goes all the way around. It’s not just on the side of the sex motel, though we did raise that side higher to block the view from the sex motel’s second-floor windows down into our yard.


  4. As you know, I’ve spent some time reading comments written by Mexicans in response to YouTube videos put out by the Mexican news outlets. Not surprisingly, the tone of the commentary on the Honduran migrants is that most Mexicans seem to want them out, and out pronto! I’ve seen a few sympathetic comments, but most of the comments are negative, and many are quite vitriolic. And they also seem to think that whatever jobs might be created by a southern railway or other projects should go to Mexicans, not Hondurans.

    This is a rather sharp contrast to the mainstream “misleadia” stories about Mexicans donating food, clothing, etc.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we’d like to do some border-crossing ourself.


    1. Kim: People are the same everywhere in this respect. Tribal. When you say the mainstream media’s stories, I’m assuming you mean the U.S. media, which is not a surprise in the slightest.

      As for your border-crossing, come on down. We know you’ll do it legally. We’ve left the light on for you.

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