Gabbing for free speech

15840b95-c0ca-43ab-ae00-5e12807802c8THE CLUELESS among us are unaware of how bad the situation is, how thoroughly politically-correct leftism has muzzled free speech.

That the Silicon Valley “Masters of the Universe,” which is in no way a misnomer, censor non-leftist voices is well known.

frongMainstream conservatives swim upstream, against raging currents, on Facebook and Twitter while virulent anti-Semites like Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan float contentedly in the placid waters of those social media giants and others too.

Don’t underestimate social media’s power in today’s world.

There’s more. The popular browser extension Web of Trust (WOT) will often display a yellow caution or red beware indicator on conservative websites. The indicator reflects votes from leftist visitors to the websites in question. This amounts to socialist graffiti.

On the flip side, go to leftist websites like Huffpost or The New York Times, and WOT will  show the green indicator because conservatives aren’t inclined to graffiti as they aren’t known for rioting in the streets.

Leftist muzzling knows no bounds. A prime example is the social media which was launched just over two years ago as a free-speech alternative to Twitter. It is the fastest-growing social media company on the internet with over 800,000 users, myself being one.

I have an account which I opened to lend moral support. I almost never use it in spite of my having over 1,000 followers. Like Twitter, Gab has a moderation policy. Unlike Twitter, Gab’s policy mirrors the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

What does this mean?

It means you might see some unpleasant opinions on Gab, opinions from people you can easily block just as you would walk away from a nincompoop you encounter on the street. Viewing, if only briefly, disagreeable opinions is the price paid for free speech.

Twitter is chockablock with nasty opinions, but they’re all from the left. When an “disagreeable” opinion comes from the right, Twitter cracks down. This is why Gab is needed as a counterweight.

Back to the muzzling.

What Gab has endured is incredible. It has had a couple of its internet homes pulled out from under it, the most recent leaving Gab offline for over a week. Every major payment processor has dumped Gab, and no bank appears willing to touch it. Currently, it is reduced to accepting payments with checks and money orders or via Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Gab does not do ads.

Why won’t any payment processor or bank cooperate? It’s not because they’re all a bunch of wild-eyed leftists. It’s because of fear.

In spite of this, Gab membership grows daily. Open an account to show moral support if nothing more. Sleep with a clear mind.

Do your little bit to kick a leftist in the shin.

* * * *

Below is an example of the hate speech I found today on Gab:



24 thoughts on “Gabbing for free speech

  1. Yep. Hateful stuff. I really feel insulted that I was made to watch this. Not!

    Kind of brings a tear to the eye. Actually, both eyes. Maybe we need to get a little indignant at even the suggestion that such as this is a problem. My humble suggestion: if you have a problem with this, this is likely your smallest problem.

    Get over it.

    Keep up the arguments, Señor Felipe. Too many of us are silent too much.


    1. Ricardo: Too many are silent indeed. Now, have you opened your Gab account? Their numbers are important. Strength shows. You don’t have to use it. I hardly ever go to mine. I have all those followers simply because people there love to click “follow.” And they do, relentlessly.

      And conversely, I hope you’ve deleted Facebook and Twitter. Again, numbers count, and they are powerful due to their numbers.


  2. I’ve never had Twitter and only have a fake FB account so I can be a voice of reason on MSM comment boards that require it. I try not to say anything really controversial or my FB account will be locked up. I know this because I’ve lost about 5-6 FB accounts that way.

    You’re right about the extreme left. When I think they cannot get any more insane they double down once again and go full retard. Strange times indeed. Perhaps I’ll open a Gab account … not that I feel like gabbing much, but I’d like to support something that isn’t part of big tech or big media. Some of these monopolies need to be broken up.


    1. Brent: If you have a FB account, it’s not fake, and you’re contributing to its incredible reach no matter what moniker you use. I used to keep a FB account for the same reason, to comment on some websites that only have that option. But on weighing the pluses and cons and sleeping with a clear conscience, I deleted it, and I do not miss it. Whatever places I was on occasion depositing my incredible wisdom have moved on without me. I suggest you do the same. Everyone always has a very good excuse to keep their FB account. It’s like a narcotic.

      Now go open a Gab account. Lend a hand. Open it and forget it, if you wish. The simple fact that you’ve added another account counts.


      1. Well, I won’t be deleting my fake FB account. I’m sure in time they will do that for me. In the meantime, I will distribute my pearls of wisdom to the ignorant masses, not that it will do any good. You can’t fix stupid. That’s the main problem with democracy as I see it: the stupid people. If only there was a means test. 😉


        1. Brent: To quote H.L. Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

          Universal suffrage is a dreadful idea. Everyone should not have the right to vote. Too many people, as you accurately state it, are too stupid to vote. Yet we let them. Bad idea.


  3. It is really hard being friends with people with whom you do not agree. I am a racist, a misogynist, a Nazi, a zenophobe, a homophobe and a carnivore. Yeah, meat is murder. These things used to indicate one was a pretty horrible person. Now, they just mean one does not agree with the Democrat party line.

