Savior of penises

ALMOST SIXTEEN years ago, I improved a young boy’s life by saving him from circumcision as a baby. He did not learn of this huge favor till yesterday. He was very appreciative and rightly so.

And, yesterday too, I repeated the favor for another youngster, also a relative as is the first fellow.  The first boy is a nephew. This second one is a relatively newborn grandson of a sister-in-law. The child’s mother casually mentioned that her baby would soon be circumcised.

Oh, no! I erupted. Don’t torture the child for absolutely no good reason, or any other reason, for that matter. Child abuse!

new imageSince I am in good standing in the family, the Old (Wise) Gringo, I prevailed, and the child will be spared the razor.

That this ancient Jewish religious rite not only continues into modern times but has been picked up by much of Western Civilization, people who aren’t even Jewish, is incredible. The good news is that in recent decades opposition has been growing. There is a Movement!

It’s for hygiene, many doctors still parrot. Poppycock! If you can wash behind your ears and between your toes, you can wash there too. And if you’re still in diapers, your mother can do it for you.

I wish someone had saved me from the blade those many decades back, but no one did. No one cared enough.

But I can save others. I owe it to my brothers.

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  1. Señor, once again you demonstrate your concern for humanity. Well, at least for part of humanity. I am not surprised. Many of us old guys would quickly join your movement. Alas, little benefit to us at this date other than knowing the good we have done for others.


  2. Sure glad nobody messed with my Lady Parts as I’ve had too much fun with them! I never really did understand this mutilation of males except that the doctor explained it was a “hygiene” issue. Back then one did not question the doctors. As you said, one can wash there as easily as washing their ears.


  3. Not having the child circumcised is abuse. Don’t give me that consent argument, because there’s plenty that goes on in a child’s life without the child’s express consent, all done in the child’s best interest. I haven’t heard of anyone railing against piercing little girls’ ears. Or making them sit for hours while they learn to read, write, add and subtract. Unquestionably, the benefits of infant circumcision of male children outweigh the risks. Do you really want to condemn those boys to adult circumcision? Put their future partners’ health at risk? There’s good reason that God told Abraham to trim his joy stick.


    1. Ms. Shoes: I figured you’d wade in on this, our having touched on it in the past, so to speak. Alas, you swim in a deep sea of error. But, given your Hebrew heritage, I understand. You must answer to the rabbi. First off, I did not offer the consent argument and wouldn’t dream of it. Would be silly. Second, comparing the horror done to infant boys with piercing little girls’ ears is a bogus comparison. The two events reside in different universes. Same for forcing kids to read, write, add and subtract. As for the benefits of male circumcision, there are virtually none. It is tradition and little more, a tradition that should have been abandoned long ago. There is no need for it. As for future partners being at risk, it’s only if the fellow is a pig who also does not wash behind his ears, between his toes and shuns deodorant.

      Interestingly, an hour or so after I posted this, I was scanning YouTube, which offers recommendations based on Google’s meddling and, lo!, there was a video about male circumcision. What a coincidence. Yeah, right. In the comment section were numerous opinions from women, and they were universally positive about the benefits of sex with uncircumcised men. It even surprised me because I would have expected more feedback resembling yours … but no! Quite the contrary.

      As for those little boys having to do it as adults, I’ve neither heard nor read of a single adult male considering getting his foreskin sliced off. If you do know of a fellow who feels that way, send him to a psychiatrist posthaste. It’s for his own good … before he hurts himself.

      And the true God did not tell Abraham to do any such thing. God is a lover, not an abuser. And if such a thing is in the Bible (I wouldn’t know), it’s lousy advice. There is other bad advice in the Bible too, interspersed with good advice. It likely recommends baby-boy abuse in the Talmud. I’ve never read that either. I bet Mohammedan men don’t slice themselves. They do slice their womenfolk, however, another pointless horror.

      But I digress.


      1. Mohammedans don’t self-circumcise, but circumcision is an integral part of their culture. Female genital mutilation is mostly an African thing, originating long before Mohammed.

