Stark raving mad

THINGS HAVE flown out of control above the Rio Bravo since I departed. I hope I am not to blame, the lack of my stabilizing presence.

Every morning, on reading the Gringo news online, I get one new shock after another, and it seems to be worsening.

A few days ago, a teacher in California banned holiday candy canes in her class because they’re shaped like a J, and that could stand for Jesus!

Oh, dear.

thThese loony events are legion in the United States, but you do not encounter them in Mexico.

Of particular note is the sex insanity. A subset of that is letting men who are posing as women play in women’s sports. Of course, the fake women always win, and the real women always lose.

Muscle matters.

The most recent example is a guy named Hannah Mouncey who is playing for Australia’s Women’s Handball League, whatever that is. Yes, this happened in Australia, but similar things occur in the United States.

Hannah Mouncey is 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds. The women he plays against are, well, not even close.

This lunacy is almost, or probably entirely, confined to the historically white world, the United States, Canada, Australia and Western Europe where, not coincidentally, political correctness runs amok.

Latin America does not do this, nor does Asia or Africa. It’s a mental disease of the White Man’s World.

The ability to think rationally is necessary for a functioning society, and rationality is vanishing where it matters most. This must make China very happy. Don’t underestimate the importance of that.


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  1. There is a dude who says he is a chick fighting in MMA. He competes as a woman and has totally bludgeoned the women he’s fought against. Can you imagine, a legally sanctioned domestic violence beat-down in front of an audience. Now that’s crazy, man!


    1. Again, there is always a flip side. A few days ago, Patricio Manuel, who previously boxed as a woman, now a transgender male, defeated Hugo Aguilar in a professional boxing match.


      1. Gerard: And that goes to show that sometimes talent outweighs size … or maybe not. I did a little sleuthing on this. Turns out the two contenders are something called “super featherweights,” little guys both and equally matched size-wise, more or less.

        On the other hand, the Aussie named Hannah looks like he/she could be a linebacker for the Packers or Steelers, and he/she is playing against normal-sized women, a perfect example of “stark raving mad,” as my headline ran.


  2. Señor Zapata, I could not agree more with you. Political correctness and everyone’s right to be offended is fully out of control. From the LGBTQ community in Canada adding a bunch more letters and numbers to the radio stations shaming and banning of “Baby, it’s cold outside.” Where will it end? I feel that there is a reckoning on the horizon where the silent majority will finally say enough is enough. At least I hope so.

    Everyone has a right to believe or behave as they want, just stop telling me what I should believe or how I should behave. Provided you are not hurting anyone or infringing on other people’s freedoms with your beliefs, do what ya feel. Just let me have that right also.

    And lastly, “baby, it’s cold outside.” I wish I were south of the Rio now.


    1. Karlos: Where it will end is a good question. It’s as if people have lost their minds. And the rational are too frightened to speak up.

      As for the cold, it’s quite nice where I am, in more ways than the weather.


  3. I would love to not have this lunacy in my face every day via news sources and social media. I keep thinking “what is next? Surely, this is as far as it can go,” but something even more outrageous gets front center in the next day’s news. I am envious that you live in a culture where this is not normal and you see it as that. Shocking is the new normal, here in the good ol’ US of A.


    1. Leisa: What is going on up there is not simply outrageous, but it is very dangerous as far as the survival of the nation is concerned. Quite worrisome, to state it mildly. And which political party pushes it? That’s correct. You guessed it.


  4. Felipe: Just another reason for me not to be interested in professional sports. Everyone is always looking for a way to win, the more illegal the better. The biggest offender of all being the Olympics. The smart people of Calgary recently voted down the opportunity to fill the IOC coffers.

    As for the gender stuff, do what you want as long as the other person is of age and agrees. If you were born a man and had some sort of sex change, any sports besides darts and billiards should be off the schedule.


    1. Kris: Are you also uninterested in pro sports? I think now there are enough of us (two) to form an organization. Men, that is. I imagine there are quite a few women in that number. But it’s rare in men.

      Darts and billiards, I like that.


  5. I attended my daughter-in law’s graduation from Duke University this past weekend (she graduated full-honors from their Masters Program in Nursing).

    I was not surprised to see an office for “The Center for Diversity and Inclusion” in the student center. But imagine my surprise when entering the Men’s Room to find a dispenser of feminine hygiene products next to the paper towels.

    Now I personally don’t mind someone thinking they are a man, women, or whatever they may choose, but it would seem logical and prudent to use the bathroom for which you are currently “equipped.”

    Madness indeed.


    1. Ray: Sounds like your son has elevated taste in women. Congrats on that.

      I haven’t been on an American campus in decades, and I imagine that if I did so today, I would totally flip out. I think it’s best to stay where I am. And that is my permanent intention.


  6. Teacher fired for not using correct pronoun for a transgender student. “He” turned “she” or the reverse, and teacher said it was against his religious beliefs to call “it” other than what it by nature is. Told them to read the Cosmic Serpent.


