Beneath a cool, blue sky

The grass circle behind is where the cursed peach tree lived.

THE PERSONALITY OF Tom Snyder, who hosted the Tomorrow show late nights on NBC from 1973 to 1982, was once likened to a Harley-Davidson with the throttle stuck wide open.

I often remember that line when I think about my child bride because she’s a high-energy sort who almost never relaxes.

I, on the other hand, am an old Vespa stuck on idle.

An obsession she’s resurrected recently is knitting, and she’s very good at it. I took the above photo yesterday while we were enjoying the midday sun on the new yard patio under clear, blue, cool skies.

She’s making a shawl for a niece, Paula Romina, who’s just shy of 2 years old. My bride promises she’ll later knit a sweater for me. I already have two she’s crafted, one a black wool and one a wine acrylic.

Breakfasts have been ratcheted up a notch in recent weeks, emotion-wise, because she watches (on a Samsung tablet) the 7 a.m. press conference given by our doofus, leftist president. That means she arrives at the table around 8 a.m. in a state of high dudgeon. Daily.

She really loathes the prez, who recently compared himself to Benito Júarez, exhibiting an stunning level of hubris. It would be like Trump comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln.

Being an old Vespa, however, I react in a more leisurely fashion.

* * * *

Life goes on

I went to a dentist here in town yesterday at 5. My usual dentist, since 2014, works in the nearby state capital, but I had an issue between Christmas and New Year’s, and he was on vacation.

So I called a young woman dentist here, and she saw me on Christmas Eve day at noon. The issue was resolved, but a small cavity partially below the gum line in the back was discovered. That’s why I saw her yesterday.

She shares a practice with two brothers. The three have different specialties. Their office looks fairly humble from the street, but once you step inside it’s very modern and large. I would recommend them to anyone in town who doesn’t want to drive to the state capital.

Speaking of which, that’s what we’re doing today, driving to the state capital for shopping. Normally, we do that weekly but, due to the gasoline shortage caused by our new doofus president who thinks he’s a reincarnation of Benito Júarez, it’s only the second trip there this month.

The gasoline crisis has vanished for now. Gas stations are open. They either have no line of cars waiting, or the line is very short.

Lord knows what the ding-a-ling is going to pull next.

10-great-white-egret-in-flight-paulette-thomasReturning to the Hacienda about 6:30, I paused at the archway entrance to the veranda.

There was still a good bit of light — the days are getting longer — and I saw a low-altitude, V-formation of white egrets.

Perhaps if I’d returned to the veranda 30 minutes later, I would have seen our bats depart on their nightly bug hunt. Life goes on.

But not for some of those bugs.

10 thoughts on “Beneath a cool, blue sky

  1. Perhaps a hundred or so deaths and many more injuries in the explosion made old Mexican Abe rethink his pipeline strategy?

    A woman in a state of high dudgeon is potentially dangerous, whatever the cause. I recommend silence and vigorous nodding.


    1. Ray: Mexican Abe! I like that. But no, he appears to lack the capacity to doubt himself or second-guess himself. I’m not sure exactly what happened. He intends to switch, to a great degree, from pipelines to tanker trucks, having purchased a swarm more of them, most of which have not gone into service yet, as I understand it

      As for a woman in high dudgeon, I am safe in this instance because it is not me who she is irate about. It is the doofus. It is he who should watch his step from here on out. But I doubt he will.


  2. Felipe: Dwelling on the news of any sort is going to put one in a bad mood. Normally it’s bad news about which we can do nothing, Otherwise it’s saccharine sweet stuff from someone who wants to be on TV. Either way, it’s constant and hard to avoid.

    Animals are more entertaining. Maybe I should get an aquarium.


    1. Kris: I’m not sure the news puts me in a bad mood. Sometimes it puts me in a very good mood. Stories like “Homeowner shoots intruder to death” pastes a smile on my face.

      Just found this comment of yours in the trash section. Dunno why it was there. I apologize on behalf of WordPress.

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  3. Your wife is crocheting in the photo – not knitting. That’s a crochet hook in her hand, not knitting needles. The work is beautiful (as are her hands) and I’m sure her knitting is too.


    1. Loulou: Well, I’ll be darned. How right you are. I did some internet sleuthing just now. But both she and her sister use the verb tejer, which is to knit, not crochet. I see the dead giveaway is that knitting requires two needles and crochet just one.

      As for her having nice hands, she has nice everything. I have excellent taste!


    1. Señor Gill: Whether under a clear blue sky or an overcast gloomy one, there’s never a dull day down here. That explosion must not have been too bad because this is the first I’ve heard about it. I just checked three Mexican news sources, and I see nada.


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