A full Saturday

A very lovely morning after a pretty nasty week, weatherwise.

SATURDAYS ARE variable, but some are far more varied, i.e. busy, than others, and this is one of those Saturdays. I pause to fill you in due to my being a sharing sort of fellow.

When Saturday falls on the first of a month, then things get even fuller. There are Saturday chores, and there are first-of-month chores. There are also occasional chores, and one of those fell on this Saturday too.

That was the twice-a-month 8:30 a.m. drive downtown to check my postoffice box. I did that only to discover the postoffice shut due to this also being inauguration day for our new president (ugh!) in Mexico City. Why they had to close the postoffice here is one of those Latino mysteries.

So I came home with no mail, but since I almost never get mail, this is no big thing. That’s right, I get virtually no mail in my postoffice box, not even the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

I also don’t get sales calls at dinnertime.

Saturday morning is when Abel the Deadpan Yardman arrives to mow the lawn. Normally, we’ve ended that by December, but stubborn rains in November have kept the grass green and jubilant.

The first of the month means I check the two cars, the fluid levels, the tire P.S.I., that sort of thing. I did not do that today. Tomorrow is okay.

Saturday morning is when the plants on the veranda get watered, so I did that. It’s also when I shot the photo. It’s a cool, lovely day. I also wiped the Jesus Patio table and web chairs. You can see them in the photo.

Saturday is when my child bride sells her pastries in the afternoon on the downtown plaza, and I accompany her for the first few hours. As I write this, around noon, she’s out in her private kitchen baking up a storm.

Simultaneously, I hear pigs screaming bloody murder next door. They are not kind to their pigs. Sometimes they do murder them.

My neighborhood is not for the squeamish.

Though not specifically a Saturday chore, I washed the Honda because it was grubby due to the nasty weather this week, lots of rain and mud, and one wants to present an elegant face to the world.

And after Abel the Deadpan Yardman cuts the grass and heads home, two doors down, with his weedeater, I upend the mower and hose it clean.

It’s a Briggs & Stratton.

Furthermore, arriving this afternoon while we sit on the plaza hawking pastries is a woman from Santa Fe, New Mexico, who will live in our Downtown Casita for a month, maybe two. She just retired as a therapist. Perhaps she can heal me, make me right.

I’ll drive her to her new, temporary, home with the keys.

Yes, it’s been a very busy Saturday, busier than usual, and it’s only half over. And it will continue till tonight when we climb weary under the goose-down comforter draped over the king bed, and call it a day.

* * * *

(When I retired 19 years ago 19 days from now — yes, Dec. 19, 1999 — I wondered how I’d fill my days. It hasn’t been an issue, to put it mildly.)


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  1. You live such a routine and structured life that it amazes me. Suits you, but I don’t even know what I am doing in the next minute let alone next Wednesday. I have little routines in the mornings, but that is about it. My days are open to “come what may” … and usually much comes my way.


    1. Peggy: In many respects, I could be an Army drill sergeant. Whether that’s good or bad depends on one’s perspective. I find it suits me, however. Not for everyone, obviously. I find it tends to avoid problems, pain and confusion.

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  2. You’ve exhausted me, but in spite of that I was entertained, as usual. Winter storms have come early to the Midwest, Chicago specifically. Thanks for your stories.


    1. Perry: Thanks for the kind feedback. Boy, Chicago. I sure wouldn’t want to be there in winter. Yipes!

      And I apologize on WordPress’s behalf for sending your comment to the moderation pile. I did not do it.


  3. Felipe: My week is structured by the advertising flyers arriving on Wednesday morning. If we feel like going grocery shopping later in the week, we do.

    Having only been retired for 17 years, I haven’t defined things as well as you.

    Oh yes, we’re trying to figure out where to go on vacation from retirement.


    1. Kris: If you haven’t defined things after 17 years, it’s never gonna happen. People have different personalities. As for going on vacation from retirement, I would just call that a trip.

      Advertising flyers?!

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      1. Felipe: In your old homeland, grocery stores, etc., have specials every week that they use to suck consumers through the the door. As a minor foodie, I have interest. In Patzcuaro, I wandered the market daily.


  4. I get calls with annoying telemarketers all the time. Gayosso, selling prepared cemetery lots. Banamex. PAN. Robo-calls. Want me to send some your way?

    My life is similarly structured, but much more mercantile: La Ruta Natural organic market alternating with the one in Altozano, DaVinci Mercadito on the first Saturday of the month. Coffee at Mazunte in Monday mornings. Organic produce at Fruteria Cherry or El Arbol on Wednesdays. I do not go to Costco on the weekends unless I can be in and out of there before 11:30 a.m. Saturday or Sunday evenings are marked by enchiladas at the pozole lady on the corner.

    Since I have two mailmen making deliveries, sometimes I get mail, which amounts to almost magazines only, twice in a single day. Sometimes they deliver more than 20 different magazines.

    I’m not retired, but I’m on perpetual vacation. There is a distinction.


    1. Ms. Shoes: I’m guessing the telemarketers are calling a landline. We don’t have one. I do get the occasional call from my bank on my cell, trying to upgrade my credit card or some such. But that’s about it. You life is more mercantile due to your being a woman, I think. As for Costco on weekends, that’s when you get out faster due to their having most or almost all the checkouts open. It’s superfast on weekends, especially Sundays. No lie.

      Your getting paper magazines is no surprise due to your antiquated love of paper books. So old school. I’m more of a modern fellow.

      What’s the difference between being retired and being on perpetual vacation? I think it’s the same thing. One just sounds more elegant than the other.


  5. Like you, I am astounded at how my activities grow to fill my retirement days. Up until 2009, I could not imagine being retired. Now, I am not certain how I worked and still managed to run a household. But I would never be tempted to head back to work and give up the good life I now have.

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    1. Ricardo: It was a busy day yesterday indeed. But I still had the time to write the post, so it couldn’t have been too hectic, or perhaps I made it even more hectic. But now it’s Sunday, and I don’t have a darn thing to do (well, except for the car checks I didn’t do yesterday) aside from deciding what restaurant we’ll be dining in this afternoon. At almost 7:30 a.m., the sky is blue and the air is chill (55 degrees inside), and all is right with my world … apart from the guy who became our president yesterday. Not happy about that.


  6. Another attempt to drain the swamp. President Trump hasn’t had much luck, and I am afraid AMLO won’t either. He has lots of plans, but where is the money? He said he would not increase the national debt.

    That certain class of public employees will never give up their privilege. The deep state always rises to the top, just like cream. When AMLO said he wasn’t interested in personal gain, Pena Nieto had to cover his mouth not to show his grin.

    Every President says public corruption will be ended, but it never is. The speech had something for everyone, but don’t hold your breath. Now, let’s see when and how they make gasoline cheaper.


    1. Señor Gill: I take extreme offense at your mentioning AMLO and the Blond Bomber, el Presidente Donald Trump, in the same sentence. But I forgive you.

      Oh, I think Trump has made quite a bit of progress. The news media do their best to hide that. The White House puts out newsletters detailing all the great stuff Trump is doing. You can subscribe. I find it quite uplifting and informative.

      As for AMLO, he just says whatever nonsense enters his mind, especially if he thinks the ignorant segment of the population — alas, a very large segment — will eat it up. And they do.

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  7. Sounds like you got some bad neighbors there. I have moved all over Tijuana, Mexico, and everywhere we move there is always some you-know-what sitting there waiting for us. I gave up on trying to find good neighbors.


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