A sunny Sunday

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Photo by Paul Whalen.

DAWN DEBUTED sunny today, and it is cool and nice.

Cool being the weather, not the overused adjective.

Hauling my body from the king bed at 7, I looked out the window and saw a black-vented oriole in the bottle-brush tree. Approaching spring brings new birds hereabouts.

After getting a glass of water and a piece of toast from the kitchen, I came upstairs, where I now sit, fired up the H-P All-in-One at my desk to begin the news day. There is a bank of windows in the wall where I face, one being directly behind the H-P All-in-One.

The view has been cleaned up since a technician came a few days ago and removed an unsightly WiFi antenna that disrupted my sight of the mountains.

So Sunday, vista-wise and other wises too, is getting off to a great start, certainly better than what happened yesterday with the dead bat in a pot.

10 thoughts on “A sunny Sunday

  1. Well, it is a nice shot of the bird. And he’s breathing, not dead in a bowl.

    Things do get better just like I told you.



    1. Kim: Funny you should mention that. Just yesterday the blacksmith dropped off what appears to be about 10 tons of steel, far surpassing what I had imagined would be necessary. I was flabbergasted. He’ll be returning, probably mañana, to start the installation. Be interesting to see how he gets it up to the second floor. The beams are far too long to bring through the house. He said the installation will take three days. Then I have to go to the glass place downtown to get all the glass installed. Gonna be quite nice when finished. Not particularly cheap, however, but a song compared to what it would cost above the Rio Bravo.

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  2. What a coincidence. I was just sitting here in the Grand Canyon patio (No. I do not call it that. I just made it up for this comment. I do that.) thinking about why I do not get many bird visitors. Sure, there are the hummingbirds that visit the cup of gold flowers. And an occasional English sparrow or grackle will visit far out of sight in the fronds of the twin Queen Anne palms. But not here in the patio. Not even to drink from the pool.

    I suspect it is the confined space. Thus, Grand Canyon patio. Cenote patio might be more accurate.

    But, what I cannot see, I hear. The morning is filled with birdsong from the surrounding trees. And that is good enough for me.

    Besides, you gave me the gift of borrowing your oriole for a short read. Thanks. I now return it to you.

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    1. Steve: So you can hear birds, but you don’t much see them. Kind of like our chickens next door.

      Yes, I suspect it’s the confined space that creates your low-bird environment, plus the lack of trees.

      Grand Canyon Patio indeed. Cenote is better.


  3. I sure hope you are not creating a trombe wall up there. It will really warm up the upper floor of your house. Might be nice for winter, but not so much for summer.


    1. Señor Gill: I don’t know what a trombe wall is, so I don’t know if I’m creating one. Is that a typo? In any event, it will not warm up the top floor of our house because it’s level with the top floor, not over it. It is, however, over the bedroom downstairs. But I don’t anticipate any problems of that sort. If some appear, I will deal with them. Fret not, and pray for us.


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