    Otherwise sane and competent people resort to these epithets when I question their reasoning. These folks can recite a litany of the lies they have heard on CNN, MSNBC or read in some rag of a newspaper. Of course, it is the truth; it was on television or in the paper. Mussolini said, “Paper never refuses ink.”


    1. Señor Gill: I have little problem getting along with people with contrary opinions as long as they’re civil about it, which is the hard part for most. Not me, however, he said sanctimoniously. I like the Mussolini quote.


  4. And my answer to those shouting those insults: “I don’t care, I don’t care and I really don’t care.” They cannot bear to be ignored.

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  5. The deplatforming by social media is bad enough, but the deplatforming by PayPal (PayEnemy?) and banks is nothing short of Stalinesque. When, oh when, will this Congress wake up to the civil rights disaster happening under their very noses?

    It used to be fashionable to say that one might disagree with another’s opinion, but would fight to preserve the other’s right to say it. Now we very sadly know that very few people will do anything whatsoever to protect free speech.

    Sad, very sad.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where self-censorship seems to have become a big problem.


    1. Kim: You are right, of course, as you most always are. Stalinesque indeed. Very few people, I wager, are aware of what’s going on and its very serious consequences. I suspect many are too busy playing with their smartphones to be bothered. The fact that when I touch on these types of topics here almost nobody leaves comments tells me this: Either they think I’m over-reacting, which I am not, or they are fearful of having their names, even though most are nicknames or half names (like yours), connected in public with this sort of thing. Or maybe it’s just the smartphone distraction.

      I think you are mistaken that few people will do anything to protect free speech. I think conservatives are quite interested and, at times, active in doing so. It’s leftists who want to squelch free speech. Are you familiar with the current uproar over Patreon?

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      1. I know that Patreon has deplatformed a number of people recently, but I’m not up on the particulars. And yes, conservatives seem to be much better these days on free speech than what Dave Rubin calls the “regressive left,” a moniker which they hate. And which I believe is spot-on. I’ll have to watch that video. I’m a big fan of both Rubin and Peterson.


        1. P.S. You are one of the few people I personally know who’s interested in this problem. None of my friends have mentioned it as most are leftists who don’t mind if the likes of Alex Jones or Laura Loomer are deplatformed. Sure, there are plenty of people on YouTube who care a lot, but the real people in my life seem to be generally unaware of the problem. Of course I’m not getting out much these days, but still, it’s discouraging. The entire nation should be up in arms about this. Oh, and of course the mainstream “misleadia” hasn’t mentioned a peep about this, save for some footnotes about “conspiracy theorist” (insert eye roll) Alex Jones.


          1. Kim: At the risk of belaboring the obvious, you’re gay, so your friends, many or most, I imagine, are gay too, so that means they are lefties by default. They don’t think about this humongous issue just like almost all blacks vote Democrat without thinking about it. They are brainwashed.

            You, mi amigo, are a relatively rare exception in your demographic group.


            1. Well, don’t forget that you’re a friend of mine too, so they’re not all some kind of uniform block of NPCs, haha. But my friends tend to live either in Massachusetts or California, so there is that.


          2. Kim: Now go to Gab and open an account. It’s free, just takes a few moments, and then you can totally ignore it. But you will help in a small way, and that matters. Facebook is powerful due to the number of accounts there. Same applies to Gab.


        2. Kim: Both Liberal and Progressive are misnomers for today’s radical leftist Democrat Party, 180 degrees off the mark. They are very slick at packaging themselves, and most people buy into it. A huge percentage of otherwise intelligent conservatives even continue to refer to leftists as Liberals. It’s absurd.

          Yes, Rubin, a gay former lefty who saw the light, and Peterson, a hillbilly Canuck who never seems to smile but that’s okay, are great guys.

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    1. Just because some loony nut wears BVDs and kills some people, does that mean that all people who wear BVDs are loony murders?


      1. Señor Gill: Obviously, the writer’s thought processes are flawed. I would bet big money she doesn’t even have a Gab account. Without that, you cannot see what is on Gab. So she’s writing about something of which she is totally ignorant.


  6. You are aware that Disqus is already deplatforming people like Alex Jones? There is also a growing advertiser boycott of Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox. Even in Canada we’re not immune. MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-Op) has stopped selling Bushnell products because of their association with guns. This happened right after all that David Hogg nonsense. I’ve been a member of that outdoor store for 40 years, and it pisses me off that they’re getting into politics. What’s next ? Banning goose-down sleeping bags because it’s cruel to the goose?

    Another stupid example of extreme leftist nuttiness. The mayor of Victoria, B.C., had a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald (the founder of our country) removed because he was supposed to be a bigot and referred to the aboriginals as “savages.” So we’re getting some satisfaction in judging people who lived a hundred years ago by today’s politically correct standards. They will always fail that test. So we’re in the process of renaming place names from western explorers, colonists, politicians and war heroes to unpronounceable aboriginal names. Here’s one for you to wrestle with: ƛ̓úx̌vƛ̓ux̌v. That’s from this left-wing rag from the west coast:

    Soon you won’t recognize any place in Canada by name. And I’ll probably have to renounce my Scottish/Irish descent because it’s hurtful to someone or other. Sorry. I’m ranting.

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