And then they came for me

IF YOU’RE PAYING attention to the nefarious stuff going on around you, you know that Silicon Valley leftists, which is to say 95 percent of Silicon Valley, a.k.a. Masters of the Universe, are doing everything possible to eliminate conservative voices.

They would use railway boxcars to the ovens were it possible. Since it is not possible just yet, they employ other dark tactics.

One method, and it’s very effective so far, is to make it impossible for conservatives to make a living online. Payment processors like PayPal and Patreon simply delete accounts of people they disagree with politically.

YouTube is fond of deleting channels, some of which are cash conduits, of conservatives. If you’re not particularly worked up about this because it does not affect you personally, I direct your attention to the famous poem by German pastor Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out —
     Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out —
     Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
     Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

Niemöller was referring to the Nazis, who also silenced people with differing opinions.

Patreon recently deleted the account of popular YouTuber Sargon of Akkad, which is the nom de internet of a mild-mannered British conservative whose real name is Carl Benjamin, a move that has created quite a stir. Patreon may have gone one step too far with Benjamin.

Hippie singer and Patreon co-founder Jack Conte reacts to the extensive blowback from the Sargon censorship in the above video. Enjoy.

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(I addressed this attack on free speech by leftist Trump-loathers just recently with the post titled Gabbing for free speech.)

37 thoughts on “And then they came for me

    1. Ricardo: Yep, it’s a hoot. That video has been used over the past few years in a variety of ways to make points. This is just the latest. It’s fun. That was a great movie. Called The Bunker, if memory serves, and it was in German. The actor who played Hitler did a bang-up job, not just in his acting but in the way he looked so much like Hitler. I’ve seen him in one or two other roles that were quite different. He’s versatile.


    1. Gerard P.S.: Oh, okay, I’ll bite. I know you’re trying to make an analogy, but one does not exist. Kaepernick is an employee (or was) of a business (a football team), and his repeated actions, while in company uniform no less, pissed off enough customers (fans) that it began to affect the company’s bottom line. Any sensible company would have fired him, and any other sensible company would be hesitant to hire him. Thus, he remains unemployed.

      Any sensible business in any field would be insane to keep an employee who routinely pisses off a significant percentage of the customers.

      What is happening with Patreon, PayPal, etc., is something completely different.

      Nice try, though. Back to the drawing board with ya!

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      1. IOW there are limits to free speech. Thanks for making my point.

        The media sites that you mention, according to your viewpoint, do not have the same right as the owners in the NFL. The Constitution guarantees to government will not restrict your freedom of expression. Private parties have no such restrictions. You have every right to control what is posted on your blog.

        BTW did you see the news about the college student in Mass. that was forced to remove a sign from her dorm window?


        1. Gerard: Had to look up IOW. You’re too hip for me. Of course, there are limits to free speech, especially in the business world. Say, you’re a burger flipper in Burger King, and you walk up to the counter and tell the customers the meat is rancid, and they all leave. You had the right to say that, I guess, but your boss has the right to fire you for it. That’s what happened to Kaepernick. He hollered that the meat was rancid, and while in the company uniform too!

          To further demonstrate that the analogy you want to make is false: Let’s take just the Sargon example with Patreon. Patreon was not Sargon’s employer. And Patreon did not lose money or customers due to Sargon’s pronouncements. On the contrary, Patreon makes money from its customer accounts of which Sargon was one. Patreon dumped him solely out of political malice. Patreon, PayPal, etc., are not employers of the people they are muffling. They are financial middlemen abusing their power.

          As for the Mass. student, no, I have not seen that. But I imagine she was forced to remove some sign due to political correctness. Such stuff happens almost daily on American campuses. It’s rampant.


    2. Gerard: Sorry, can’t shut up.

      Had the millionaire celebrity Kaepernick paraded his ignorance (blacks are so oppressed) before the world, say, at a press conference he called himself outside his mansion. He could have stood there in civilian clothes, not in his workplace, not in his work uniform, not on company time, not directly in the faces of his customers, he would still be playing today. But, like the paddy flipper at Burger King, he’s now unemployed, and rightly so.

      I thought Kaepernick found a new team. I don’t follow pro sports. Never even heard of him before he started his game stunts.


        1. Gerard: I’m here to serve. My current favorite is a relatively new one downtown. It’s called Gardenias. It’s on Calle Navarrete between Dr. Coss and Romero, closer to Romero. It serves more than the same ole, same ole that is so common in restaurants here. The grub is great and the prices are amazingly low. Don’t miss the Sopa Tarasca, a regional specialty. It’s one of the best I’ve found hereabouts.

          Strangely enough, my wife and I will be eating there in about two hours.


  1. Ja! I can see we could go around and around on this and never catch the other guy!

    The students sign said “f@ck Nazis, You are not welcome here”. It was in response to a swastika spray painted over a Happy Hanukkah sign. Blatant censorship. And done by a public institution.


    1. Gerard: Round and round is always an option, never leading anywhere positive. That’s why they say one should not argue politics or religion. It’s true. Never convinces anyone of anything and nobody ever changes his mind.

