Goulash, first dates & gnomes

LAST NOVEMBER, I wrote about a Sunday drive. If you wish, you can revisit it here. During most of last month, due to the gasoline crisis that left most gas stations empty, we didn’t drive anywhere for fun, just necessity.

But we’re back to normal with the gas stations, so we took a ride around our huge lake yesterday. The principal objective was to eat lunch in a restaurant named Campestre Alemán. We just call it the German restaurant.

I shot photos and videos so you could feel like you were with us.

I filmed this video from our table which overlooked the restaurant’s man-made lake, complete with geese.

Yum, yum, yum!

Here are our plates of goulash. Campestre Alemán serves a mean goulash. I intended to order white German sausage, but it wasn’t available.

This is a photo of another of the restaurant customers. I took this shot because I liked the look of the woman. She did not notice me.

Some things are better in black and white.

Having downed the goulash, we hopped back in the Honda and continued the circular route around the lake. Minutes later, we passed the restaurant where my child bride and I had our first date 18 years ago.

She was so nervous she wanted to bring a niece along for the ride. Luckily, the niece begged off, so we were on our own, as we have remained for almost 17 years.

We sat out on the porch you see up there in 2001. It was great.

Continuing along, we passed this odd house, so I braked to take a photo. Some folks exhibit lots of imagination with little money.

Mexican gnomes might live here.

I later spotted this clothesline and the lake beyond.

The only view of the lake I have to offer today, but we saw it quite a bit.

It was at the end of our jaunt that I shot the video at the very top. We were almost home. The Hacienda is only about mile farther.

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the house.

15 thoughts on “Goulash, first dates & gnomes

  1. Felipe: I’ve driven past that restaurant numerous times. My problem is that the allure of the pork in the plaza in Quiroga called to me. Another was the Barbados that my neighbour’s mother sold in her stall in the downtown market. We would buy a leg of lamb from her every couple of weeks to cook at home.


    1. Kris: You skipped the German restaurant for plates of greasy, fat-laden pork in the plaza of Quiroga? Jeez, man. What’s to be done with you? As for Barbados, I don’t even know what that is aside from an island in the Caribbean.

      Well, if you’re in these parts again, now you know better. Try the goulash or the white German sausage. You won’t regret it. You will thank me for steering you in the proper direction.


      1. Felipe: Barbacoa. The gods of autocorrect got me again. I’ve only had German food a couple of times. Goulash I’ve had was mostly Hungarian, from friends, and I enjoyed that and the other offerings. Had many types of German sausage, but your neck of the woods is the only place I had green sausage, which I used to get every Wednesday if the butcher had any left. It came from the big capital city.


        1. Kris: Aha! Barbacoa. That I understand. As for goulash, I imagine what they serve at the German restaurant is Hungarian-style goulash. The menu does not say German goulash. In any event, it is quite tasty. As for that green sausage, I’ve seen it often but never eaten it for some reason.

          As for autocorrect, I recommend you disable that baby. It causes as many problems as it corrects, I think.


  2. Felipe: I’m glad the gas situation is back to normal and y’all are able to get out and about more. Thanks for sharing your videos and photos.


    1. Thirsty: Yep, the gas stations are running as they should be, and that’s a great thing. Their not being open really has a YUGE effect.

      Your comment initially went to the trash file where I just found and resurrected it. Sorry about that. WordPress often errs.


    1. Ricardo: The quality of Sunday drives depends on where it is you’re driving. The drive around our lake is better than average, and you can enjoy goulash and, if lucky, white German sausage too.


  3. I’m surprised none of the men here have made comments about the lovely looking black and white photo you’ve included in the trip around the lake. They certainly had mucho to say about your circumcision post not long ago.

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  4. We took Sunday drives when I was a kid. Never scenery like yours, though.

    I must admit to both you and Leisa that I lingered a little longer at that one photo, even though the others were nice too.


    1. Ray: I think Sunday drives were a Southern thing. Maybe not. I did it with my maternal grandmother quite often during summers at her home in southwest Georgia. I got to drive! Dirt roads.

      The shot of the woman in black & white was taken from a loooong way off using my camera zoom. I took a bunch of her, and that was the best. She looks a bit sad, maybe due to the character sharing her table.


  5. Ok, Leisa’s comment is funny. Hopefully even funnier is your most publicly gay reader who also noted the woman thought it worth nothing that she’s hot. Does the Señora know you took that shot? Inquiring minds wish to know.


    Kim G
    Ajijic, Jal
    Where a waitress shamelessly flirted with us a few night ago. Barking up the wrong tree, but I didn’t say anything.


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