The Mexican relatives


WHILE MY surviving Gringa relatives — all two of them — above the Rio Bravo have vanished, lamentably, into the shadows of the past, I have no lack of family that I’ve married into.

I took this shot downtown earlier this week. One of the newer relatives is that smaller example in the middle. Her name is Paula Romina, and she’s very nice, not quite 2 years old.

Paula Romina thinks my child bride hung the moon.

And so do I. That’s not my child bride holding Paula Romina, however. That’s her mama, Margarita.


This young woman is named Alma, which is  Spanish for soul. She is the widow of our nephew who died two years ago at 32 from cancer. We took the nephew to the state capital for chemo treatments almost weekly for a year, but it did not work out.

They are good people. Buena gente.* A picnic is scheduled this afternoon, and the main dish will be roasted chicken.

* * * *

* With a couple of exceptions.

14 thoughts on “The Mexican relatives

  1. How nice for you! Some family that are buena gente! Bien hecho! And you are a good example of lighter-skinned gente for the bebe. Mexican babies are reluctant, many times, to get close at first sight to Gringos. I don’t blame them.


    1. Carole: Gringos do look quite different that the locals. We stick out. While Paula and I have been on good terms since she was born, another kid, the same age, the son of another nephew, would break out bawling on spotting me. He finally got over that, however.


  2. They look lovely. So are you going to the picnic? My guess is not.


    Kim G
    Ajijic, Jal
    Where family means something different than NOB.


    1. Kim: You know me well. Prefer not, but sometimes you gotta man up. I’m going, but I won’t be there for hours and hours. They will. Luckily, the wooded venue is not far from the Hacienda. Also luckily, they consider me weird, so I get away with lots of stuff an actual Mexican would be criticized for. It’s a blessing. Also, the fact that I’m way older than all of them cuts me some social slack too.


      1. Haha…“They consider me weird…” Too funny! But you certainly aren’t particularly Mexican, no matter what your passport might say. But I give you kudos for attending. I hope a post about it is in the offing. Saudos!


  3. You are quite the artist with those black-and-white pics. You also seem to often be in the vicinity of attractive women.

    Felicidades, señor!


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