There goes the roof tile!

NOW THAT the Jesus Patio has been replaced with simply the Yard Patio, we’re moving onto other renovations, the largest leap of all, replacing the relatively small, clay-tile roof that has shaded part of the upstairs terraza for 16 years with, well, you’ll see later.

It’s gonna be YUGE!

The guys who renovated the yard patio returned yesterday morning and began dismantling the clay-tile roof. It took them just three hours. It would have taken me three weeks, even with help. Here’s how it looked:

First, you remove the clay tiles which are just sitting there, unsecured.
Then you remove the boards and beams.
Then you remove one support column. The other will follow. Where the fellow is standing is where the circular stairs to the roof lived for years. It was relocated about a month ago.

They left after three hours due to having work elsewhere, but they will return this morning to continue.

That space under the clay tiles holds many memories. A hammock hung there for about a decade, and I used to swing in the lovely breezes while reading books. But for some reason I stopped using the hammock and finally it was removed. Habits change.

Most of the upstairs terraza was open to the elements, which are extreme out there. Daily rains for five months, mostly during summer, with insufficient drainage. Glaring sun in winter and spring.

Parts of the ceramic floor were replaced twice because it simply popped up. Then, just a few months ago, water began leaking into our bedroom below. It became clear that a drastic solution was necessary.

We’ll be covering the entire area with steel and tempered glass which, hopefully, will result in the space being useful. It never was very useful before. Stay tuned! It’s gonna be exciting.

4 thoughts on “There goes the roof tile!

    1. Kris: Never a dull moment indeed. As for its being more usable, I sure hope so due to the cost and the fact that it has not really been good for much since we moved in here. It was wasted space.


  1. Home renovations are the pits; I’ve suffered through some really big ones, but it’s always worth it in the end and soon you forget about how bad it was. This is going to be really nice when finished.


    1. Leisa: Renovations are likely less the pits here than up where you live. That is due to the way houses are built here, plus how efficient Mexicans are in the construction trades. Also, renovations inside the house are more of a nuisance than those outside. This one, like the yard patio, is outside even though they are traipsing through the house quite a bit to get up there.

      It will be nice when finished. It will drastically alter the exterior look of the Hacienda, however, for better or for worse.


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