        And as for adult men getting cut, there are far more than you might suspect. Poor guys, their parents didn’t have the foresight yours did.


          1. Yes they do. And Ms Shoes might well ask herself why God would create a foreskin only to command that it be cut off.

            I don’t think he erred in the first place.


      2. Felipe: A friend of mine had it done when he was in his mid-20s. I won’t get into the details, but it was necessary. He was in hospital for four days and in a lot of pain.

        Circumcision in anticipation of it being necessary later is akin to amputating your thumb to prevent you from hitting it with a hammer, mutilation.


        1. Kris: If some medical situation exists that makes it necessary, that is another thing altogether. But doing it voluntarily when no medical situation requires it is just plain nuts. And how anyone with an above-average IQ, and I won’t mention names here, thinks it’s better to slice off a body part instead of simply maintaining one’s person clean and tidy is beyond my comprehension.


  4. No one asked my permission when my son was born. So he arrived at my bedside already snipped. My grandson, however, was born in Berlin where they don’t do such. So, what will come of this potential conflict? I don’t know.


    1. Carole: They abused your baby boy without your permission?! You shoulda sued. So Germans are smarter than we are on this matter? Good for them. It’s time they got something right.


  5. Anything said on this issue will probably get one into trouble. But I will risk it.

    I find it odd that those women opposed to female genital mutilation are fine with male genital mutilation. While this procedure may have had some benefit back when folks were wandering around in the desert for forty years, nowadays we know how to wash, rinse and dry. Let’s dismiss with this procedure, at least until we find a talking, burning bush. Then we may reconsider it.

    The biggest argument against it is that insurance companies will not pay for unneeded surgeries.

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  6. don Felipe, Patzcuaro’s leader of the All Foreskins Matter Movement. #leaveourweeweealone, #don’tsnipthetip,


  7. Well, we come from an era when doctors were quick to clip off various body parts, tonsils, adenoids and foreskins. Nature put those parts on us for a reason. We still don’t understand all the functions of the human body.
    Every generation has its insanity. I wonder what this current generation will look like when they get old with all of the tattoos and body piercings?
    I suspect it will look a lot like varicose veins.


    1. Señor Gill: As I understand it, some things on our bodies are holdovers from a distant past, not needed anymore due to evolution. I think tonsils and appendixes are in that category. I do not think foreskins are, however.


  8. As a complete man, I’m delighted to read this post. You are on the right track.


    Kim G
    Guadalajara, Jalisco
    Where we’d wager that most of the men are whole.


      1. Felipe: There is a doctor named Dean Edell, I think, who used to have a talk radio show on a U.S. network. He is Jewish and was snipped. He had many reasons why it shouldn’t be done, and had a method of stretching what was left to form a foreskin. Not needing another, I never looked at his website. Spoiler alert! You may disagree with his politics.


        1. Kris: Yes, I’ve read about those stretching techniques. Seems kinda far-fetched to me. I’m gonna leave mine be.

          As for disagreeing with politics, I have no big issue with contrary political opinions. I just write them off to misinformation.


  9. If I only knew then what I have come to know. Over 40 years ago when I allowed my sons to be subjected to this cruel, useless custom, the doctors didn’t really ask. They just told you they were doing it. It was mainstream, something they told you that was good for them.

    This is the equivalent of of female genital mutilation. It’s a shame how many customs come as a result of religious practices. Why do we not circumcise every dog, bull, horse, cat and livestock?

    There is absolutely no valid reason for this butchering, but many will disagree with me, I’m sure.


    1. Señor Davis: Judging from the feedback here, and I’d wager that it’s a good representation of public opinion, few would disagree with you. It’s really incredible that this ancient practice from more ignorant and literally dirty times continues today.


  10. Congrats on your clickbait article. Anything with the P in the title will always get more hits. I’m one of you guys. I had my genitals mutilated soon after birth. I don’t remember it happening or any pain associated with it, but I’m definitely against it.


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