A morning tradition

MOST EVERY morning following croissantitos and orange marmelade or Costco bagels and cream cheese lite, plus café americano negro, of course, we retire to the living room and sit on the red sofa.

The music machine is already playing. I turn that on before bagels or croissantitos. This morning it was Madeleine Peyroux who was serenading us. She’s been our morning music for quite a few weeks now.

And will remain so till we weary of her.

This is how the scene appeared this morning. It doesn’t last long because we are a very busy pair, but it lasts long enough to count.

* * * *

(Note: The rather loud tick, tock, tick you hear is my Aunt Ned’s (R.I.P.) antique wall clock which dates from about 1885. I date from somewhat later than that.)

11 thoughts on “A morning tradition

  1. Way too romantic for a morning bagel/croissant! Lovely Madeleine, cosy socks, gorgeous decor and beautiful people. Thanks…


  2. Such a lovely fireplace you have there. But it looks seldom used. Sad! Does it smoke?


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where our feed seems to have stopped getting updates from your blog. We shall have to investigate.


    1. Kim: It’s a great-looking fireplace in spite of our requesting something even more spectacular and bigger during the house construction. I should have been more firm with the guy making it. In any event, we rarely use it. No, it does not smoke. It works great. I bought a pile of firewood when I lived in the rental downtown over 15 years ago. I brought it here, and still have quite a bit left. The living room is large and its ceiling is high. The fireplace is simply insufficient to warm it in winter. I do light it now and then for fun in January and February.

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        1. Kim: You’re a funny fellow. I’m planning on a repeat video hereabouts from last year this Christmas in which I am standing in front of the flaming fireplace.


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