My year’s transition


LATE YESTERDAY, around 6:30, I was standing at this seafood stand on our mountaintop town’s smaller plaza, the one  where the ancient, colonial library abuts. I was enjoying a shrimp cocktail.

Like Christmas Eve, I was flying solo, but there was no hotel waiting. All I had to do was drive home, lock the big, red gate, put on my jammies, write this and slide into the king bed well before midnight.

And that’s exactly what I did. My child bride, yet again, was overnighting with 500 or so of her closest kinfolks, but this time it was downtown at her sister’s home on our big plaza.

One day earlier, on Sunday, we had planned to lunch at a seafood restaurant on the ring road because we knew going downtown would be difficult due to tourist traffic. But the traffic was far worse than we’d imagined. We were stopped dead in our tracks in less than one block from the Hacienda.

We switched to Plan B, which was devised on the spot. We went away from town, not toward it. We drove to another town, Quiroga, to hunt a restaurant. We parked on one end of Quiroga’s main drag and walked almost entirely to the other end before spotting a Chinese restaurant.

And that was lunch. It wasn’t bad.

Returning down the jammed main drag afoot, we sat a spell on a steel bench in Quiroga’s main plaza for a bit of people-gawking. Then, on the way to where the Honda was parked, we bought an ice cream cone and shared. Vanilla with Oreo bits.

Driving toward home, we passed through another little town with the odd name of Tzintzuntzan. Can you say Tzintzuntzan? Just outside Tzintzuntzan, there’s a series of stone-carving businesses.

I stopped and took the photo below. Then we went home.

Yesterday, my child bride was busy most of the day fixing grub for last night’s New Year’s Hoopla with her 500 or so relatives. In the afternoon, I went downtown for a nice café Americano negro on the plaza. Then the shrimp cocktail. The traffic was quite light for some reason.

Then I came home and did what I already told you I did in the paragraphs above. I hope 2019 is a fine year for one and all.

I’ll continue what I’ve been doing for many years, which is not much of anything aside from awaiting the Grim Reaper. I find it suits me.


16 thoughts on “My year’s transition

    1. Ray: Turn it up a notch? That’s intriguing. One wonders what you will be up to.

      As for us both seeing 2020, your chances are excellent. Mine, less so. We’ll see how it goes.


  1. I spent the evening watching old concert footage on YouTube, Three Dog Night, Dingo Starr Revue, Bruce Springsteen and so on. My kind of party.

    I have a New Year’s Resolution. Have to think of where to go on vacation.


      1. Felipe: Remember where I live, on an island so small that we have to go to a different Province to go to a Costco. Very attractive in the summer, even though we get overrun by tourists from the U.S. Winters here are long, and I think a couple of months in Spain would be nice.


        1. Kris: Spain would be nice. Not so sure about a couple of months though. But if I lived on an isolated Canadian island in wintertime, I might feel differently. I was in Spain once, 1976. Less than a week, however. I liked it. Barcelona.


  2. It is a good thing to be satisfied with one’s situation(s). Felicidades, señor!

    We danced into the New Year’s celebration as usual where the greatest risk is being run over on the dance floor by another couple with less foot control. It was excellent as usual.

    We noticed a few young couples in attendance. It’s a good thing to see a few enjoying the traditional stuff we value.


    1. Ricardo: So you’re a party animal. I did not know that. Congrats.

      I was so asleep that I did not even hear the explosions that I know full well happened in our neighborhood at midnight. Now that’s what you call a deep sleep. Woke up refreshed.


  3. Tzintzuntzan is my all time favorite Mexican town name. Visited there many years ago while celebrating New Years near where you reside.


  4. I have been remiss, didn’t get a MERRY CHRISTMAS in for YOU nor a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Shame, shame on me! Well, belated, I wish both for you. Back to Maz for another five months, eye surgery went well, new digs are great, health is good, a tad chilly here in Vancouver. I think you will be around for a long spell yet. You’re not much of a misbehaver. All the best for 2019, young sir.


    1. Yes, Bob, you have been severely remiss in your social responsibilities, but I forgive you.

      And you are right that I’m not much of a misbehaver. I used to be, but I long ago gave it up. Too many negatives.

      Have a great 2019 too. Mexico misses you.


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