    1. MCM: Well, I’ll be. I would have sworn it was California. I saw the story last week. Perhaps it’s even sadder to see this sort of nonsense in the nation’s heartland where people should know better. Thanks for the correction.


    2. MCM, P.S.: The more I think on it, I’m pretty sure the story I saw was from California, and it was a teacher who was either disciplined or suspended, not a principal. I distinctly remember saying to myself: California, no surprise there.

      I could be mistaken, but it also might have happened in more than one place. This lunacy tends to be contagious for the people who are susceptible to it.


    3. Was there also a story last week where a teacher was fired for giving students 0% for not handing in an assignment? Apparently, the school had a policy where no child could get a mark lower than 50%.


  7. A quick Google news search might serve as a good fact-checking exercise. My own search revealed no such stories from California, but several talking about such a ban being instituted by a principal in Nebraska. And that she was put on leave for the outrageous policy. Oh, and there was a story about a school in Tasmania which has banned candy canes because the teachers are tired of kids jacked-up on sugar. Which seems as good a reason to ban them as any. Birthday cake is banned in Tasmanian schools too.

    So the world’s not quite as crazy as your post would suggest.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the state is unlikely to lose its early lead in craziness.

    P.S. So by the same “logic,” any person with a j-shaped cane is automatically a devout Christian?


    1. Kim: Okay, I’ll concede. The case was in Nebraska. No matter. The example stands.

      As for the world’s not being quite as crazy as my post suggests, I say it is. The White Man’s World as I defined it. Canada, the U.S., Australia and Western Europe. Eastern Europeans are, for the most part, resisting the lunacy. They’re sure resisting open borders, as they should. They are far more recently acquainted with oppression than is Western Europe.

      And I suggest you flee California as soon as possible, but I guess that’s already the plan.

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  8. I remember quite a few years ago I mentioned to some friends that their children should be taking Mandarin instead of Latin or French. I do believe some of the younger generation are going to be shocked when they enter the work field. And I love “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by Ray Charles and Betty Carter .. classic sexy tease version.


    1. Peggy: People make a lot of noise about the Russian peril when it pales in comparison to China’s. The current Chinese bossman is, more or less, another Mao though few realize in our part of the world. They have longstanding global ambitions they think are their due.

      As for the song, just one more example of Western nincompoopery. It’s a fine song. Date rape, yeah, sure.


  9. To be honest, the other end of the political spectrum has its share of craziness and nut cases, too. Especially the religious right continually trying to force its idea of morality on others. For every teacher banning candy canes there is a preacher serving a big bowl of their hatred du jour. A short time ago in California, a so-called man of god with a sizeable following called for extermination of homosexuals. What’s up with that insanity?


    1. I don’t think CRAZY has any particular political leanings or is limited to any particular race, religion or creed. I do believe when society, (lately liberal left-of-centre folk) try limiting other people’s freedoms or denigrating their values and beliefs, people lean further in the opposite direction. Away from a more centrist inclusive approach, and we end up with nutbags running our countries.

      In Canada we have a liberal, self important wannabe superhero who tries to make himself the moral compass for Canada and sometimes the rest of the world. So instead of looking after the people he is paid to help, he wants to welcome ALL immigrants with minimal background checks and give them the right to vote. He wants to welcome back people that have gone to fight for ISIS or Al Queda and return to them their Canadian citizenship. This is some scary times we live in up here.


        1. And it’s only nuttier on the left coast, where I reside. Hard to imagine, but it’s true. Government-owned auto insurance that’s in debt to the tune of 1.8 billion dollars and instead of just opening it to a free market, they will raise rates to get themselves out of debt. Whadya think of that, comrade?


  10. Well, I listened to “Baby its cold outside,” and I didn’t see anything wrong there. Maybe I am missing something. When we were kids, we used to sing in school “Old Black Joe” and “Massas in da cold, cold ground.” Nobody thought anything was wrong with that. Stephen Foster was am American hero.

    Somebody gave my sister a phonograph and three records. One was Arthur Godfrey singing “Slap her down again, Pa.” The flip side was “You can have her, she is too fat for me.” Now, they would send the PC people into a tizzy.


    1. Señor Gill: I can see the problem with Ole Black Joe, etc. Were we black, we wouldn’t want to hear it either.

      Are you just hearing about the hubbub over “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”? The feminist complaints about that one have been around a spell. It’s ridiculous, of course. Now, you and I should sing it together. A one, A two …


  11. Señor Felipe, there are plenty of us NOB who resist at every turn the craziness you identify. Unfortunately, if you are to believe our news sources, we have no chance of success. I have not given up, and I know plenty others who are of the same attitude.

    On the other hand, it does not look good for the future.

    And with all this, China on the horizon. Probably a good thing lifespan in this one is almost over. My sympathies for the survivors, if any.


    1. Ricardo: Whether we have a chance of success of not, and I am not optimistic, believing “news sources” is a questionable source of info, as we know.

      But, as you note, we’re in the twilight of our lives, so that’s a good thing in at least on respect.


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