      As for the Mass. school, sounds like both the window poster and the spray painter are ill-bred individuals. A pox on both their houses, I say.


  2. The left is desperate to control the narrative. The Ponzi scheme that began in the 1930s is about to end. The monied folks now realize that the game is coming to an end. The debt will never be paid off, and when it cannot be rolled over again, it will all come to a bad end. It is in their interest to keep it going until it can go no longer. People of not only our nation, but a lot of other nation,s are used to a lifestyle that is not justified by their economic efforts. When there is no more wealth to be transferred to the social parasites, then all Hell will break out.

    Those people will not be denied their social welfare benefits. Fort Knox has not been audited since the Eisenhower administration. Where has the nation’s gold gone? The German government asked to have their gold repatriated, and they were told that it would take seven years to do so. This will not end well.


      1. Maybe yes, and maybe no. President Trump knows the party will end soon. Now, what will happen when those EBT cards are not funded? The Democrats need it to last as long as possible. They cannot endure a long shutdown of the government. People are addicted to the opium of social welfare.

        And for what it is worth, the feds are dropping off Central Americans all over the place. They are getting in and just being dropped off at just about every bus station. About 200 were left at the Monte Vista Baptist Church today. Tomorrow they will be at the DES office looking for the free stuff.

        The money will run out real fast. And there is another caravan on its way.


        1. Señor Gill: EBT cards? I had to look that one up. We ain’t got no EBT cards down here.

          As for all those Central Americans, ain’t multiculturalism grand? No, really, I feel for you. And for the Monte Vista Baptist Church too.


          1. Hold your reactionary horses, don Felipe! Of course there are similar programs here that use bank cards to transfer payments to beneficiaries of different government subsidies. The Programa de Pensión para Adultos Mayores uses cards and several DIF social welfare programs do also. Probably others, too.

            The old folks that qualify get around $1100 a month pension. Not much. Better than a kick in the pants! Socialism is alive and well in ol’ México!


            1. Gerard: Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Who knew? Not me, obviously.

              Before the Gringos who read this think old Mexicans are raking in 1,100 bucks a month, let us be clear that we’re talking pesos here, and that’s the peso equivalent about 55 U.S. dollars.


  3. Not only did Patreon cut off Sargon, but it did so for something he did off of Patreon’s platform a long time ago.

    And no, there was no warning, no appeal, no clear rules, and Patreon refuses to establish any clear rules or process. In short, users of their platform live and die by the whims of whoever is in charge today.

    If that isn’t a Medieval fiefdom, I don’t know what is. Such a thing has no place being a 21st century intermediary.


    Kim G
    San Francisco, CA
    For the time being, at least.


    1. Kim: I think we have returned, after a fashion, to the days of the Robber Barons. I’m not a fan of government intervention generally, but it’s necessary at times. And it’s necessary now … without further dawdling.

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          1. Tell me, mi estimado Felipe, does anyone force people such as this Benjamin fellow to use sites such as Patreon or PayPal? Or did he have free choice?


            1. Gerard: Excellent question. Patreon, of course, is the Big Daddy of such services. I just did an internet search of alternatives (Notice I do not ever say I Googled anything), and found some. The biggest alternatives like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, however, do not offer continuous payments. A cash goal is set, and when that goal is reached, the account ends, or something like that. There also are some smaller services that do more or less what Patreon does. I don’t know why one of them would not be a workable alternative. It could very well be that the smaller ones use PayPal (I know that some do) as their funding conduit. And, of course, PayPal, like Patreon, is blocking people with political views it does not agree with.

              One payment service that received lots of talk in the wake of the Patreon hubbub is SubscribeStar, which is relatively new. Milo Yiannopoulos has moved there since he too was mostly obliterated by the Masters of the Universe for “wrong thought.” But when it was reported that Carl Benjamin might switch to SubscribeStar, that service became the target of raging leftists, so I’m not sure how that’s gonna work out.

              Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson appear to be working on developing a new free-speech alternative payment processor, but that’s still in the planning stage. If one of the smaller Patreon alternatives was viable or willing to step into the fray I imagine that would be happening, and Peterson and Rubin would not be working on setting up something conservatives can use.


            2. Gerard: The global banking community also appears to be playing a role in this censorship. Appears banks too often are now in the grip of political correctness. Who knew?

              Here’s a brief video that, among other things, touches on that:


      1. At the very least, these companies should be required to follow their own rules. Many of them are making it up as they go along. Did you see the news that FaceBook doesn’t even have a coordinated set of rules? Pathetic!


          1. Did you see the news today on FB? They have reams and reams of poorly thought-out rules, guidelines, and so-called “facts” that are plain wrong. As I said to someone over the weekend, “Facebook doesn’t even hold itself to its own, low standards.”


          2. P.P.S. If you haven’t read the transcript of the call between Patreon and Matt Christianson, you definitely should. Here’s a link to the YouTube where he discusses it, and there’s a link to the transcript in the description. In short, Patreon has no standards, and is literally (by their own admission) making it up as they go along.


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