The waning day


STREET RENOVATION around the plaza and some connecting calles has been under way for years, and it appears almost finished.

The four sides of the plaza are done except for a small area on one corner, and they were working like mad on that late yesterday. The section in the photo is finished although it’s still not open to traffic.

I shot this scene with my phone as I was walking to the Honda to return to my hardscrabble barrio on the outskirts of town. It’s not noticeable in the photo, but city workers are busy installing Christmas lights atop the buildings facing the plaza.

And the humongous nativity scene that debuted last year (or the year before?) is going up on the plaza, off to the left of the photo. We have become very festive over the holidays since a mayor who cares about such stuff won the vote a few years ago, and was re-elected last July.

I’m not a yuletide fan due to the crowds, and “Christmas” here does not end on New Year’s Day. It soldiers on till Three King’s Day, January 6, which is when little Latino kids get their goodies.

So I don’t get to emit a sigh of blissful release on January 2, as I always did above the Rio Bravo. I have to wait till January 7 till it all settles down.

Call me a Grinch.

My second ex-wife and I were always at painful odds over the holidays due to her being a Yuletide maniac and my being, well, not. I don’t have that problem with my child bride because she’s more easygoing. She loves me in spite of my numerous social and psychological warts.

Latina women are accustomed to flawed men.

6 thoughts on “The waning day

  1. Lovely! And there’s no misguided anti-religion groups trying to kick Jesus nor the Three Wise Men nor any other traditional, Christian symbols of Christmas out of the public square. I’m all for keeping the government out of religion, but it has (like almost everything else NOB) been taken to ridiculous extremes by zealots without anything more important to do.

    As for your city renovations, what’s the funding source? How do towns in Mexico raise funds? And has anyone asked the uncomfortable question about how this mayor seems to be able to find funds to spend on the community vs what happened under his predecessor?


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the neighbors are beginning to go hog-wild with inflatable lawn ornaments, Christmas lights, animated deer, you name it.


    1. Kim: I have no idea where the funding comes from. As you suggest, maybe this guy is just stealing less than his predecessors.

      Did you see the news story this morning about a teacher, now suspended or something like that, who forbid candy canes in her classroom because the J shape could be construed as signifying Jesus? I am not making this up. California, of course, but still …

      You people have gone stark raving mad.


      1. No, I didn’t see that story, but it does sound insane. But please don’t count me among those who have gone mad. I’m still quite sane, despite 2 years in California now.


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