Good-luck charm

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WHEN WE moved into the Hacienda almost 16 years back, the late, great Al Kinnison, who was not “late” at that time, of course, gave us a necklace of garlic, a Hacienda-warming gift.

Garlic repels not only vampires but other evil entities to boot. In general, it blocks bad stuff from passing through the front door, and that’s where the chain of garlic has hung for all these years.

It hasn’t been touched or even dusted.

And it’s worked. Like a charm, which it is.

Good fortune reigns. It’s another beautiful winter day, brisk and blue. Everyone here is acceptably healthy and happy. It’s incredible what garlic can do. You don’t even have to put it into a stew.

9 thoughts on “Good-luck charm

    1. Gerard: I think the garlic would have to be out at the gate to the street to function in that way.

      Even though I see Mormon missionaries walking around town every now and then, we’ve never had any knocking at our door here on the hardscrabble outskirts of town. We get Jehovah’s Witnesses, however. Had a couple of them ring the doorbell just this morning. I always have a pot of cold water by the gate ready to toss on them. It works very well. I’ve considered boiling oil, but it’s not feasible to keep oil boiling out there 24/7.


  1. One of the benefits of living in the country is the absence of proselitistas. Our house is also about 30m from the front gate though there is an intercom with video. Three large dogs that roam the grounds freely also helps. One has a bark that shakes the window panes! Very effective at avoiding unwanted guests (or pests).


  2. Forty one posts on the mean, nasty women march, but only four on the garlic issue. So, maybe it actually does work.


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